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  1. He's the last one I need of the main crew :-)
  2. Train to Busan (2016) Korean with English subtitles Father and daughter board the bullet train just as a "zombie apocalypse" kicks off. Think 28 Days Later. On a train. Well-crafted film that maintains the suspense with good performances and creepy effects. Some great imagery too. I was also impressed with the quality of South Korea's transport infrastructure. Recommended.
  3. The only movie that's going to entice me back into a cinema this year is Dune.
  4. The Enemy Below (1957) Robert Mitchum's destroyer faces off against Curt Jurgens' U boat. Cracking story with great performances.
  5. I'm running out of room to store my collection of 3 x steelbooks
  6. Watching season 3 of "The Rain" on Netflix. Danish show (dubbed into English) about a viral outbreak (bit far-fetched if you ask me). Good watch, if you enjoy shows such as "Survivors" you will like this.
  7. Sputnik (2020) Sci-fi horror in Russian with English subtitles. A psychiatrist is taken to a remote military base to study a Cosmonaut who has recently returned to Earth. Elements of the original Quatermass and Alien are clear infuences but its different enough to make it interesting. Decent film.
  8. I wonder what happened to Truman afterwards?
  9. http:// Gert Frobe ("Goldfinger") Bruno Ganz ("Downfall")
  10. Is that the guy from "The Hills Have Eyes"?
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