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  1. And what about the topic on Diamond Passes that seems to have disappeared?
  2. I thought he was a really good Bond villain! That said, there has been more than one article where you get the impression he doesn't hold it up as one of his crowning achievements in his career. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/film/jamesbond/9719323/Maggie-Smiths-son-Toby-Stephens-says-he-cant-face-appearing-in-another-James-Bond-film.html I do wonder what it's like for these guests who are so well known for something like Bond (and it was indeed Bond items everyone around me was having signed when I was in the queue), and have to sign all that stuff, when they'd rather be rememb
  3. Yaphet Kotto Kurt Russell John Carpenter Judi Dench Sean Bean Jane Seymour Denise Richards Timothy Dalton Dan Castellaneta Michael Caine
  4. Was gutted when he cancelled last summer but was so glad I finally got to meet Toby yesterday. I’d heard anecdotes he did not seem to enjoy himself when he did a LFCC back around when Die Another Day came out, but hey, he decided to come to this one? I got the impression these shows aren’t really his kind of thing and didn’t look 100% at ease but I thought he was really good. Was pleasant and courteous to everyone at the signing table, took his time and did not give you a rushed feeling. He kindly added a long quote to my Bond picture. Did poses with people in the photoshoot.
  5. Have heard that Mayhew was in better spirits yesterday than is usual sometimes which was nice to hear. Also he was refusing to sign in bulk for dealers (except for the send-in service for Showmasters). *In fact a dealer got thrown out for this for claiming he’d arranged a ‘private signing’ with Mayhew and tried to get to him without organisers’ permission. Great to see Mayhew so determined to see fans only, and for Showmasters doing something about it.
  6. I’ve seen the same message on a couple of photos from Warner but can’t make it out - what has he written underneath “To Ray”?
  7. Stopped to speak with John yesterday, very pleasant man and great artwork - will be arranging a commission with him shortly.
  8. Grossly underestimated how busy George would be yesterday. Figured he’d be busy but I didn’t think I’d need a diamond pass. I did get my auto and photo ok though but he was stuck on diamond passes for autos until midday or so. Can’t imagine how insane the crowds would have been to see him had he attended LFCC Summer. Good for him though, he was a great Bond and OHMSS is a classic. I said to him I wished he’d done more Bond films (I’m sure he does too) and he looked a little sad, but I said On Her Majesty’s was great and so was he. Very pleasant and professional guy both at the s
  9. Brilliant. Met him yesterday - my first ever Doctor Who guest after years of going to these things. Seemed a lovely unassuming man, he looked happy when I told him he was my favourite back in the day when I watch his episodes as a kid.
  10. Epic guest. Guest announcements like this take me back to conversations Showmasters started on here over 4 years ago asking if fans where indeed prepared to pay more for the bigger and rarer names that always get asked for, then Showmasters would start booking them. Carlyle is clearly one of this new breed of guest we would never have seen booked in the 'old' days. Yes, price is on the higher side but what an actor! I am huge Bond fan and will not miss this chance to meet him.
  11. Have been trying to meet Dance again since LFCC 2012! He is a phenomenal actor, great in everything he is in, and I am always glad to see his convention prices have remained reasonable for fans over the years, despite joining franchises like Game of Thrones. Hoping he does not cancel on this show.
  12. Have been wanting to meet Lazenby for years. Have not seen him at a UK convention in 10 years+ Great to see Showmasters could snag him. A really impressive announcement, and a nice surprise too compared to the usual - we don't get enough James Bond guests if you ask me. He was a good Bond and OHMSS is one of the best of the series. I'm a huge Bond fan and will be meeting him for sure. I reckon his talk will be an interesting one, he seems quite candid in interviews.
  13. So glad that Toby will be attending after he couldn't make LFCC Summer last year. Great actor, and great Bond villain.
  14. I've heard a few people on here complain of Duchovny's demeanor at the show and wondered on what day those people met him. I had a Diamond Pass and met him first at his Saturday AM photoshoot: he was all smiles, giving handshakes and enthusiastic greetings to everyone. In fact it stood out to me that rather than facing the photographer, as nearly all guests do, he was facing the line of the people coming to meet him: he gave a proper greeting with eye contact etc. From the photos I have seen, he looked more chipper on the Saturday than Sunday. I managed to have a quick few words with
  15. I mainly know him for Jurassic Park so wasn't desperate for his autograph, so for the first time in 10 years of convention going, opted for a photoshoot only because I couldn't miss this rare chance to meet him. Saw him at 6:40 on Saturday evening, one of the last few to see him after he had blasted through the hundreds before. There were maybe 3 other people there and it was so relaxed compared to the usual conveyor belt experience with the huge guests. I wasn't expecting much given it was the end of a long day but hee was very polite with his greeting, a handshake and a how are you whic
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