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  1. "Conclusions" by John Boorman. An insight into the director's craft, with some good anecdotes thrown in. John once had to wrestle a famous actor's car keys from him as he was too drunk to drive. JB took the wheel to drive the tough guy actor home but the star proved a difficult passenger. He was stopped by a traffic cop who exclaimed "Do you know that Lee Marvin is on your roof?"
  2. A Storm of Swords: Part 1 (George RR Martin)
  3. Alien: The Cold Forge (Alex White) The title refers to a space station where in 2179, Weyland-Yutani are conducting experiments on Xenomorphs. As some of the projects are overdue (and over budget) the Company send one of their most enthusiastic and ruthless auditors, Dorian Sudler, to the station to find out the score and who can be cut from the payroll. One of the research projects is "Glitter Edifice" run by Dr. Blue Marsalis. She is physically impaired due to a degenerative illness and uses Marcus, a synthetic, as a substitute body to allow her to work despite being bed-ridden. On the face of it, Blue is attempting to create a weapon for W-Y, but she is secretly trying to isolate a sample of the Xenormorph mutagenic material to use to her own ends. As Sudler progresses his investigation, a saboteur shuts down the station's systems and frees the Xenomorphs... I enjoyed this story very much, Sudler is a great villain, he makes Carter Burke look like Mother Theresa! It keeps you guessing as to the motivations of the other characters in the book, nobody really knows who to trust. Again, if you like the "Alien" universe or just like a good science fiction story this will fit the bill.
  4. X Troop (Leah Garrett) X Troop were comprised of Jewish refugees from continental Europe who volunteered to fight as Commandos in WW2 against the Nazis. They had to leave behind their old identities and change their names in case they were captured. Think of "Inglorious Basterds" but it is actually a true story. Well-researched and excellently -written account. Recommended.
  5. Aliens: Phalanx (Scott Sigler) I generally avoid spin-off novels of popular film franchises but took a punt on this one and wasn't disappointed. It pits the xenomorphs (Demons) against a pre-industrial civilisation. The author put a bit of effort into developing a detailed society for the native inhabitants. If you like the "Alien" universe and the recent Predator movie "Prey", this will keep you entertained.
  6. Never Panic Early Memoir of Fred Haise who flew on Apollo 13. He's still going strong at 89.
  7. I've never fallen asleep in the cinema. My dad took me to see Star Trek: The Motion Picture at the ABC Glasgow in 1979 and he did conk out but I can't blame him.
  8. Check out Mark Kermode's review on Youtube (Kermode & Mayo). Very funny!
  9. No review for Michael Flatley's Magnum Opus "Blackbird" yet? I would oblige but it would mean having to watch the film.
  10. Nice guest! He's been in a lot of good stuff. Really enjoyed "Manhattan"
  11. Nice to meet him, he was wonderfully forthright about some of the SW content released in recent times!
  12. He signed my "Quatermass" poster and "City of Death" dvd cover. Lovely guy; you can tell he really enjoys attending cons.
  13. Great to meet Marina again, she is so lovely and chatty!
  14. That's a shame he couldn't make it as he was great fun at his previous visit. Hopefully he'll be back again soon.
  15. Slightly off-topic, but do you need a printed paper copy of your entry ticket to gain admission, or is it sufficient to have the PDFs on your phone?
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