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  1. Tony1975

    Guest Suggestions

    Butch Patrick from The Munsters and Erin Murphy from Bewitched
  2. Tony1975

    What have you not watched?

    Some of the mainstream films I haven't seen - Back to the future, Godfather, Harry Potter, Lord of the rings, ET
  3. Tony1975

    What have you not watched?

    I am in shock! Pulp Fiction is not only Tarantino's best film but also one of the best films ever!
  4. Tony1975

    Autograph Holders / Protectors

    Totally agree! Highly recommend them. Been ordering from them for a while now.
  5. Awesome announcement! My first 'essential' guest for London. If I go will defintely meet her to get autograph. I would only consider a photoshoot myself if Showmasters was able to get her to be in character as Liv.
  6. Tony1975

    Armin Shimerman

    I hope not was planning on getting Principal Snyder photo signed.
  7. Tony1975

    Rockabilia all new Convention by Showmasters

    Can't see it happening. I don't think Showmasters budget would be able to cover the cost of damaged hotel rooms caused by the rock stars!
  8. Tony1975

    voice actors

    Detroit: Become Human. I am absolutely loving this game! Would be great to meet the voices of characters Kara, Markus, North, Connor etc.
  9. Tony1975

    Latest Guest Announcement - ROBERT ENGLUND

    I don't know if its accurate but someone mentioned when i was there yesterday that Robert is going to stop doing European conventions? May explain why he was so busy.
  10. Tony1975

    Collectamania brocher

    I was there on the Sunday and didn't see any either.
  11. Tony1975

    Latest Guest Announcement - EMILY KINNEY

    I met her last year and was disappointed with how cold and uninterested she came across. I did notice though how friendly she was with people this time chatting and taking selfies. Maybe i caught her at a bad moment.
  12. Tony1975

    Queuing and Layout

    Just got back home. The first time that I have been to a SM event on the Sunday. Managed to meet all the guests that I were planning to see and got photos with all the Liverpool FC players at their tables . A much more relaxed day compared to what I have been used to in the past on the Saturday. Had a really great time!
  13. Tony1975

    Queuing and Layout

    I am going tomorrow. Hopefully it will be more organised and won't be as manic!
  14. Tony1975

    Films watched in 2018

    When A Stranger Calls Back (1993). I came across this when browsing through the films on Amazon Video. It had a very tense, exciting start and finish. Well worth a watch!
  15. Tony1975

    Guest Suggestions

    Lauren Cohan is quitting as well