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  1. Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne !!! :-) For a LEGENDARY MATRIX trio-shoot !!! Laurence and Martin Sheen in Apocalyspse now too...
  2. Indeed, it's a good idea to dispatch people across the week-end. And it let get a chance for regular VQ ticket on friday and saturday.
  3. Hi Queen_sindel, so it's confirmed that for "Sunday Diamond pass", I just can get my autograph on sunday ? (So, this year, it's not just the photoshoot on a specific day ?)
  4. Hello, any news for the "Iwan Rheon" photoshoot on saturday ?
  5. Hello, I don't find the "Iwan Rheon gallery" on Saturday. (all photos, not just mine)
  6. Hello, I don't find the Iwan Rheon Gallery on Saturday.
  7. Another highs I forgot was the presence of "Beckett authentification services". I hope they will come back in summer next year. I ask to them, and they already come back in LFCC spring :)
  8. I'm not trying to twist anything. I just try to improve organisations for attendees (less stress for everyone) Diamond pass are the best invention from Showmasters : the guarantee to have the autograph of your guest at the show, with the liberty to come when you want at the desk (when your number is out of course) I love this, and I don't want to change that ! But i don't understand why you keep saying "pre-sale autograph" doesn't work. Diamond pass is clearly a presale, and it work (very well) !!! We just discuss here to improve the show, with experience
  9. A diamond pass is a "pre-sale autograph", it's just called "Diamond pass"
  10. So what's the problem ? if they want the photoshoot too, they buy a photoshoot ticket, and they are guaranteed to have the photo. You have to consider that they are 3 kinds of people : - The one who want autograph + photo - The one who want only autograph - The one who only want photo System now : If a guest charge 100 pounds for an auto and 100 pounds for a photo. Diamond is sold (for example : 225) (25 for the prime) With the new system : A diamond pass (autograph only) is sold : 125 pounds A photoshoot : 100 pounds 125 + 1
  11. Seems a good idea for me too. Stop "Diamond pass package" (auto + photo) Photoshoots are already guaranteed with a simple ticket. A diamond pass only for autographs (the price of the auto + a premium for the guarantee). So, it allow to dispatch people better in the morning, because photoshoots will not be crowded by diamond passes. And, it's the solution when a guest is coming back after a few year, we don't especially need another photo. (if you want another photo, just buy the photo ticket).
  12. It worked perfectly in 2017 with cumberbach. there was a slot for signing, he does all the diamond pass, then SM opened the queue for VQ. How ? Because it was a diamond pass per day. So SM knew, +-, the time for the slot, and when the guarantee pass have finish, they open the queue. I don't say we have to do that for all the guest. For the biggest. they built boxes to organise the queue. Make it even better. A pre-sale autograph is an autograph sold (+prime for guarantee). there will be always a guy who come at the day at 1pm (without diamond or
  13. For the photoshoot, it's already the case, your photo is guaranteed with a photoshoot ticket. for the Autograph pass, i say it's a way to improve the dispatch of the people. If SM sold 200 Pre-sale autograph ticket for saturday, SM know they have to put a slot for minimum 300 (to be sure fir the garantee) if all the autograph pre-sale pass are done, they open the queue for VQ tickets holder.
  14. Diamond pass is : the price of auto + photo + prime for guarantee for an autograph presale : the price of the auto + prime for guarantee with this system, SM know better how many people want an auto for a big guest, and they can dispatch people better across the day + no rush in the morning to get VQ tickets
  15. High points : - Great week-end ! THX Showmasters !!! - I met Sam Neill, Jason Momoa, Lance Henriksen, Iwan Rheon, David Duchovny Aidan Turner, David Bradley (as the big guest). - The queue on the entrance, going fast (first time I don't take a goldpass) - Diamond Pass pick up is fast (on friday) - Basically, this is a show who rules :-) - I hope to come next year !!! Low points (and suggestions) : - Friday (toooooooo HOT, especially in the hall of the guests) - Not SM fault, but "district line" doesn't work on Friday to Olympia, the week end
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