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  1. Guest Suggestions

    Dwight Schultz has said he would be interested in doing an UK convention if he were invited ...
  2. Guest Suggestions

    Would love it if SM got the Batman and Munsters cast!
  3. Films watched in 2018

    Tomb Raider 2018. I thought it was ok. Alicia Vikander was the perfect choice as Lara and there were some great action scenes. I however found it very disappointing about the amount of differences between the game and film. Why can't video game movies stick to the same story as the game they are supposed to be based on!?!
  4. Latest Guest Announcement - MICHAEL OWEN

    Look forward to meeting him! Just got to try and forget that he played for Man Utd!
  5. Who are you meeting?

    Well being a Liverpool FC fan it's got to be Robbie Fowler, Kevin Keegan and Michael Owen.
  6. Latest Guest Announcement - ROBBIE FOWLER

    One of my all time favourite Liverpool players. I wasn't planning on going to Collectormania but I am now!
  7. Latest Guest Announcement - STEVEN OGG

    Great guest but I have met him before. SM are a spoiler for what's coming up on TWD as it generally means that the character is going to be killed off!
  8. Films watched in 2018

    Planning on watching this next week! I am a fan of the games but have read mixed reviews for the film.
  9. Films watched in 2018

    Yeah I thought the same. The first one is much funnier!
  10. Autographs aquired in 2018

    Michael Rooker Nolan North Troy Baker
  11. Posted today on Facebook - Have you recovered from all our guest announcements yesterday? Well we are not done yet! At 2pm on Wednesday we will be bringing your more information about our sports guests at Collectormania: Film & Comic Con Birmingham. We are a ‘soccer’ for a pun, so we can’t wait to ‘hit you’ with the announcements and ‘muscle’ in on the excitement. By the clues I guess it will be football (Liverpool FC please!), boxing and wrestling (Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart would be great!).
  12. Guest Suggestions

    Cameron Diaz has reportedly 'retired from acting'. Now would be a great time to try and invite her. I am sure she would be a very popular diamond guest!
  13. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Video game voice actors and actresses seem to be very popular just lately. I think SM are missing the boat by not having any at their events.
  14. Superheroes guests

    Any of the main cast from - Supergirl Luke Cage Jessica Jones Black Lightning
  15. Who are you meeting!?

    To be honest there are no guests of interest for me this year so far.