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  1. Pilou Asbaek Appreciation Thread

    Awww I remember that! Oh wow he must be haha. Unfortunately we won't be in Glasgow. Wish we were but lfcc was already pushing it this year haha. Joe loved it though so we'll definitely be doing more. And he drives so we can make more. Woo.
  2. Pilou Asbaek Appreciation Thread

    Yes! I thought it was you when we came in and I'd have said hello but you know when you aren't one hundred per cent sure haha? So apologies because I'd have definitely said heyy
  3. Pilou Asbaek Appreciation Thread

    Thank you haha! BTW if I'm right you're Scott's mum? Or I might be entirely wrong and if I apologise haha x
  4. What do you do with you're photos?

    Mine are in a folder. I have too many to display. It's nice to take it out every now and again and go through it haha.
  5. Natalie Dormer Appreciation :)

    We did our two day eighteen hour round trip for dormer especially so was so glad she was worth it. Lovely lady. And so bonnie.
  6. Who did everyone meet?

    Daniel Portman. Gemma whelan. Natalie dormer and pilau asbaek. Oh and Steven yeun
  7. Feedback - Saturday problems and other things

    Only real issue for me was how hectic area a was for photos. You had people everywhere and could barely hear what the crew were shouting re batches etc. But it wasn't day ruiningly bad. Just a bit stressful at the time.
  8. I'd be down with that. You'd know where you needed to be then and not have to guess haha.
  9. Well. Saturday! It was my partners first lfcc and first ever convention so an exciting time. We initially had everything booked and then decided we couldn't afford it so cancelled hotels etc. Then Thursday night decided know what? We are doing this. Booked last minute photo shoots and after work on Friday we came down. So Friday at 6pm we set off to London from Aberdeen! Stopped at a service station or two for naps and arrived at olympia for 9am. Then we set off back to Aberdeen at 6pm on Saturday and got back at about 8am today. Absolutely crazy but absolutely worth it. Massive thanks to gemma whelan for letting us take a photo with her when we told her. We were going to get an op but they had sold out. She tweeted this morning saying she had been worrying about us getting home bless her. Such a gem! My partner has definitely got the bug now and I'm so happy because conventions are such a big part of my life. Only wish we hadn't cancelled everything and were able to come Friday to Sunday as originally planned. However, we got the ops we wanted aside Portman and whelan but we met both the last two and yeah. Perfect.
  10. Dates for 2018

    Ah I didn't see any! Thank you. Hotel is booked.
  11. Dates for 2018

    Do we have them yet? I want to get a hotel etc booked.
  12. Pilou Asbaek Appreciation Thread

    He is awfully handsome isn't he!
  13. Pilou Asbaek Appreciation Thread

    He stole my man.
  14. The Chat Thread

    Booked our hotel and entry tickets. Phew. Its my partners first convention haha. So much stress, I feel like everything has to be perfect for him. It's also his first time in London! Doing Saturday and Sunday this year as apposed to Friday and Saturday so I can show him London on the Friday.
  15. Guest Suggestions

    Game of thrones american horror story walking dead buffy anyone from those would be baaaaaang tidy :)