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  1. Highs the weather was not as hot I met all but two of the guests I wanted to meet I managed to purchase from a Dealer the autographs I wanted but I really wanted them In my Tardis autograph book to complete all the actors from doctor who Lows Many left without meeting the guests that they went to see because of the Diamond Pass Number system did not work very well I had a Virtual Ticket for Peter and Pearl could not queue up until the diamond pass and gold passes had been but each time I went back the sign for peter was only at 1-100 diamond pass and
  2. It is a great shame that this Once Great Event has moved to a Sunday as I like many other will not be able to attend
  3. Any Cosplay Photos and any of an Ape at London Film & Comic Con 2017
  4. I have some trading card I would like to Trade do the stall holder trade/swap cards
  5. more then 6500 closer to 20000 judging by the top floor being full of people in the stairs and lifts queues to get down and queues to get up to and the amount of people standing still at the stalls and to get up the stair case to the second floor and to get in the building
  6. they said she might be in another area or running late
  7. Why was there not any Info about this in the Signing Area
  8. I gave a guest a letter and added my twitter Name on it and my Email address I got a thank you Email from the guest but I have me them before and they said I would get a thank you email some read the letters some don't as they get some many
  9. that works out good for me on friday I will be in zone 1 and 2 getting my autographs and on saturday I will be in zone 3
  10. Places to Eat & Drink http://www.olympia.co.uk/visiting/food-drink
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