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  1. Tony1975

    London Comic Con Winter

    SM replied to a Facebook post about this event saying that it would be easier to get guests because of it being Winter. I guess they mean because of the mid season break that a lot of the American tv shows have. I look forward to seeing who they manage to get
  2. Tony1975

    Films watched in 2019

    Fighting With My Family. Being a massive wrestling fan like forever I was really looking forward to finally getting round to watching this. And it didn't disappoint! Great performances from all the cast. Funny, emotional and great portrayal of the wrestling business. Being a WWE fan I could spot some flaws with the story, particularly the match with AJ Lee. However this didn't spoil the film for me. Great entertainment!
  3. Tony1975

    Latest Guest Announcement - KARYN PARSONS

    That's great to hear! Always nice when a guest takes an interest and asks questions. Hopefully she may come back to another event soon.
  4. Tony1975

    Latest Guest Announcement - KARYN PARSONS

    Just wondering if anyone met Karyn? How was she? Did she have any Fresh Prince stories to tell?
  5. Tony1975

    Luke Perry R.I.P.

    Sad news. I grew up watching him and the rest of the gang on Beverly Hills 90210. RIP
  6. Tony1975

    Films watched in 2019

    Happy Death Day 2U. I enjoyed the first one but this ... oh dear! Was it supposed to be a comedy?, sci-fi?, family drama? It tried to be all of them unfortunately and ended up being a mess. Very little in the way of horror and the killer reveal just felt like it had been tacked onto the end. Shame because the film had got all the main cast back but they were let down by a poor script.
  7. Tony1975

    Video Games played in 2019

    The demo was on the PlayStation Store before but I have just had a look and its not there anymore.
  8. Hoping for a few big name WWE legends. Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels would be amazing!
  9. Tony1975

    Guest Suggestions

    Because you have Shatner how about a T J Hooker reunion? - Adrian Zmed and Heather Locklear
  10. Tony1975

    Films watched in 2019

    Really liked the first one so will give this a try
  11. Tony1975

    Guest Suggestions

    Hoping that Alfonso Ribeiro gets announced to add to Karyn and Joesph. I know that SM don't say which guests they have approached but it makes sense that they will have already done so. He is arguably the most recognisable character after Will Smith in The Fresh Prince.
  12. Tony1975

    Video Games played in 2019

    Capcom have done a great job in honouring the originals but at the same time updating it for the new generation. The 30 minute demo is available to download. I recommend giving it a go if you haven't already.
  13. Tony1975

    Video Games played in 2019

    Well this topic went down like a lead ballon lol. Surprised as I thought there would be more gamers on the forum. Anyway for what it's worth I downloaded 'Ghost Survivors' dlc for Resi Evil 2 earlier so looking forward to playing that. Also got Trials Rising on pre order. Loved the previous game and this one is looking to be just as much fun!
  14. Tony1975

    Guest suggestions for DST 2019

    Gary Lockwood and Sally Kellerman. They were guest stars from 'Where No Man Has Gone Before'. Love this episode and it would be great to meet them both. Also adding my support for Dwight Schultz! But for me it would be because I am a fan of The A-Team!