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  1. See below* (those of a sensitive nature should look away now). *A pair of boobies.
  2. Disappointing but understandable in the current climate. Hopefully things will be so much better by July. Looking forward to some brilliant guests.
  3. A date for the diary. Looking forward to the last (?) Jurassic film.
  4. Of course. I forgot. You Northampton boys have to stick together.
  5. Aww. Poor Matt. He deserves to have his face showing just as much as the others.
  6. Don't know the exact number but the gem things are only a couple of millimetres in size. I am going to be very disappointed if they're not recognisable. Time will tell.
  7. Amazon* *Other online retailers may be available.
  8. I could be rude but since I am a lady I won't be. It's all very technical (each piece is colour coded). You just stick them to the canvas.
  9. Bert Kwouk from You Only Live Twice
  10. Next Doctor Who project involving small, fiddly parts. With nearly 200000 plastic 'diamonds' to stick onto a canvas picture this is going to be a real labour of love. Hopefully the finished product will be worth it
  11. Beginning to look more likely that we'll never know their plans as I doubt very much this event is going ahead sadly.
  12. Derek Jacobi - Professor Yana/The Master
  13. New James Bond trailer - No Time To Die. Still aiming for a November release.
  14. TARDIS update - 2 hours of faffing with small flimsy bits of metal and several Malcolm Tucker moments and we have a roof. I'm feeling it's only a matter of time before I admit defeat and purchase a different ready assembled version.
  15. If it goes according to plan I will. Already had a quick look and there are some small, fiddly parts. I don't have a good track record with small, fiddly parts.
  16. Gravity - Another film watched for the first time in 2020. Actually pretty good if a little predictable. Stellar performances. Excellent CGI. But was I the only person thinking George Clooney and Buzz Lightyear were separated at birth. They even sound the same. To infinity and beyond......
  17. My 'Build Your Own' TARDIS has arrived. This could all go horribly wrong. Must admit I wasn't expecting it to be quite so small. Maybe it's bigger on the inside.
  18. I've definitely got to see this.
  19. Derek. You go to your room right now. Upsetting your Nana like that.
  20. Can't believe James Bond is 90! Happy Birthday Sir Sean Connery
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