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  1. General Chat

    Thanks! I don’t have Facebook right now so miss a heap haha.
  2. General Chat

    Ooh really?
  3. General Chat

    I’ve already done that twice this week.
  4. General Chat

    Ahaha aaanyone! Anyone! I need some excitement in my boring life.
  5. General Chat

    It feels like ages ago that we got a guest announcement haha
  6. General Chat

    I don’t even know how to post gifs hahaa
  7. General Chat

    Having a hardcore Saturday and watching the bodyguard.
  8. Parking

    Haha I think a 9/10 hour taxi fair would be a bit much for us.
  9. General Chat

    Sorting though my junk. Found the flyers for lfcc 2009 and 2014. I hate it because I always see people I wish I’d met but didn’t know of at the time haha. Lena heady sob sob.
  10. General Chat

    Downloaded all the Friday the 13th films on sky to watch. Shame 1 and 6 aren’t there though.
  11. General Chat

    Hahaha we did the crazy overnight drive after working all day for dormer.
  12. General Chat

    Any time. Any day. Anywhere.
  13. Guest Suggestions

    Joe Dempsey.
  14. General Chat

    Where’s gendry at ? He’s good at rowing.
  15. General Chat

    Hahaha. I used to go with my ex and it was always a horrible experience. I went for the convention and not the company. Wasn’t allowed to properly interact with the other con goers etc. I won’t say much more as he used to be active on this forum but people used to message me after and ask why I was so nice to them on here and on Facebook but then didn’t talk to them at the con. Now it’s like a whole different experience. I’ve been going to lfcc for years and the last two years have been my best. One I went alone and one I went with my current partner. Life story for you there. Haha.