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  1. Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne !!! :-) For a LEGENDARY MATRIX trio-shoot !!! Laurence and Martin Sheen in Apocalyspse now too...
  2. Indeed, it's a good idea to dispatch people across the week-end. And it let get a chance for regular VQ ticket on friday and saturday.
  3. Hi Queen_sindel, so it's confirmed that for "Sunday Diamond pass", I just can get my autograph on sunday ? (So, this year, it's not just the photoshoot on a specific day ?)
  4. Hello, any news for the "Iwan Rheon" photoshoot on saturday ?
  5. Hello, I don't find the "Iwan Rheon gallery" on Saturday. (all photos, not just mine)
  6. Hello, I don't find the Iwan Rheon Gallery on Saturday.
  7. Another highs I forgot was the presence of "Beckett authentification services". I hope they will come back in summer next year. I ask to them, and they already come back in LFCC spring :)
  8. I'm not trying to twist anything. I just try to improve organisations for attendees (less stress for everyone) Diamond pass are the best invention from Showmasters : the guarantee to have the autograph of your guest at the show, with the liberty to come when you want at the desk (when your number is out of course) I love this, and I don't want to change that ! But i don't understand why you keep saying "pre-sale autograph" doesn't work. Diamond pass is clearly a presale, and it work (very well) !!! We just discuss here to improve the show, with experiences (bad and good) of each other, we just want to delete the bad ones. What do you think about the dispatching across the day ? Personnaly, I can live with the idea than i'm not prioritary at the photoshoot with my diamond, if it's allow people to organize their day better. (and if you want to priority : GOLDPASS ==> regain interest of the goldpass)
  9. A diamond pass is a "pre-sale autograph", it's just called "Diamond pass"
  10. So what's the problem ? if they want the photoshoot too, they buy a photoshoot ticket, and they are guaranteed to have the photo. You have to consider that they are 3 kinds of people : - The one who want autograph + photo - The one who want only autograph - The one who only want photo System now : If a guest charge 100 pounds for an auto and 100 pounds for a photo. Diamond is sold (for example : 225) (25 for the prime) With the new system : A diamond pass (autograph only) is sold : 125 pounds A photoshoot : 100 pounds 125 + 100 = 225 pounds. Same money are given (to the guest and SM) + Autos and photos are both guaranteed + this is dispatching people across the day ==> And with this new system, GOLDPASS regain interest, because they will have priority at the photoshoot. (A lot of people complaining about the interest of the GOLDPASS this 3 last year) You really think that if there are a new system, a fan will spend less money at the show ? Showmasters have a great organisaton to rules LFCC, it's suggestions to improve organisation and dispatch people across the day (the main issue for me at the show, Diamond block the day in the morning, and you have to come early to have low VQ tickets, it's illogical) The new system is not to spend less money at the show, it's to improve the show. ==> I'm a fan of LFCC ==> I buy diamond passes ==> I buy photoshoots ==> I buy autographs ==> 2015 and 2017 I bought a GOLDPASS
  11. Seems a good idea for me too. Stop "Diamond pass package" (auto + photo) Photoshoots are already guaranteed with a simple ticket. A diamond pass only for autographs (the price of the auto + a premium for the guarantee). So, it allow to dispatch people better in the morning, because photoshoots will not be crowded by diamond passes. And, it's the solution when a guest is coming back after a few year, we don't especially need another photo. (if you want another photo, just buy the photo ticket).
  12. It worked perfectly in 2017 with cumberbach. there was a slot for signing, he does all the diamond pass, then SM opened the queue for VQ. How ? Because it was a diamond pass per day. So SM knew, +-, the time for the slot, and when the guarantee pass have finish, they open the queue. I don't say we have to do that for all the guest. For the biggest. they built boxes to organise the queue. Make it even better. A pre-sale autograph is an autograph sold (+prime for guarantee). there will be always a guy who come at the day at 1pm (without diamond or VQ) and be pissed because he ´ll wont be able to meet his guest... sorry but i really don't care about him. people who hang around ont the forum fir a year, who booked early the passes and get early to get VQ must have the priority attention of SM. and better dispatch of people during the day is the lowest point for me at this moment.
  13. For the photoshoot, it's already the case, your photo is guaranteed with a photoshoot ticket. for the Autograph pass, i say it's a way to improve the dispatch of the people. If SM sold 200 Pre-sale autograph ticket for saturday, SM know they have to put a slot for minimum 300 (to be sure fir the garantee) if all the autograph pre-sale pass are done, they open the queue for VQ tickets holder.
  14. Diamond pass is : the price of auto + photo + prime for guarantee for an autograph presale : the price of the auto + prime for guarantee with this system, SM know better how many people want an auto for a big guest, and they can dispatch people better across the day + no rush in the morning to get VQ tickets
  15. High points : - Great week-end ! THX Showmasters !!! - I met Sam Neill, Jason Momoa, Lance Henriksen, Iwan Rheon, David Duchovny Aidan Turner, David Bradley (as the big guest). - The queue on the entrance, going fast (first time I don't take a goldpass) - Diamond Pass pick up is fast (on friday) - Basically, this is a show who rules :-) - I hope to come next year !!! Low points (and suggestions) : - Friday (toooooooo HOT, especially in the hall of the guests) - Not SM fault, but "district line" doesn't work on Friday to Olympia, the week end of the comic con ??!! (same past years) - Saturday was over-crowded - VQ tickets : it's a great system... but I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY (??!!) VQ tickets are not ready 10 minutes before the openings (!!??), that's a joke !!! Why we are queuing so early in the morning ? It's because we want low VQ tickets !!! I have examples : Daniel Naprous : NO VQ tickets !!! (I queue more than 30min) William Hope : NO VQ tickets (at the opening, and he was not at his desk), so I walk to other guests. Then, 1 hour later, ... "Oh wait... William Hope will be busy, this is the moment we give VQ tickets", By hazard and I was lucky, I saw it (just at the beginning of the distribution, I was n° 50) ==> That's a joke for people who are queuing early in the morning. - Guests who are coming late (many clashes happens because of that) - On sunday, Blue shirt make a hole in my diamond pass (of Aidan Turner) in the line (to earn time ?), Ok... but Aidan is not there yet... so now I'm prisonner in the queue ! (if i leave, to come back at the PM shoot, what is the proof than I don't have already do my photoshoot ??!!). - People who don't understand the rules for the photoshoot : "Diamond / GOLD / BATCH / tickets sold on the day". I saw a woman (who buy his ticket on the day) asking, and asking, and asking... to the redshirt "When it's my turn ? I've been here for 20min" ... Redshirt was so calm, congrats to him :-) Suggestions for autographs : - Diamond pass are great (when it's a first time LFCC), But if the guest come back (for example Benedict Cumberbach), I don't need the photo anymore, but I would like the autograph on my "Avengers infinity war poster" (who doesn't exist first time he comes). So, I know you don't like the idea, but "Pre-sale Autograph pass" will be great for bigger guests. "We don't know how many autos a guest can sign" ==> Yes you know, because you know how many diamond pass you can sell. So you're we be able to organise the day with autograph slot (like you did with Benedict Cumberbach). "SM crew missunderstanding all the sort of passes" : Come one, put a redshirt on the BIG guests. - Second point, and you will not like the idea too : Diamond pass make that all activities of "Non-Diamond pass holders" are put in the afternoon, because Diamond have the priority (at autos and photos), that's a provoke many clashes in the afternoon. Big guest have two photoshoots per day, yes, but for non-diamond pass holder, it's quite the same ==> it's always in the PM. An basic attendee (Non-Diamond holders), who comes on saturday, will probably wants 3 big guests (Autos and photos). 3, it's not so much, but how can he do ? Even if he have LOW VQ tickets, VQ tickets will be call in the afternoon, but he will be call at all his 3 photoshoots too at the same time. Maybe, you have to "re-think" the day, and put "Pre-sale Autgraphs SLOT" on the morning (Not Diamond-holder), to dispatch people better across the day. ==> Diamond pass : OK for the guarantee (of autos and photos), but maybe "re-think" the priority, and organize slot (like you did for Benedict Cumberbach). Seems a lot of "LOW", but SM have a great organisation. It's just suggestions to make the event better and less stress for attendee. So.... Last point, you make a world record with 8 Dr Who... next year, I want a world record with 8 Avengers ! THX SM AGAIN !!!!!
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