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  1. Well my last post didn't age well. Asking for Mark Calaway and with the current news circulating around. I know it was a long shot anyway but I cant help but feel like an idiot now, as well as disappointed too. I wouldn't care, as said, I have been watching a lot of the old 90s-2000s wrestling as of late. This also includes various documentaries too and I kept telling myself how lucky I am that my personal favorite wrestlers all seem to be clean. Most of them seemed to be very well respected. If someone who I highly respected and heard great things about is not that great after all, then yes, now I too believe that in the wrestling world it is best not to have any heroes. Sorry if this post comes of as negative or too much for the forum. I just couldn't help posting something, especially after only having recently suggested the actor. A lot of it was just me wanting to express my disappointments too. Not sure if I should tune into the next episode on Thursday or not, I'm just dreading what I may now hear. Twitter certainly gives me a bad vibe. Maybe I'll refrain from asking for wrestling guests in the future ha! Childhood crushed!
  2. After 20 years of being away from everything wrestling and thanks mainly to COVID and not having much to do these past few months, I have recently been getting back into it all. I used to be a massive wrestling fan back in the day, bought so much memorabilia tshirts, duvets and whatever I could get my hands on really. Drove my family mad with it all ha! However, as I got older I stopped watching it. That was until a few months back when I started to watch the old wrestling stuff once again, I'm not too fussed on the new wrestling and I still don't follow it like that. I just enjoy the old stuff mainly due to nostalgia. As I continue to watch the old stuff it got me thinking about how great it would be to meet some of them. I'd love to meet the following wrestling stars; Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash, Sting, William Regal However, though I enjoyed their specific characters, my ultimate dream is to meet The Undertaker and considering he just recently retired maybe now is a great chance for this to happen, I know WWE won't allow their stars to go to signing events which is a shame as Triple H would be another amazing superstar. Though given his position I think I have finally come to terms that meeting Triple H is never ever going to happen, unfortunately. Though I still cling to whatever hope there is out there. Anyway one of my biggest life regrets is going to a wrestling arena back when I was much younger, I was with my mum at the time and she was speaking to someone that worked at the event and they asked me if I wanted some autographs. I was a massive fan of both Triple H and The Undertaker back then and still am today, Triple H wasn't at this particular event but I have been lucky enough to watch him live. However, The Undertaker was at this event but because of my confidence and lack of, I unfortunately didn't muster up the confidence to ask for The Undertakers autograph. Thus long story short, I ended up going home with a book of autographs that was randomly given to me out of generosity and they included various other wrestler autographs but mainly the low card stars such as Spike Dudley, Nunzio the best autograph I got back then was probably Theodore Long (the ex-Smackdown manager). Not that I'm being ungrateful as I cherish these autographs and still have them now. It is mainly just a what could of been moment for me I think given how much I loved The Undertaker character. So I'd love Showmasters to get The Undertaker (Mark Calaway) so I no longer need to regret my self disappointments
  3. Just managed to get my paws on the VR for PS4. Tried it out for the first time ever an hour or so ago, game of choice was Batman VR. Suffice to say I didn't get anywhere in the game I was simply too blown away by how amazing the whole feeling of being thrown into a video game actually felt. Looking around and the immersion is such a really nice feeling, if anyone is on the fence about getting it or trying it out do so. I'm really enjoying the whole VR experience. Amazing how far and impressive technology is these days.
  4. I'm mostly a gamer at heart so most of my meets are known for their voice acting work and working on video games. However, some of my favourite meets are.. Liam O'Brien - He was nice enough to pull off one of his character voices on my Camcorder for me. Peter Capaldi - I was lucky enough to get more time with him as the camera broke before I had my photo taken. Nobuo Uematsu & Hironobu Sakaguchi - Not very good at English. However, just being able to meet these 2 who contributed to creating my all time favourite video game (Final Fantasy VIII) was a childhood dream come true for me. I have had tons more good guest experiences but those are probably my top ones.
  5. Loving the RDR2 additions. Fantastic game and fantastic talented voices. RDR2 additions are my favourite announced guests for this event thus far. Great job SM! Thank you!
  6. Hosea!!!! My second favourite character in RDR2! Amazing announcement!
  7. Loved him in T2 and X-Files. Another one I may have to consider getting.
  8. Nice! The Gov was my favourite character in TWD back when I used to watch it. Might have to consider this one
  9. Considering that there is only one potential guest for me announced thus far, I would love a few more to tempt me into buying a ticket. Paolo Montalban, Daniel Bernhardt, Kristanna Loken, Bruce Locke, Jeff Meek, Christopher Lambert, Cary Tagawa, James Remar, David Lee McInnis Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Ted Raimi, Bruce Campbell, Kevin Sorbo, Patrick Wilson, Lin Shaye, Benjamin Byron Davis, Christopher Sabat, David Hayter, Christopher Randolph, Josh Keaton
  10. Meh, each to their own. I personally love all their music myself, from the heavy stuff to the much calmer music too, sadly I think I'm in the minority on the latter one though. I agree too SOS is an amazing piece of music. Thanks it was awesome to finally get to meet them after years of waiting lol They where amazing. For some reason I have always had the impression of Heavy Metal Bands being drugged up idiots but Disturbed where different, managed to meet them and they where really down to earth and friendly. It was my first time meeting a music band and my first time seeing a Live performance too. The seats we got where not exactly perfect but thankfully there was a big screen to help with that, couldn't fault them or the night it all went really well and if they ever returned I would totally go and see them again.
  11. Finally got the chance to meet my favourite music band EVER! Disturbed I think I can die happily now ha!
  12. Considering the event only has one tempting guest for me at present, I would love it to be anyone I have heard of. Still hoping for Lucy Lawless
  13. Would love Triple H but considering he is still in the business that is quite a slim chance, one day hopefully lol Would love it to be Sting, Kevin Nash or Steve Austin though.
  14. Any news on whether he will be added to the preorder store or not? I keep checking every few days and still see nothing, there is only 3 weeks left until the event. I really don't want to have to fork out money to the event for only 1 guest =/ Also, I see that Casper Van Dien is still on the store but yet he has cancelled.
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