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  1. Learn where the 'Edit' button has moved to, so I don't end up quoting myself like some kind of idiot.
  2. I'll go first, because I'm a big brave boy. Make bedroom nice. (It's incredibly untidy, and I spend a lot of time there.) Drill hole, put screw in it. (I mean, I have done this before a couple of times, but it should be something I'm more comfortable with.) Some, any, tiny bit of something that could technically be described as 'exercise'. (I am disgustingly lazy.) Drop less 'T's and pick up more 'H's. (I've gotten a lot worse with this in the last few years. I blame the people I work with.) Eat less Pringles. (Pretty self-explanatory.)
  3. A new year brings us all the chance to reflect on our lives in many a way. Sometimes we may come up with things we want to do, try or change over the next 12 months. They could be magnificent or mundane. I thought if we put those things in textual form it may provide some motivation for us. We can keep each other updated on our successes or, more likely, failures, and at the end of the year see how we've all done. This is definitely NOT a 'New Year's Resolution' thread. Just so you know. *If you don't want to put something for personal (or legal) reasons, you could put it in som
  4. I mean, I know the mods aren't around, but still...
  5. = reduced (by a lot) guests = reduced (by a lot) vendors = reduced (by a lot) experience = no grooviness.
  6. Oh, hi Harrison, what's wrong? You were having a nice bath? So then what happened? Blown out of it you say?
  7. That's great. Awesome even. I'm happy for you. Like, actually happy. Excelsior! But... Blown. Out. Of. The. Water.
  8. I have three autographs on the way that will blow everyone else's out of the water. Prepare yourselves.
  9. The camel is right. There has been no official news - trust me, if there had been, somebody would have posted it here within 3 and a half minutes.
  10. I hope she shouted "Steve's Alive!!!" when Chris Pine turned up.
  11. I prefer the Yorkshire version of this.
  12. Yes, I would indeed need to smoke plenty of joints for that to happen.
  13. Why are people always so mean to me? Am I not a good bear?
  14. I think if people weren't in general feeling so negatively about this Chibnall era, the special would've been better received overall. Fingers crossed I never have to hear "fam" ever again.
  15. Don't do it! Stay away! Get out while you still can!
  16. In lieu of nobody more knowledgeable than me commenting; as far as I know if they're not on there, they're not available.
  17. Take a deep breath Nathan. All opinions are valid. All opinions are valid. All opinions are valid.
  18. THERE ARE NO CAPALDI SPIRITS. The destruction of Ron is supposed to be the climax of book 3 - the ultimate happy ending. We have to build up an evil air of invincibility about him first otherwise it won't mean as much. That's not to say there can't be extra books, hastily written to cash in on the phenomenal success of the first three. Hopefully not prequels though. I am very much on board with @The Friendly Dalek's idea of my love being strong enough to bring Swifty to the side of good. Perhaps too much.
  19. Maybe some romance (you know, to keep the ladies interested)? Hmm, let me think, let me think. Ok, so, right, in the underground resistance's underground bunker, we suddenly hear a crackle on the radio Mae has built from parts of a toaster. It's not clear, but it's a voice asking for help. Surely we can't risk exposing ourselves for the sake of one person? And what if it's a trap? The bravest member of the underground resistance - let's say me - goes on a potentially deadly mission to find and rescue the mystery person. Turns out it's Taylor Swift and she falls in madly love with me
  20. Woah, woah, woah. There'll be no Capaldi spirits here. We don't want to frighten the kids too much. You and Reg are actually figments of Roy's imagination brought on by her guilt over the atrocities she has committed to get to her lofty position. (Of course, let us not forget that the true evil here is Ron) They're still pretty good roles though - especially as you were killed off in book two.
  21. Pretty sure @Raylenth has a photo like that.
  22. Sorry, but you two were killed by Roy in the totally original Battle Royale. You were all working together, but then she betrayed you. I guess you could be back as spirits come to haunt Roy, driving her towards insanity, that could work.
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