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Which July LFCC guests would you like to see return?

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Neve Campbell as part of Scream 20th anniversary celebration at next years LFCC with Scream stars like Rose McGowan, Matthew Lillard, Skeet Ulrich, Jamie Kennedy, Courteney Cox, Henry Winkler, Wes Cra

a full nightmare on elm street cast line up

Christopher Lloyd & Lea Thompson

Rose Leslie and James Tolkan (as I didn't get to meet him and just realised I have a Top Gun photo for him!).


Please could we have Noah Wyle rescheduled as well :)

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I've missed the guests from Back to the future and also Gemma Whelan, Rose Leslie and Charles Dance (they all cancelled the Saturday). Otherwise Finn Jones, Daniel Portman, Kristian Nairn, Keisha Castle-Hughes have been my favourite. If they could come back next year... :whistling:

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  1. Christopher Lloyd

Lea Thompson

Ray Park

John Ratzenberger

Keisha Castle-Hughes

Iain Glen

Finn Jones

Jessica Henwick

Natalia Tena

Jonathan Frakes

Emily Kinney

Charles Dance

Noah Wyle &

Malcolm McDowell

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Robert Englund, my number 1 guest and Showmasters ******* that one up


Christopher Lloyd, cause I among hundreds of others didn't get to him eventually.


And the following guests who I couldn't afford: Sigourney Weaver, Musketeers guests, Penny Dreadful guests, Trevor Steedman, Collette Hiller, Michael Carter, John Bell, J. LaRose, Darren Lynn Bousman, Sean Gunn, Tim McInnerny, Robert Rusler, American Horror Story guests and Zach Galligan

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All the guests I met were lovely and I wouldn't mind them coming back.


And Alexander Siddig, my Saturday was completely full when they announced him and I would have loved to get his autograph or do a photoshoot!

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Gun to my head, I'd say Carice Van Houten so that I could get that photoshoot that was cancelled on Sunday.


But actual answer: no-one. I'm not really into meeting guests more than once; even though I've met some really cool guests, I only need the one autograph/photo. I'd rather a batch of new guests that I haven't met before.

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Definitely Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd & Lea Thompson as I didn't had the chance to travel to London for the last LFCC! LFCCW maybe?

I think we can safely say they won't be back that quickly.

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