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  1. Such a pity, I was really looking forward to meeting him. I hope it's for filming a third season of Vicious!
  2. I would love to meet Derek Jacobi (I saw he was announced at Milton Keynes but cancelled, would be so great to get him back)
  3. I agree, photo shoots ran very smoothly!
  4. Hi everyone! Bournemouth Film and Comic Con is over. Did you all have a good time? Have you met all the guests you wanted to? It's always interesting to listen to the experiences with the guests. So, should I start? Overall it was much more relaxed than London this summer, there was more time to speak with the guests and they all offered to personalize the autographs. Saturday : I met Veronica Taylor and she was absolutely lovely. I actually went with my boyfriend who wanted an autograph and she was very nice and chatty, she included me in the conversation as well. The autograph is great! My boyfriend asked for a picture, she was happy to do it, and offered me to be in the pic as well. Very lovely guest. I did autographs and photos with Ellie Kendrick, Finn Jones and Kristian Nairn. They were all great. Very chatty at the autograph tables, starting the conversation and making us feel welcome and comfortable. They talked to me about their travels in France, nice to hear they enjoyed my country. I also met Sylvester McCoy, autograph and photo. A very nice man, polite, smiling and enthusiastic. Sunday : I got an autograph from Brenock O'Connor. Very nice chap, already a professional! Then autograph and photo with Harry Melling. Really nice to meet someone from the Harry Potter movies, a really important part of my teenage years. Moreover he was friendly and chatty. Last guest was Robert Englund, autograph and photo as well. I heard so many good things about him, and now I understand. He is a very friendly and funny guest. I especially enjoyed the photo, he was awesome, playing around with everyone. Again, I only had good experiences this time! So, what about you guys?
  5. Hi! Eventbrite, right? At the bottom of every mail they send me there is a PDF and I print the tickets with this. I hope this helps :-)
  6. Hello! Was my first too, I enjoyed so much I am going to the winter one :-)!!!
  7. I am happy with everyone I met! FRIDAY James Remar (photoshoot) : It was my first photoshoot and it was a good first experience, he was very friendly. He was giving everyone a handshake, I felt welcome, and putting his arm around everyone as well. I didn't get the autograph, but reading your stories I should have! Christopher Lloyd (photoshoot) : He was great, very friendly and smiling, he seemed happy to be here. It was a busy photoshoot, but I didn't feel rushed. I took this photo with my boyfriend, he put both arms around us, and it's awesome! I didn't try to get the autograph, as it was a diamond guest and I was not even Gold. Michael Traynor (autograph) : I liked him in Walking Dead and Rectify, so I wanted an autograph. He was a very friendly guest. He signed me the picture I chose and asked me if I wanted it personalised. I didn't have a pen to write my name, not an easy one, so I said no... Later, I thought on writing a note on my phone with my name... Anyway, he was not busy when I went so I had time to say to him I loved his performance in Rectify. He thanked me and was smiling. I asked him if he would mind taking a picture with me, he nicely answered he would be happy to and even came round the table to take the pic. If he comes back, I will definitely get a photoshoot. SATURDAY Tom Burke (photoshoot and autograph) : He was lovely. The photo with him is my favourite. He put his arm around me and leant his head towards me, it's giving a nice friendly touch to the picture. I got the autograph as well, he was smiling and happy to personalise it. He even commented the writing of my name. I wanted to ask him about theatre but I was a little bit shy. I asked him for a pic though and he was happy to do it (the Showmasters girl at his table was happy to help, thanks). He also have a nice genuine smile on it. Luke Pasqualino (photoshoot) : He was friendly during the photoshoot, saying hi and putting his arm around everyone. I thanked him before I left and he said "you're welcome" with a smile. Hayley Atwell (photoshoot) : It was very rushed, the staff was not especially friendly during this photoshoot. But she took the time to say hi and thank everyone. I went to her talk as well, she was funny and very inspiring. David Bradley (photoshoot) : When he came to go into the photo booth, he said hi to the crowd waiting for him and I thought it was really sweet. I enjoyed the picture with him, he was smiling and full of energy. I wanted to say as a joke "The Starks send their regards" shaking his hand, but he was so lovely I couldn't! SUNDAY Iain Glen (photoshoot and autograph) : It's the guest I most wanted to meet, I was not disappointed. He was great in the photoshoot, welcoming and having a nice word for everyone. He told me "nice to meet you" when I was leaving, it made my day. The autograph went well. He was smiling and happy to personalise. As with Tom Burke, I was a little bit shy to ask about theatre. Rose Leslie (photoshoot) : She was amazing! She was busy because she had to cancel on Saturday, but I didn't feel rushed at all. She was having a little chat with everyone and was very smiling, lovely guest. I didn't get an autograph but my boyfriend and his brother had a great time too. Keisha Castle-Hughes (autograph) : She was friendly and happy to personalise the autograph too. I had a little chat with her about her week-end, she said she was enjoying herself and asked about me. Lea Thompson (photoshoot) : One of favourite photoshoots. She was great fun and full of enthusiasm, she seemed really happy to be here. I took the 2 pictures with my boyfriend and both are funny! Lovely guest. Gemma Whelan (autograph) : I didn't have much time for this autograph as the BTTF talk was going to start soon so I didn't have a chance to chat with her. But she was nice and personalised my autograph. Jessica Henwick (autograph) : Really nice guest! She was smiling and enthusiast. She personalised my autograph, she asked me where my name was from and said a few words in French to me. The autograph is great! She wrote a short story hehehe, it's my favourite. I also had a chat with her about filming in Sevilla. Steve Coulter (autograph) : Lovely guest! He was very friendly, he said my name was nice and personalised the autograph. I had a chat with him, he told me it was great to meet people from all Europe and was really enjoying himself. He offered me to take a picture with him and the crew member was again happy to help, thank you. He also told me that Michael Traynor would be back in a few minutes if I wanted to meet him, that was nice, I thanked him and said I met him on Friday.
  8. Yes, I am going. For George A. Romero and Richard Brake so far!
  9. It's very close, maybe 10 minutes walk. I stayed there. Reviews are a little bit scary, but it's a decent hotel.
  10. Oh and it would be awesome to get some That 70's show cast :-)!!!
  11. I think it is very unlikely we get Vikings, Orphan Black, Walking Dead or Game of thrones main current cast if LFCC and SDCC are at the same time, hopefully in 2 years :-)! But there is still plenty of options, let's start with TV : - The Musketeers (Santiago Cabrera, Howard Charles, Ryan Gage, Alexandra Dowling, Tamla Kari...) - Game of thrones (Charles Dance, Sean Bean, Pedro Pascal, Michelle Fairley, Richard Madden, Alfie Allen, Iwan Rheon, Natalia Tena, Alexander Siddig, Joe Dempsie, Indira Varma, Ciáran Hinds...) - Walking Dead (Laurie Holden, Emily Kinney, David Morrissey, Jeffrey DeMunn, Scott Wilson, Sarah Wayne Callies...) - Downton Abbey (Jessica Brown Findlay, Brendan Coyle, Joanne Frogatt, Penelope Wilton, Lily James, Maggie Smith...) - Rectify (Aden Young, Abigail Spencer, Adelaide Clemens, Clayne Crawford...) - Colin Morgan - Arthur Darvill
  12. I really liked the guests from LFCC 2015! A few ideas of guests I would like to meet, it was my first convention and I don't know which actors do or don't, just giving ideas. Today I am going to start with TV : - The Walking Dead : Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride... - Game of thrones : Iwan Rheon, Alfie Allen, Alexander Siddig, Lena Headey, Indira Varma, Charles Dance, Natalia Tena... - Orphan Black : Tatiana Maslany, Ari Millen, Jordan Gavaris, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Michael Mando, Kristian Bruun... - Vikings : Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Gustaf Skarsgard, Alexander Ludwig... - The Musketeers : Santiago Cabrera, Howard Charles, Ryan Gage, Alexandra Dowling, Tamla Kari, Peter Capaldi... - Outlander : Caitriona Balfe, Tobias Menzies, Sam Heughan, Graham McTavish...
  13. She was lovely! I didn't get the autograph, but my boyfriend and his brother were really happy with their experience. In the photo shoot, she was very busy due to her cancellation on Saturday, but she was not rushing anyone and took the time to make everyone feel welcome. And always smiling. I met my two TV crushes, Athos y Jorah Mormont (both actors were really nice), but I came back in love with Ygritte hahaha
  14. All the guests I met were lovely and I wouldn't mind them coming back. And Alexander Siddig, my Saturday was completely full when they announced him and I would have loved to get his autograph or do a photoshoot!
  15. It was my first Comic Con so it was all surreal!!! But when I was about to leave David Bradley's photoshoot, I saw my boyfriend saying hi and handshaking a man seated in a chair. I realized it was Doran Martell (Alexander Siddig), the prince of Dorne! I couldn't go to his photoshoot or autograph so I felt really lucky to say hi to him and how much I love Dorne.
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