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  1. Sassy1988

    Autographs aquired in 2018

    Robert De Niro (In Person)
  2. Nice, I had not thought about doing that myself. I might try and track down Tom's website and do the same.
  3. Seriously? One person? Sorry but that is really terrible especially considering the size of these events. I know I'm not the only person to of either had to wait or is still waiting for their order or some kind of response. It has been just over 4 months since the event and I feel like I still have yet to get anywhere. They are obviously in need of the extra help, so sorry but that is really poor on SMs part. What makes it more disappointing is the fact that the events seem to be so organized and really well planned out and I love SM for that, why do they let themselves down with their poor email service? Hopefully they will consider hiring more staff for that department at some point before they get really bad feedback for it.
  4. Yea I'm guessing that someone different got the autographs for mine. All of my autographs seem to of all be done with the same blue pen too which for me was quite surprising as I was expecting the autos to be done with different ink, one of 2 of them at least anyway xD Its no real biggie for me as I have a Tom Baker autograph on something else, so its not like I'm missing his autograph in my collection altogether, just on the comic. I also, did manage to get everyone else that was meant to be on the Comic including David Tennant and Matt Smith. Just an unfortunate mistake, it happens. There was a lot of Doctor Who actors at the event, Tom iirc was also only there for the single day too. I'm more concerned with getting a partial refund for it since I did pay for Tom to be added too. I'm also still waiting for another order too which has yet to arrive. I have sent several emails and not really got anywhere with them just yet, here's hoping I will at some point though ha. Never known a company to be so slow at responding to emails, it kind of makes me wonder just how many people actually work in that department O.o
  5. Yes I got my copy last Saturday. Unfortunately though, I think by 9 they actually mean 8 as the comics are not signed by Tom Baker. I have tried to email them in hopes of a partial refund since it was advertised as having been signed by him too, so far no reply.
  6. Same here. Still no email and I too have contacted them several times and am too using Gmail. Strange ..
  7. Sassy1988

    General Chat

    When you look at your profile and see that you have apparently 'won the day' and yet had no idea such a thing was even possible. But yay I now get a lovely little trophy, ego increased +1
  8. Sassy1988

    LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    If you don't end up getting a reply through E-Mail then why not just ring them up? You might get a better response.
  9. Sassy1988

    Guest Suggestions

    After this years Olympia event I now officially believe that SM can get literally anyone. Since we have had legends such as James Caan it would be nice to have some more older legends, such as.. Al Pacino - He is my favourite actor, so this would be beyond amazing! I'm also aware that I keep requesting him so I'll probably get the forum boot soon or maybe if I request him a few more times it might actually happen haha Robert De Niro Francis Ford Coppola Robert Duvall Joe Mantegna Liam Neeson Hugh Jackman Jackie Chan Tom Baker John Levene Thankfully not quite as old but still just as awesome! Tom Hardy Brad Dourif Patrick Wilson Christopher Sabat David Hayter Milla Jovovich David Tennant Also would love the following Xena guests to go alongside Ted Raimi Lucy Lawless Renee O'Connor Bruce Campbell Sam Raimi
  10. According to this site they are still being worked on, it seems they prefer to update on there rather than on the forum.
  11. Sassy1988

    Films watched in 2018

    Gotti (2018) - Despite knowing this was based on a real person and real events, I have no real idea as to whom Gotti is or rather was, so I was kind of hoping this movie could share some light on this. Overall it started off rather well and I could feel myself getting interested, sadly though by the middle part of the movie I couldn't help but feel my interest span fading as it eventually ended up feeling quite rushed by the end of the film. I did enjoy the mix of movie scenes and real life scenes (I assume it was real footage anyway) which managed to give a bit better idea as to how much people thought of the guy, however due to this I also couldn't help but feel like perhaps the movie could of been somewhat improved too. So I'd score this one an average though its interesting being based on true events, the movie though itself felt like it could of improved more on telling us of whom Gotti is and why he was considered an important role to the community as seen by the real? footage. Unfortunately though it just ended up feeling like a normal gangster movie with very little plot, was quite boring and probably would not watch again. Score: 4/10 Paterno - Ah a film starring my all time favourite actor, I'll try not to be biased due to that though haha. However it was the main reason I decided to watch this film. I have so far managed to watch every single Pacino movie that has ever been released, including the rather obscure ones too, so watching this one was bound to happen at some point lol Anywho first of all I don't know much about American Football or as I like to call it Hand Egg because that is what it looks like, a huge oversized Egg getting tossed around by guys in rather tight pants Anyway having never really watched American Football apart from one time when I went to watch the Super Bowl at a Stadium in America, which whilst being rather cool to watch it Live, it was mainly due to my mums friend that we even went in the first place and despite being told by several people as to what was going on I still failed to be able to follow it =/ Despite this however I thought the movie was quite good, it managed to do everything Gotti did not. It got to the point and it didn't dawdle about it neither, as soon as the movie started it was straight into the action and to the point and it felt quite fast paced too. I'm not sure if this was based on true events but towards the end it felt like it was, which was unexpected. It was well written in my opinion as it made me feel for the victims and get an idea of what it would of been like for those involved in incidents such as these. Overall I had no issues with the movie, it got to the point and it was written well enough that even idiots like myself could understand. I also have to admit even at 78 Pacino is still a phenomenal actor! SM please get him to one of your events, your probably sick of me forever requesting him by now but seriously I'd sell my soul just to be able to get an autograph! Haha at 78 I'm dreaming really lol still I'd love to be proven wrong Score: 6/10
  12. Sassy1988

    General Chat

    Sweet! Cant wait! seems interesting to have it on a Sunday now.
  13. Sassy1988

    General Chat

    Same. I also cant wait for more guests to be announced too, so I know if I need to budget for it or not.
  14. Sassy1988

    Latest Guest Announcement - JERI RYAN

    Yes I completely agree with this one. It reminds me of when I ended up bringing a black cover to get signed by Caan at the recent LFCC event and totally forgot about the colour and he ended up signing in black. oops haha. I guess I could of asked to see if he could go over it with silver but then realized it wasn't too bad after all. I also ended up getting more than 1 auto from him that day too, so it was no biggie. However yes I couldn't agree more as there is nothing worse than having an autograph no one can see, I would probably try and get a sticky label or something and put it on what you plan on getting signed as a reminder just in case, makes things much easier and from now on after the LFCC minor incident this is what I plan on doing lol
  15. Sassy1988


    Same here. I saw the announcement last night on Twitter, I'm so happy for him that he managed to land what sounds like a good role in a big franchise. I don't usually watch Star Wars which I'm probably in the minority for but since Matt will be in 9 I will definitely make an exception and watch it, cant wait I know he will do an awesome job!