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  1. Being as vague as possible (so not to break forum rules) it unfortunately won't be him. He has exclusive deal elsewhere.
  2. The main cast from Big Bang Theory would be great. Going by the post though it seems like it is someone well known for both film and tv work which I think may rule them out.
  3. Either Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart or Stone Cold Steve Austin would be awesome!
  4. Tony1975

    Films watched in 2019

    End Game. I thought it was good in parts but not the epic masterpiece I was expecting.
  5. Tony1975

    Video Games played in 2019

    Days Gone. It's been getting a lot of poor reviews and I can't see why. Been really enjoying it myself. Only negatives from me are long loading screens and it can be a bit tiresome looking for fuel for your bike. Overall great game that I recommend if into action horror games.
  6. Tony1975

    Films watched in 2019

    Escape Room (2017) I noticed that this had been added recently onto Netflix and by the description I was hoping it would be like the SAW films. Its only a short film but it took about a hour before anything happened and by that time the characters were so unlikable I was past caring. If anybody else had the misfortune to see it can they explain the ending? Who was responsible? Why did they do it? Maybe it's me being dumb lol but I just didn't understand it!
  7. Tony1975

    Big guest announcement wednesday 7pm

    Holly Marie Combs
  8. Tony1975

    TV shows watched in 2019

    I have got the box set as well. Brought back so many great memories and still as great as i remember it being all them many years ago. Enjoy!
  9. My favourite guest announced so far. Her scene 'now who's going to save me?' left a lasting impression on me when I was a youngster!
  10. Met Bernard before. A really nice guy. He was impressed and little surprised I think that I had taken my own 'Carry On Spying' photo with me to get signed.
  11. Tony1975

    Latest Guest Announcement - APRIL TATRO

    Nice guest announcement. I remember this episode. It was a pilot for a spin off series which sadly didn't happen.
  12. Tony1975

    Video Games played in 2019

    I have gone back to Spider-Man on the PS4 and am working my way through the DLC. Recently finished the story with Black Cat (she needs to be in a Marvel film!) and enjoyed it. Look forward to moving onto to the next story with Hammerhead!
  13. Tony1975

    TV shows watched in 2019

    American Horror Story: Murder House. I have been working my way through the seasons but not in order Asylum (my fave so far), Freak Show and Roanoke. I enjoyed this one but thought it was the weakest out of the ones I have seen so far. Kept me entertained. Look forward to catching up with the other seasons!
  14. Tony1975

    London Comic Con Winter

    SM replied to a Facebook post about this event saying that it would be easier to get guests because of it being Winter. I guess they mean because of the mid season break that a lot of the American tv shows have. I look forward to seeing who they manage to get