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  1. Having done a show without a gold pass - I'll only ever go back to standard if the number of guests I want to see is under 10.
  2. A good visually stunning movie. Nice way to introduce Dr. S to the MCU and seeing as Feige says he's going to play a major role in phase 4, glad they started on the right foot.
  3. Agreed! Loving it and there's so many directions they could go in. Casting is spot on so far.
  4. On the flip side our ATM at work started dispensing them but the car park machines don't and won't be taking them so it's caused a bit of a kerfuffle!!
  5. Kinda lost interest through season 3 - When I started watching season 4 I had forgotten most of what came before and well, never really felt the need to continue past 2 episodes... Just didn't grab me really but I hung in there for 3 seasons.
  6. I'll just get the digital version and be content in my fence sitting.
  7. "Your post is important to us, as soon as a moderator becomes available (or catches that Charzard) they will reply to you and the other 17 people who asked the same thing but haven't taken the time to read the previous 7 pages. Have a nice day and thank you for choosing Showmasters." Auto reply for most threads come June and July.
  8. Yes. I will take pretatos for next year. Fixed it for you...
  9. This time last week I was getting ready for bed as I had an early start on the Saturday for the con'. Tonight it's an early night as I have an 0500 start for work in the morning... Same old, same old!
  10. I miss it for sure, my feet on the other hand don't...
  11. Make it a prop shoot and I think you're on the money!
  12. Pretty sure I saw her dragging Tobin Bell away with a huge grin on her faceHe will be missed. I think she said something about wanting to play a game! Didn't catch all of it due to the background noise, sorry!!
  13. Updated my flickr - link in my sig. Great photos everyone - looks like a lot of happy faces to me!!
  14. Wow - one of the photos already has 540 votes!!
  15. Same - a guaranteed purchase for me next time she's announced. Along with the Maesters !!
  16. Showmasters don't tell a guest to stop personalising, that decision is generally with the guest and their team. Sorry Stuart but I was specifically told by the pit boss at Jeremy's area that it was entirely their decision to stop the personalising so that he could get through more autos! Which I completely understand and agreed with, I joined the queue and got my 12x8 marvel print signed. Not to worry though as I got a low VQ on the Sunday and got my photo personalised then. Thought maybe I might not even get a autograph from him this weekend but ended up getting both, that's how well run his area was - they knew when to speed things up and when to slow things down by altering the personalisations.
  17. I was on the fence with getting Famke right up to the schedule being done - then Ron cancelled and I had time and money to burn so went for her shoot. Really glad I did, got a nice shoot and all the autos I was after.
  18. Absolute gent and true professional - Meeting him has only increased my respect for him.
  19. The voucher was valid but only for Showmasters prop shoots. The Delorian and the Dredd bike were run by outside companies / people and as such wouldn't have been compensated by Showmasters for those vouchers. Maybe SM should have been more specific, though having had the Delorian shoot at Brighton it's not up to snuff as I was only given a small photo standard camera size photo and not the 6x9s that Showmasters use.
  20. Ohhhhhh this is going to be interesting!!!
  21. I haven't had any issues since the update - might be a local thing?
  22. My 2p: I had a cracking time and the best LFCC I've had in many a year, though that may have something to do with the fact I wasn't rushing around like a mad Russian trying to get too much done. Thus I got to spend more time with friendly faces and chat more, take in the ambiance more and not wear out my shoes as much. Though the dogs were barking by the time I got home on Sunday!! The photo sessions were well managed from my experience and there was plenty of space. All on one floor works and this shouldn't be altered in my view - distance wise seems OK though I did see a massive bottleneck at D but didn't have any shoots there to experience it myself. As always the crews were friendly and spirited - apart from lens flare on almost all of my pictures, they turned out cracking (apart from Mad's one but that's my fault for half blinking and not having the balls to speak up about it...I know I could have but was kinda star stuck and it's only a small thing anyway!!) Autographs went well and I got everything I needed and more, even queuing twice for Jeremy Renner's so I could get my photo personalised on the Sunday morning. I had no diamond passes and with VQs got all 5 of the diamond guests to sign multiple items I was after, I didn't think I would get them all to be honest.) I would suggest that next time, move displays like the 'Suicide Squad' (which was awesome and a real coup') to the talk hall. Wall off the back so people can't look in (though this may have been a fire safety issue,) so people can visit it and not get a free talk at the same time. This then frees up the middle ground of the autograph hall to spread out the lines a lot more as this seems to have been the major issue. Saturday's temperatures were exacerbated simply by the mass of bodies in that smallish area and if there had been a fire or accident, they would have made either evacuating or getting medical attention to a specific point more difficult. Spread out the crowds by spreading out the guests and everyone benefits. Having the stalls all on the ground floor helped too I think and speaking to the Galloway fudge people they seemed happy too, even bought two stalls this year to maximise their availability - It gives a good area to wander when in between shoots away from the hubbub of the auto queues and all that. All in all a cracking weekend and a credit overall to SM. New displays and activities were fun and entertaining, I'm sure Pokemon go helped with the young kids too. So only a few minor issues I feel to perfect for next year and we're onto a winner. Gold pass entry needs to be remembered and the vouchers issues cemented - but those issues I've talked about in the GP thread & of course the only thing that could of made it any better was if you had announced that Chevron was coming back next year!!
  23. If you're holding out hope for exclusives or extra special items then look elsewhere, it is what it is. A bag of goodies, containing promotional material that SM have been given over the centuries. Curios that might not make you jump for joy but give them to a cousin or friends kid and they'll think you're the coolest ever... I got a 'Vote Petrelli' badge that I'm keeping to wear at any future 'Heroes' photo shoots which will give me a kick when I look back at them and the rest will go to good use elsewhere.
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