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  1. You can queue to get in then go later to pick up your pass. Just ensure you leave plenty of time to collect it before you need it
  2. There is a collection point at Olympia. In previous years it has been opposite the Kensington Olympia train station for LFCC but that may change. Don't worry. SM will publicise where it is nearer to the event with collection times. In the past it tended to be open from Thursday and throughout the 3 days of the event. Hope this helps.
  3. Lowest batches are called first but you can go anytime the guest is at their table to get your auto on the day of your DP.
  4. You will need to pick up a Diamond Pass by showing your ticket. Collection usually opens on Thursday.
  5. For Shaw, Martin is a must for me
  6. Great guest announcements this evening
  7. This will be my biggest event since Spring 2020. My guest list so far Diamond Pass Robbie Coltrane Bernard Cribbins Photos Robert Englund Christopher Lloyd Philip Glenister Autos Julian Glover Sophie Aldred Janet Fielding Peter Purves Eric Roberts Maureen O'Brien Zoe Wanamaker David Bradley Hope to add more in the next couple of months. Who are you planning to meet?
  8. Getting hyped up for the announcements. Then discovering there was no-one you wanted
  9. I miss the countdown to a guest announcement. Happy days
  10. A dual photo shoot with Maureen O'Brien would be great
  11. Just proving I don't have a one track mind. Coming Peter
  12. Yep. Sure is quiet round here nowadays
  13. With a big announcement coming up I'll just leave this here
  14. Fantastic set of photos Dalek. Looks like you had a great day.
  15. It's been a brief visit for me but it's good to be back. I had no problems getting in. But that may be because I was slightly later than usual. Once in everything seemed well organised. Quieter than I was expecting. Just the one photo session with Nick Frost - very funny man. Some additions to my TARDIS book - Sacha Dhawan, Christopher Eccleston and Bonnie Langford. All very chatty and enjoying being there. Likewise for Marina Sirtis and George Takei. They were all a real pleasure to meet. Big thanks to the crew for all your hard work making this happen in a safe environment. Look forward to bigger and better next year.
  16. TBH with all the changes your guess is as good as mine. Can't wait to find out
  17. Have you looked on Eventbrite? Although I have been sent re-dated tickets the new dates were showing for all tickets on Eventbrite. Hopefully SM will honour the tickets you have though
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