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  1. Bumper8


    Promotional banner from Legendary Pictures
  2. Bumper8

    Video Games played in 2019

    Finished Arkham Knight last week but it did try my patience. If you want 100% completion you need all the Riddler items and there are 243 of them scattered throughout Gotham! Playing COD Infinite Warfare now and have just bought Alien Isolation for PS4 as I enjoyed it on PS3.
  3. Bumper8

    What book are you currently reading?

    A British expert sniper travels to war-torn Iraq to fulfil a promise made by his Grandfather. An Iraqi counter-sniper is despatched to engage him. Gripping story-telling from a master of the political thriller genre. If you liked "Enemy at the Gates" film you will enjoy this.
  4. Will bring my "Quatermass and the Pit" poster
  5. Bumper8

    What book are you currently reading?

    Just finished this. A story of two ships really, as the fate of HMS Terror was closely bound to that of her sister ship. I like how the author intersperses the story with a travelogue of his recent visits to some of the places the ships visited on their epic journeys to the farthest known places south and north of the globe. A great tale of discovery, endurance and tragedy.
  6. Bumper8

    Video Games played in 2019

    Batman: Arkham Knight A return to the crime-ridden streets of Gotham where "Bats" has a lot of multi-tasking, with Scarecrow wreaking havoc, a crazed arsonist (Firefly) on the rampage, Two-Face robbing banks and Penguin gun-running. Not to mention The Riddler testing our hero's grey matter, and who is the mysterious Arkham Knight? All this while Joker is whispering in his ear... Had been a while since I played an "Arkham" game and the control system took a while to get used to again but I'm really enjoying it. Amazing graphics and excellent voice-acting.
  7. Bumper8

    Films watched in 2019

    I haven't seen Yesterday, but if I was in Curtis's position I wouldn't even attempt an explanation, just ask the audience to accept the premise. I never thought I'd hear of Himesh Patel again after he left EastEnders as I thought he was not a good actor but he has clearly learned a lot and good luck to him.
  8. Bumper8

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Cara Gee (The Expanse)
  9. Bumper8

    RIP Aron Eisenberg

    Sorry to hear of his passing and at such a young age too. RIP Aron.
  10. Bumper8

    What book are you currently reading?

    Gripping true-life story of a top KGB officer who spied for the UK. A fascinating insight into post-war spycraft on both sides of the Iron Curtain and how the actions of one person could affect world politics. Superb.
  11. Bumper8

    Terrance Dicks

    Just seen this. A giant of classic who. RIP
  12. Bumper8

    Video Games played in 2019

    Just finished Shadow of the Tomb Raider which was good but the story campaign felt a bit short. Have got a loan of COD Advanced Warfare on PS4 ( had played it on PS3 previously). Enjoying playing it again. The lead voice actor is unsurprisingly absent from the redesigned box artwork.
  13. Bumper8

    My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    I remember enjoying that two-parter but in order to contribute more fully to this thread I'd need to go and watch the episodes in question again and tbh I'm too lazy to put the effort in. I enjoy reading the thread though!
  14. Bumper8

    Films watched in 2019

    Let's go retro once more. A 1967 crime/war thriller featuring Omar Sharif as a German Major (?) investigating the murder of a woman in 1942 Warsaw who happened to be a German agent. It becomes clear that the killer is one of 3 German Generals. Great cast: Donald Pleasance, Charles Gray and Peter O'Toole as the Generals, ably supported by Tom Courtney, Joanna Pettet, Patrick Allen and Ealing favourites John Gregson and Gordon Jackson as German officers (that took a bit of getting used to). Harry Andrews and Christopher Plummer make appearances too. A solid thriller-recommended.