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  1. I've got a couple of signed photos of Caroline but haven't met her before-looking forward to seeing her!
  2. What book are you currently reading?

    Not books exactly, but I got these "Graphic Novels" for my birthday -Slaine: Warrior's Dawn -Judge Dredd vs Aliens "Incubus" -The Complete Dredd Case Files Volume 30
  3. What book are you currently reading?

    While I'm waiting for Freefall I'll be reading "He". An imagining of my comedy hero Stan Laurel's life by John Connolly. A bit hesitant tbh 'cos I know it won't be all sweetness and light.
  4. What book are you currently reading?

    Just finished "Airborne" by Robert Radcliffe. Exciting WW2 adventure, first in a trilogy. The next instalment "Freefall" is due for release in the next few weeks-looking forward to it!
  5. Which Alien film is the best?

    I watched the special edition of Alien 3 the other night and it wasn't bad at all. Hate the early 90s CGI tho...
  6. (Just for fun) Dream guest that has passed away

    My favourite British actor Peter Cushing
  7. Show us your signed HORROR memorabilia!

    Joanna Lumley The Satanic Rites of Dracula
  8. Films watched in 2018

    A Clockwork Orange (1971) Have somehow managed to avoid seeing this over the years. Good film- I can see why it was controversial at the time of its original release. The most shocking thing I found was the early '70s interior design (shudders). The most interesting part for me was how Alex was processed by the prison system. Malcolm McDowell was great in this; he's a very charismatic actor. It was weird to see Steven Berkhoff looking so young (and the guy from Robert's Robots was in it too-if you're under 50 google it :-D)
  9. Humongous Guest Announcement Thursday

    Please be the talking toaster from Red Dwarf...
  10. Films watched in 2018

    The Iron Lady (2011) Was browsing Netflix and thought this would be worth a watch. Good film; I see why Meryl Streep won an Oscar for her superb performance as Mrs. T
  11. Show us your signed HORROR memorabilia!

    Christopher Neame from Dracula AD 1972
  12. Films watched in 2018

    Saw it was on Netflix. Thanks for the heads-up, will avoid!