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  1. Bumper8

    RIP Gary Kurtz

    Rest In Peace.
  2. Bumper8

    Films watched in 2018

    Forbidden Planet (1956) Hadn't seen it for years and really enjoyed it-the sets and visual effects are still impressive 62 years on.
  3. Bumper8

    My huge Doctor Who episode marathon.

    What he said. When you get to Jon Pertwee I'll be able to contribute!
  4. Bumper8

    First Man

    For all you First Man movie poster fans out there...
  5. Bumper8

    What book are you currently reading?

    "D Day Through German Eyes-The Hidden Story of June 6th 1944" This book is based on the accounts of German soldiers from various units who were interviewed in 1955. Recurring themes are the tension of the days before the invasion, the shock at the scale of the attack and the horrors of battle. It gave me a greater understanding of the motivation of the ordinary Wehrmacht soldier.
  6. Bumper8

    Jacqueline Pearce

    Very sad news-she made a big impression on me as Servalan and was a delight to meet. Rest In Peace.
  7. Bumper8

    General Chat

    A forum devoid of Dave-what's the point? DAAAAAAAAVE!!!!!!
  8. Bumper8

    Steelbook collection.

    It's a riveting read
  9. Bumper8

    Films watched in 2018

    Like any good father, I advised her to avoid Highlander 2 at all costs...
  10. Bumper8

    Films watched in 2018

    Highlander (1986) My daughter is playing "Detroit" on PS4 and loves the voice acting of Clancy Brown, so I suggested she watch Highlander with me. She usually scoffs at my film choices but she really enjoyed it!
  11. Bumper8

    Doctor ranking

    1) Tom Baker 2) David Tennant 3) Christopher Eccleston 4) Jon Pertwee 5) Patrick Troughton 6) Matt Smith 7) Peter Davison 8) Peter Capaldi 9) William Hartnell 10) Colin Baker 11) Paul McGann 12) John Hurt 13) Sylvester McCoy 14) David Burton
  12. Bumper8

    Autographs aquired in 2018

    I got this from Sue & Mark's stall at the Glasgow con last Saturday.
  13. Bumper8

    Latest WHO you've watched

    The extras on the BBC Doctor Who dvds are generally first-class!