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  1. Yeah, basically this. If the guest wants some extra protection they will request it, so do be aware that this is a possibility. Jeri Ryan for example has requested her photoshoots take place outside.
  2. Just make sure you know exactly where the set is beforehand, because it likely won't be with the other photoshoot areas. You don't want to be running around at 10:30 desperately trying to find it. Hope you have a great time!
  3. Actual Minions are coming? They're tiny. They'll get squashed.
  4. Just make sure when you email you give them as much info as possible: order number, full name (that was on the order), date you bought the ticket. Anything that would help them to quickly identify your order. I figure that the easier you make it for whomever is processing the vouchers the more likely they are to prioritise yours. (I realise you may have already done this.)
  5. Disappointed I understand, it was the disgusted that intrigued me.
  6. Nah. I'm a good boy now. Here's a Mulan gif.
  7. Are you sure you want to say that? With me around?
  8. Technically he was in Scream 2 as well so signing it twice makes total sense. Right?
  9. I don't smile when I'm happy (and I'm a constant bundle of joy). The only time you'll see me attempt a smile is the one I've practised for photos so people don't think I'm miserable (and I've been told by more than one guest to 'cheer up'). I'm thinking you got the real Darvill, beaming on the inside.
  10. Maybe it was you. I had a photo with someone who was beaming in all the other photos I saw but in mine looked quite perturbed by my presence. Actually, I've had quite a lot like that.
  11. Yeah, but that's because he's a money whore and photos are the quickest way to rack up the cash.
  12. I've not even been going to cons for that long (compared to many on here), but the fact that prices have risen so much that £25 is considered 'low-priced' is kind of vomitsome.
  13. Just to jump in on the 'don't mention other cons' thing, it's kinda ok to mention something like San Diego, because it's such a big cultural event. You shouldn't mention other UK events that could be considered competition for SM though. I definitely wouldn't mention this show for example. That'd be a real no-no. All of the Monopoly cons either. Not the Liverpool one. Not the Manchester one. Not the Scotland one. Nor all of their 'For The Love of...' ones. Don't mention any of them. Don't even think about mentioning Wales Comic Con. Starfury Events (e.g. Crossroads, Survival, both of their Ultimates ones) are a bit different, but it's still best not to mention any of those either. Hope this helps.
  14. Also, Channel 5 have a documentary about Burger King on at 7, so maybe it will be the king himself?
  15. Your Mum has good taste. Just look at him! Rawrrr. Phwoar
  16. For reals though I'm super jealous you got Hugh, he's so good in everything, not to mention gorgeous.
  17. "HUGH! HUGH! PLEASE SIGN MY FANCY PIECE OF ARTWORK I'VE BOUGHT!!! HUGH! HUUUUUUUUUUUGH!!!!!!!!!!" "The rest of you can just scribble on this notepad I suppose, whoever you are."
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