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  1. Also, as I just can't leave this alone, I can forgive you for not knowing 'The Tale of The Princess Kaguya', but please tell me you have shown your children at least a few Ghibli films? If not, well, I wouldn't say that made you a bad parent per se (but I might think it).
  2. Weeeeell, I guess in a way you were spot on. But not really. But maybe. You could say the pigeon is a metaphor for the film itself, but perhaps you shouldn't. Really you'd have to ask @Chris1970as it's a Swedish film.
  3. And that’s 53 more than me. Philistines.
  4. I have it on my TiVo to watch, along with The Handmaiden, either of which are likely to be worthy of a place in my illustrious 10.
  5. Just bend with your knees not with your back and you'll be fine. More importantly, is that Rick Astley washing his hair?
  6. Right, here we go, sort of. I'd reached an impasse, for reasons that I just typed out but are boring so I deleted them. What I've done is come up with a Top 10 for Foreign Language films, which was easier for reasons I also typed out but deleted. Please note that this list is flawed, for reasons that I've typed out but deleted. 10 – A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence 9 – Tomboy 8 – I Wish 7 – Men & Chicken 6 – We Are the Best! 5 – Our Little Sister 4 – Your Name 3 – I Saw the Devil 2 – The Tale of The Princess Kaguya 1 – Shoplifters
  7. A few decorations made Mr Tumble feel more comfortable in his prison cell.
  8. That's so beautiful. Being 40 sucks but I can't wait until I'm 50.
  9. Well I suggest you don't let them in if they don't bring you anything.
  10. I hope you got some good pressies 250 litres of hip oil.
  11. It's dropped when it's dropped, as the cool kids like me would say.
  12. Roses are red, chocolates are brown, *censored*, dressed as a clown.
  13. Roses are red, tonight it's me only, so I'm posting in here, oh God I'm so lonely.
  14. Don't make Billie cry, you know what happens when Billie cries. Great. That'll leave a stain. Happy now?
  15. Something all Norwegians could do with more of, from what I hear. It's a very windy country.
  16. 'Member Pole Position? I 'member.
  17. You can really feel the excitement building now. The amount of people who clearly care so much about this is staggering. Gah, I hope I don't let you all down.
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