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  1. The Expanse season 4 Burn Gorman has joined an already excellent cast; highly recommend this show.
  2. Comedian Tony Hawks (the guy from Red Dwarf) awakens from the "night before" to the realisation that he has bet his mate he can hitch-hike around Ireland. With a fridge. I picked this up from a charity book table in Tesco (after making a reasonable donation) and I'm very glad I did.
  3. True story of an SAS mission in Iraq in 1991. A difficult read at times but it brings home the stark reality of war for those on the front line. Fascinating and inspiring.
  4. Engrossing thriller about a plot to assassinate the President of France, General Charles De Gaulle, in 1963. A top detective has been given the unenviable responsibility of catching the assassin but he has little to go on: He is a foreigner. He is a master of his craft. His codename is "Jackal" Highly recommended.
  5. Didn't hate it but boy did it drag on...
  6. Just finished Resident Evil remastered for PS4. Brought back a lot of good memories of playing the original, as well the frustration of those fixed camera angles! Been playing Resident Evil Zero on hard mode but it's particularly unforgiving. Have had to admit defeat and restart the whole thing on normal setting so I can finish it.
  7. I saw it last week and was aware that it was more of a slow-burner. Reminded me a bit of "Apocalypse Now" as BP journeyed into the heart of darkness. Donald Sutherland wasn't in it for long enough. 3/5 sounds about right.
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    This is (allegedly) the logo for the upcoming Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures production of Dune.
  9. MVRonsky78 I felt the same way as you about Dunkirk (haven't seen 1917 yet).
  10. Just finished this. A fantastic yarn-how much does contemporary science fiction owe to this man?
  11. I thought Pesci in particular was great in this; I'm glad he was persuaded back in front of the camera.
  12. Terrific tale set amidst the bloody turmoil of the French Revolution that shows the worst and best of humanity. I was much moved at the ending. Sydney Carton, I salute you.
  13. It's all about "Dune" for me
  14. Scrooge (1951) After the BBC's predictably "woke" offering I thought I'd end the year with a more traditional (better) version of the story. As good as Guy Pearce was, you can't beat Alastair Sim's portrayal of Scrooge.
  15. Alien Isolation was great to revisit-amazing visuals and very creepy and atmospheric. Good story too! If you liked this game you may be interested in Alien Isolation: The Digital Series (free on the web). Now playing Resident Evil 7 Biohazard.
  16. As a massive fan of the film (as no doubt many of you also are) I'm enjoying the extra subtle layers natedammit's novelisation weaves into the story.
  17. As a massive fan of the film (as no doubt many of you also are) I'm enjoying the extra subtle layers Alan Dean Foster's novelisation weaves into the story.
  18. Finished watching "Manhattan" season 2 on Amazon Prime today. Excellent drama series centred around the development of the atom bomb in Los Alamos during WW2. Highly recommended!
  19. John Wagner Co-creator of Judge Dredd.
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    Promotional banner from Legendary Pictures
  21. Finished Arkham Knight last week but it did try my patience. If you want 100% completion you need all the Riddler items and there are 243 of them scattered throughout Gotham! Playing COD Infinite Warfare now and have just bought Alien Isolation for PS4 as I enjoyed it on PS3.
  22. A British expert sniper travels to war-torn Iraq to fulfil a promise made by his Grandfather. An Iraqi counter-sniper is despatched to engage him. Gripping story-telling from a master of the political thriller genre. If you liked "Enemy at the Gates" film you will enjoy this.
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