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  1. Who would like to see some AHS guests at the Con? Sarah Paulson Jessica Lange Evan Peters Kathy Bates Finn Wittrock Lily Rabe Taissa Farmiga Emma Roberts Denis O'Hare Just for starters!
  2. I agree with john.bttf - you should be able to share the activity so long as you don't try to get 2 of everything!
  3. Surely if you buy it then it's yours to do what you like with? I don't mean selling it on for a profit or anything but if you want to share with your partner/friend then that should be allowed! Don't be so miserable about things - it's meant to be fun! 😁👌
  4. I use an e-cig with coffee flavour liquid in it. My other half can smell it and smokes normal cigarettes, so it must smell! Personally, I treat my e-cig like normal cigs and don't use it indoors, in queues or anywhere else likely to cause offence. Will end by saying - I really didn't notice anyone smoking anything in the queues on Sunday! Was probably concentrating on getting in more than anything else! 😃😍
  5. Sigourney Weaver as I didn't get her autograph this time, photo shoot only!😢
  6. Why are e cigs awful? Just interested? Surely better than nicotine blowing on your face/direction?
  7. Lena Headey Jamie Lee Curtis Bette Midler Michelle Pfeiffer Johnny Depp Arnold Swarzenegger Sylvester Stallone Liam Neeson Vin Deisel George Clooney Diane Keaton Sarah Jessica Parker Kathy Najimy Emilia Clarke Kit Harrington Nikolai Coster Waldau Goldie Hawn Kurt Russell To name but a few!!!😃😍😘😜😻👏
  8. Sigourney Weaver for me! Very friendly, nice lady! Money well spent on 20 seconds!
  9. 1 photo shoot - Sigourney a Weaver with Powerliader; 2 autographs - Neve Campbell & Reeve Carney. Got a VT for Sigourney Weaver at 10am - No 326. Decided I had no chance whatsoever so didn't even try! Couldn't stay until the end of the day to see if I would get lucky! Shame, but maybe someone will sell their signed photo on eBay! Had a great day never the less. Thanks SM!
  10. Has anyone met Sigourney yet? If so, what was she like? I' m having her photo shoot tomorrow and just wondered? Thanks.
  11. I've bought a ticket for my God son and my name is on it. I take circumstances such as these are acceptable due to him being a child? I don't want him turned away from his phot shoot!
  12. I don't think I've paid the validation fee either! Hope SM email me soon! Don't want to risk being turned away!
  13. BRILLIANT! One of my wishes! Photo shoot with Power Loader booked for Sunday! Can't wait. Will try and get her auto too. Defo makes up for Lena Headey not being there this year! (And doubt she will) Until Sigourney was announced, I'd decided not to go this Summer, but this quickly changed my mind - no brainier really! YIPPEE!!!!!!!
  14. Oh yes! I'd pay anything for that! Absolutely! Meantime, I'd be happy for an announcement that Lena is attending!:-)
  15. Lena Headey is my main want. I REALLY hope she does come back!
  16. SM have just tweeted Jabba The Hut at Belfast FCC! Maybe that's the "something big" coming to LFCC 2015?
  17. SM have just tweeted Jabba The Hut at Belfast FCC! Maybe that's the "something big" coming to LFCC 2015?
  18. Me too! Unfortunately I missed the postman but got a card through the door to collect from the Post Office! Haven 'tbordered anything else do it must be them! Now all we need are some Guest announcements!
  19. Second that 100% - Lena's lovely and would love to meet her again! :-)
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