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  1. Train to Busan (2016) Korean with English subtitles Father and daughter board the bullet train just as a "zombie apocalypse" kicks off. Think 28 Days Later. On a train. Well-crafted film that maintains the suspense with good performances and creepy effects. Some great imagery too. I was also impressed with the quality of South Korea's transport infrastructure. Recommended.
  2. The only movie that's going to entice me back into a cinema this year is Dune.
  3. The Enemy Below (1957) Robert Mitchum's destroyer faces off against Curt Jurgens' U boat. Cracking story with great performances.
  4. I'm running out of room to store my collection of 3 x steelbooks
  5. Watching season 3 of "The Rain" on Netflix. Danish show (dubbed into English) about a viral outbreak (bit far-fetched if you ask me). Good watch, if you enjoy shows such as "Survivors" you will like this.
  6. Sputnik (2020) Sci-fi horror in Russian with English subtitles. A psychiatrist is taken to a remote military base to study a Cosmonaut who has recently returned to Earth. Elements of the original Quatermass and Alien are clear infuences but its different enough to make it interesting. Decent film.
  7. I wonder what happened to Truman afterwards?
  8. http:// Gert Frobe ("Goldfinger") Bruno Ganz ("Downfall")
  9. Is that the guy from "The Hills Have Eyes"?
  10. Captain Hollister and Cat
  11. Loved Sheriff JW Pepper in the Bond films. "That's one mighty fine auto you got there boy"!
  12. Nice photo. I met her in 1998 but the pics on her table were not great quality.
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