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  1. An hour and a half to gooo.
  2. Latest Guest Announcement - NOEL CLARKE

    Do it! Two of my fav films!
  3. Guest Suggestions

    Since he cancelled Cm can we get Charles dance please haha.
  4. Latest Guest Announcement - NOEL CLARKE

    I loveeee kidulthood and adulthood. Yay.
  5. First convention pregnant. Hallpp.

    ITd be a story to tell the kids for sure. Haha.
  6. First convention pregnant. Hallpp.

    Thank you so much I didn’t even think about the Organization aspect and I have literally had the worst brain so that’s a massive help! I hope I don’t have the grump that day. Hahahahaha.
  7. I’m going to be about 26 weeks pregnant at lfcc this year. Ive been to a million conventions but never been to one pregnant. PLEASE mamas. Send me some survival tips?
  8. Guest Announcement - Friday 7pm

    I think you should just do it today instead.
  9. Guest Announcement - Friday 7pm

    Is itttt Bianca del Rio?
  10. General Chat

    Thanks! I don’t have Facebook right now so miss a heap haha.
  11. General Chat

    Ooh really?
  12. General Chat

    I’ve already done that twice this week.
  13. General Chat

    Ahaha aaanyone! Anyone! I need some excitement in my boring life.
  14. General Chat

    It feels like ages ago that we got a guest announcement haha
  15. General Chat

    I don’t even know how to post gifs hahaa