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  1. loveamyadams

    Guest Suggestions

    boxing legends George Foreman, Oscar De La Hoya
  2. loveamyadams

    diamond pass collection

    will there be an early diamond pass collection at the venue on friday afternoon similar to the one done at the main summer event at Olympia. It is very helpful and saves time.
  3. met them in Birmingham, they are the sweetest of people, seemed surprized at how popular they are because of The Shining.
  4. loveamyadams


    another for my GOT book, wanted announcement of Alfie for ages. and even better he's there on a friday which helps keep saturday less manic.
  5. loveamyadams


    a guest i wanted to meet for ages. went straight to the photo op page and booked one. well done Showmasters, you actually took me by surprize on this one.
  6. i need him in my GOT book. long way to go for just one guest though. will look again closer to the event
  7. great guest for me. love Blade Runner, love his speech at the end. hope he's still doing quotes with his auto
  8. thats a shame. was looking forward to meeting him.
  9. loveamyadams

    Latest Guest Announcement - KATE DICKIE

    shes so nice to meet
  10. loveamyadams

    Latest Guest Announcement - JERI RYAN

    what a lovely woman to meet, so friendly, looked like she was enjoying it as much as the fans. needless to say my 'photoshoot' on my facebook got more likes than anything else i've done recently. wonder why....lol.
  11. loveamyadams

    Latest Guest Announcement - JASON ISAACS

    nice guy to meet. very friendly
  12. loveamyadams

    Nichelle Nichols

    so glad i went friday. she did look a little fragile but greeted everyone with a big smile and so pleased to meet her at last. lovely lady.Hope shes feeling better today.
  13. loveamyadams

    How was your day?

    it was way quieter to what i was expecting but did get alot busier after 11.00., more relaxed and i enjoyed it because of it. guests were nice. did buy off the stalls which i dont normally do, proberbly because at Olympia and Birmingham i am normally in photoshoots or getting autos. so make a pleasent change. liked the venue too and easy to get to from the railway station. all in all a very good day.
  14. she was s so sweet and friendly to everybody, please bring her to another event so people who couldnt make it to cardiff can say hello to her.
  15. loveamyadams

    Guest Suggestions

    Emily Berrington
  16. would love to see Emily at another event,i cant make Cardiff. Hope its a fun event for her and she does more conventions. have met her at Theater and shes the sweetest , so friendly.
  17. loveamyadams

    Latest Guest Announcement - Alice Krige

    really nice person to talk too.
  18. loveamyadams

    Latest Guest Announcement - VALERIE LEON

    lovely guest to meet. very chatty
  19. loveamyadams

    Guest Cancellation - Megan Fox

    who do i contact as regards the refunds,i have 2 to be refunded, (Fox and Modine) .my credit card details have changed since i bought them in April and May. Thanks.
  20. loveamyadams

    Latest Guest Announcement - SAM NEILL

    great announcement. didnt see that coming so close to the event. all booked up and ready to go. Nice one SM. made my evening.
  21. loveamyadams

    LFCC 2018 Schedule - UPDATED 26/7

    21 photoshoots and not a single one overlapping. so pleased. cuts down the chasing around. does help going all 3 days so i can spread it all out. last year tryed to do it all in a day and a half. did it but just not enjoyable really. this is much better ( for me)
  22. loveamyadams

    Guest Cancellation - Matthew Modine

    disappointed but with meeting so many people this year it was bound to happen . hopefully he can be re-booked for a future show. the fact he agreed to this show means its very likely.