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  1. Queen_Sindel,: I will not take the time to explain to you, and that's simply because you are RUDE! ("but maybe it's the meds?") Fix your manners first and then talk to me.
  2. I know that YOU got what I mean and I really appreciate your honesty and your replies. So thanks.
  3. I really can't believe that you actually don't understand what I mean, But if you don't, then there's no point for me on explaining further..
  4. Cinemas doesn't sell DVDs. That's another different job, they are only selling tickets, what do you mean?
  5. yes it is expensive but I will buy the jpegs, that's for sure. Just waiting for the rest of my photos to be appear on the gallery.
  6. I respect your opinion but sorry, my opinion is not pointless, that is just your opinion only. Ok, I know it's business, I know the rules, I know how this works here, I knew what I was buying and what I will get, but that's NOT my point! You can't pay for the same thing twice, that's all I'm trying to say! If you buy a cinema ticket for example, it will make sense to pay two different prices for it? That's what I'm trying to say here, Jesus!!
  7. A photo shoot ticket SHOULD include everything, print and digital. That's how it is everywhere else, that's how photography works, simple as that. I wouldn't have a problem paying those £4.99 if were INCLUDED in the photo shoot ticket, I would be happy to do that, it's fair, honest and logical. You are buying once, NOT twice the same thing, you know what I mean? A photo shoot should include ALL options, both print and download and have a single price. The download as ONLY an extra paying service is simply illogical and unfair, this doesn't exist anywhere and it doesn't make any sense, sorry. I find it unfair for both the fans and the actors which I bet the most (actors) don't know about that. Sorry but fair is fair. It would be an important improvement if the download was FREE for everyone and the photo shoot ticket price includes EVERYTHING. With all do respect but also the sense of logic and fairness, Harris
  8. Hello everyone, I have a serious question to ask and I would like a serious and mostly, a logical, honest answer. (NOT policy kind of answers PLEASE.) Is there any logical reason why we need to pay an additional £4.99 in order to download EACH photo, the photos that we already PAID at the first place during the photo shoot purchase before the con? I mean, really, what's that for? Anywhere, when you are buying a photo shoot, they give you a) the print photo and b) the digital photo. So what's the reason for this? I would like to know seriously why I need to pay an ADDITIONAL money - and that much per photo- and not be included for example in the photo shoot purchase in the first place? Now I need about 80£ to download the photos that I've already paid?Seriously??
  9. Thank you very much for your suggestion Queen_Sindel, I just did that after I saw your message! I really appreciate it!
  10. Ok, I'm so sad cause 3 photos of mine are not exists on the library: 1. My John Schneider shot doesn't exist in the library. 2. I had 2 shots with Tom Baker with the TARDIS and the 1 is missing. I got the following 0109 Tom Baker Tardis LFCC 18 Fri 0109.JPG Image 109 of 134 < PREV NEXT > so I guess the one that's missing should be 0108 or 0110. 3. Catherine Mary Stewart & Lance Guest LFCC 18 Sun I had 2 shots with them. I got the following pic: Catherine Mary Stewart & Lance Guest LFCC 18 Sun 0010.JPG Image 1 of 1 , so I guess the other photo that is missing must be the 009 or 0011 Could you PLEASE upload them as well?? I'm the guy with the long dark hair. If you need a phot oof who in order to find the other shots as well, I can surely provide you. Thanks in advance !
  11. Hello, Just saw the the photos from thus years LFFC are finally online. But I took two shots with Tom Baker with TARDIS and the one is missing..:( an you help me with that please???
  12. - Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Elisabeth Shue - Back To The Future II - 35th anniversary! - Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Rik Moranis: - Ghostbusters - 35th Anniversary - Ghostbusters II - 30th Anniversary - Catherine Mary Stewart has 3 anniversary films in 2019: - Weekend At Bernie's - 30th Anniversary - The Last Starfighter - 35th Anniversary - Night of The Comet - 35th Anniversary - Helen Slater: - Supergirl - 35th Anniversary - Ralph Macchio, William Zabka, Elisabeth Shue**: - Karate Kid - 35th Anniversary (Note: You can also combine this with the successful new "Cobra Kai" TV Series) - (** Elisabeth Shue starring also in "Back To The Future II) - Arnold Schwarzenegger: - The Terminator - 35th Anniversary - Conan The Destroyer - 35th Anniversary - Kevin Bacon: - Footloose - 35th Anniversary Other guests: - John Cusack - David Tennant - Liz White Consider also other important anniversaries in 2019 from 1984 film list, probably the most important year for the movies in the 80s. in the "2019 Anniversaries".
  13. OMG, looks like while I tried to remember anything, I forgot the most important films! Ghostbusters is in my top 5 films, yeah how can I forgot this??? You have a point! I will re-edit the list! Plus, the year 1984 is probably the most important year of the 80s on films!!
  14. Yes, you're right, my fault, all the above are 1978. How did I confused with Grease?? Anyway, thanks for the correction.
  15. That would be way cool!! :)
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