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  1. John Young RIP

    Of the missions that went to the moon, only Apollo 8 has a complete crew still with us.
  2. New autographs site!

    Some good autos there Charmer
  3. Bought a nice photo from ebay for her to sign
  4. Films watched in 2018

    Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell (1974) The last of the "Hammer" Frankenstein productions. Decent movie but the creature isn't much cop. As usual the wonderful Peter Cushing gives the movie a bit of class.
  5. John Young RIP

    John Young has passed away aged 87. He had an outstanding career, flying Gemini, Apollo and Shuttle missions. He flew to the moon twice, and walked on its surface as Commander of Apollo 16. Commanded the first flight of the Space Shuttle in 1981. "The Astronaut's Astronaut". RIP
  6. Films watched in 2018

    The Limehouse Golem. Good Victorian murder yarn with a top cast.
  7. Autographs aquired in 2018

    Looks genuine to me Spacecadet. Good photo-Vila looking pensive as usual
  8. Twice Upon A Time

    The old TARDIS interior was cool.
  9. Star wars The Last Jedi.

    Now you've put me off it
  10. Star wars The Last Jedi.

    From the Camel & Dalek (good name for a pub) PROS: Lots of comedy CONS: Lots of comedy PROS: Incredibly fun, "visually astonishing" (that would look good on the Blu-ray sleeve) CONS: Flawed I MUST see for myself!
  11. Star wars The Last Jedi.

    You're the man-if you don't like it I won't sully my eyeballs with it
  12. Star wars The Last Jedi.

    Just read Empire's review; if The Friendly Dalek reports back in similar vein I'm there
  13. Star wars The Last Jedi.

    Any reviews out yet? Steve Wright on Radio 2 saw it but he isn't allowed to even say if he likes it or not!
  14. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Yeah-he's a cool dude.