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  1. General Chat

    I remember that scene-just before he picks it up there's a close-up showing the extinguisher is "Made in the UK"
  2. Yes! It's great to have an opportunity to meet her- hopefully she will sign my "Blood From The Mummy's Tomb" DVD cover. As a child of the 70s I have fond memories of the "Hai Karate" aftershave adverts :-)
  3. RIP Alan Bean

    I posted my condolences on his website and his daughter Amy sent me a nice email saying how proud he was of his Scottish ancestry and that he took a piece of MacBean tartan with him to the lunar surface.
  4. What have you not watched?

    I don't think we're missing much.
  5. Autographs aquired in 2018

    Even though I'm Patrick Stewart the old luvvie still won't personalise for me :-D
  6. Autographs aquired in 2018

    I don't do the stage door thing-have to resort to buying from dealers mostly
  7. Autographs aquired in 2018

    Double post
  8. Autographs aquired in 2018

  9. It's a belter of a show! Anyone...?
  10. I requested Steven for Glasgow a while back but knew it was unlikely-enjoy meeting him!
  11. Films watched in 2018

    I guess there was a lot of scenes in confined spaces where the power was out. Glad you liked it anyway.
  12. Films watched in 2018

    I felt exactly the same- waste of a good cast. Nolan needs to get over himself and go back to basics
  13. Films watched in 2018

    And what did you think of it?
  14. What book are you currently reading?

    "Stapme" Biography of Squadron Leader Basil Gerald "Stapme" Stapleton A Battle of Britain hero and a real character And, yes, he DID have a handlebar moustache!
  15. Gifts for guests

    Steven Seagal would nick it.