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  1. Bumper8

    Autographs acquired in 2019

    Some of the images in the last few posts were incomplete/scrambled but when I signed in they were fine (?)
  2. Bumper8

    Autographs acquired in 2019

    Carole Ann Ford & William Russell
  3. Bumper8

    Latest Guest Announcement - ANSON MOUNT

    Now THAT'S how you wear a Starfleet uniform.
  4. Bumper8

    My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    Me too. Is he allowed swear words?
  5. Bumper8

    Steelbook collection.

    Ruddy show-off!
  6. Bumper8

    Index cards.

    I believe there is a feeling among some signers that a signature on a blank background could be easily manipulated to create forgeries.
  7. Bumper8

    Steelbook collection.

    Got "First Man" for my birthday. That's 2 x steelbooks now so I'm counting that as a collection
  8. Bumper8

    What book are you currently reading?

    "The Making of the Atomic Bomb" Richard Rhodes (25th Anniversary Edition). Tells the story from the beginning of atomic theory and the Physicists who were instrumental in those discoveries, to the practical implementation of their work. An outstanding book.
  9. Bumper8

    What book are you currently reading?

    Just finished "Sniper Ace" autobiography of Bruno Sutkus, a top WW2 German sniper on the Eastern Front. He was caught by the Russians (who didn't know his true identity). He was banished to Siberia and endured decades of hardship before finally getting back to Germany. Would make a good film.
  10. Bumper8

    Video Games played in 2019

    If you're not fast you're last!
  11. Bumper8

    Films watched in 2019

    Salyut 7 (2017) Soviet Cosmonauts attempt to rescue an ailing space station before it re-enters the Earth's atmosphere. A true story (with some dramatic licence no doubt) and a very good film. Visual effects are excellent. If you liked Apollo 13 and don't mind subtitles you will enjoy this.
  12. Bumper8

    Video Games played in 2019

    I thought Farcry New Dawn was a DLC rather than a stand-alone game. Hopefully will get it as a birthday present next month. Have Wolfenstein 2 on loan and have just started that. Is Resident Evil 2 demo in PlayStation Store- I couldn't see it.
  13. Bumper8

    Video Games played in 2019

    Will check it out!
  14. Bumper8


    Director Denis Villeneuve's version of this sci-fi masterpiece begins filming this year with an exciting cast: Timothee Chalamet as Paul Atreides Rebecca Ferguson as Jessica (concubine of Duke Leto) Oscar Isaac as Duke Leto Atreides Stellan Skarsgard as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen Dave Bautista as his nephew Glossu "The Beast" Rabban Zendaya as Chani Josh Brolin as Gurney Halleck Jason Momoa and Javier Bardem are believed to be onboard as Duncan Idaho and Stilgar respectively. This is shaping up to be something special! Note that the image shown is not directly connected to the film.
  15. Bumper8

    Video Games played in 2019

    I have fond memories of playing the original Resident Evil games on the PS and would be interested in playing the rebooted versions. At the moment I'm playing Battlefield 1 campaign. After that I'm getting Farcry New Dawn as I enjoyed Farcry 5 so much!