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  1. Haha, yes same! I've rented an apartment out this time, extended it to a week so I can spend some time I London. Looking forward to it already! Anybody planning to go to the Glasgow Showmasters event to get Michael Biehn to sign their stuff? Feel I'd be daft not to.
  2. Hi, noticed the pics on this thread, great photos. Thanks again for the company in the queues and talks. : ) Hey! It was a great weekend and was made better with good company. :) Good to see you on here. I tried to find personal message but don't think there is one? Just as we're not to talk about other events and they've announced the big name we were talking about!
  3. I personally had a fantastic time all 3 days, especially for my very first Con, and I think that overall the weekend was handled very well considering it was the very first time in that venue and having guests of that size. Yes there were issues with stairs, lifts, signs etc. and at the time it can feel like a nightmare for attendees. But these things will happen as you say and can be improved on next year. I absolutely loved my Diamond Pass and the perks it gave me, and given the popularity of a couple of the weekends Diamond Guests (Sigourney and Christopher) it would be absolutely fan
  4. Every day since he cancelled I have eaten my own body weight in Haagen-Dazs whilst watching 'Love, Actually' on repeat. I'm getting better though. :) I feel your pain. If he comes to next years LFCC then I will be over the moon! Unfortunately, by then I'll be 30lbs heavier and know all the words to The Notebook off by heart.
  5. I'm not a smoker myself and have no issue with those that choose to be. Not in the slightest in fact, as how someone chooses to live their life is no business of mine! However, if we're in a queue where we are standing almost shoulder to shoulder and almost touching either front or back, and you decide to light a cigarette and puff away, I do think it's disrespectful. This is just my opinion and I'm sure many will disagree, but if I respect your decision to smoke then why can't you respect mine to not do so, and therefor not force me to breathe in your second hand smoke and have my hair and cl
  6. Will never happen but definitely want Sigourney Weaver back! Also, Iain Glen, Charles Dance, and RDA whom I didn't meet but wish I had in hindsight.
  7. More importantly, has anyone gotten over this yet?
  8. I'm so glad this is a thing! Thought there was something wrong with me. Haha.
  9. Last one I've got. I've never been made to look so bad by a 65 year old. She's just stunning.
  10. In all fairness, I asked a number of people working there on Friday how I could get to the 3rd floor, as I was doing a bit of recon for the next two days and wanted to know my way around. None of them could tell me! I found it myself early on the Saturday (thankfully, as I had talks and autos up thete over the next two days) but I was concerned that a number of the people working the show didn't think there was a level 3 or didn't know how to get to it.
  11. I'm disappointed that I was so in awe when I met her I didn't manage any more than "hello" and "thank you so much". I had things I wanted to say but I just clammed up. I doubt I'll ever have the opportunity again but if I do then I won't be making the same mistake! She was so nice!
  12. Sorry it's not great quality but as you can see it's a photo of a photo. Don't particularly fancy Jorah but I'll admit, I certainly swooned a bit when I met Mr. Iain Glen. Lovely man as well. Completely unrelated but I just checked out your Twitter SabreArt, and you are ridiculously talented! Wow!!
  13. SabreArt, that's great! It was my first Con and I was on my tod so I was happily chatting away with anyone that wanted to. Did we speak? And did you get the autos you wanted?
  14. Wow, Rockstar6662. Great photos, that Sigourney one is lovely. Great moment you captured.
  15. I'm currently on the train and this is the only photo I have on my phone. I actually really like this as it's less posed. She caught me a bit off guard when she suddenly came out from behind the desk and offered a photo. And then she insisted on standing on her tippy toes! Sorry if it's massive. I'll take a snap of my photoshoot ones when I get home.
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