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  1. touchthesky

    Halp. I’m an idiot.

    I dunno I side type in bed and it goes wrong constantly! I just don’t learn but it’s not usually an issue haha.
  2. touchthesky

    Halp. I’m an idiot.

    Hahaha. He noticed when he was printing them off at work and he said Vicki. Hotdog. Really? How? Hahaha. It’s a Danny sharago (spelling??) op. Soo if you’re manning that tomorrow. Look out for hotdog.
  3. touchthesky

    Latest Guest Announcement - NICK CASTLE

    I’ve got pregnancy related spd. I can barely walk let alone rush for a vq ticket tomorrow. I’ve got no chance. Gutted.
  4. touchthesky

    Halp. I’m an idiot.

    Hahaha. Sure he’d love me for that! He’s gonna hate me when he wakes up hahaha. He’ll be affronted handing that ticket over. Had to be one of his and not mine.
  5. touchthesky

    Halp. I’m an idiot.

    Thanks! I don’t think they’ve ever wanted Id or anything before so I assumed it’d be okay. And I also doubt I’m the only numpty this has ever happened too! Thats what I get for ordering ops at 1am the night before I guess.
  6. Autocorrect changed my boyfriends name from Joseph to hotdog on one of our photo op tickets and I didn’t notice. Lmao. So we have a photo op for a “Hotdog Brown” major facepalm he will still be ok using it right? They just like the QR code? Feel a right bosom lmao.
  7. touchthesky

    LFCC 2018 Schedule - UPDATED 26/7

    Weeeee. So. We have Yalc tickets so won’t be in the main hall until later. So we wouldn’t be able to get to the am iwan or Tony Robinson photos should our number be included. Can we just rock up to the PM one instead?
  8. An hour and a half to gooo.
  9. touchthesky

    Latest Guest Announcement - NOEL CLARKE

    Do it! Two of my fav films!
  10. touchthesky

    Guest Suggestions

    Since he cancelled Cm can we get Charles dance please haha.
  11. touchthesky

    Latest Guest Announcement - NOEL CLARKE

    I loveeee kidulthood and adulthood. Yay.
  12. touchthesky

    First convention pregnant. Hallpp.

    ITd be a story to tell the kids for sure. Haha.
  13. touchthesky

    First convention pregnant. Hallpp.

    Thank you so much I didn’t even think about the Organization aspect and I have literally had the worst brain so that’s a massive help! I hope I don’t have the grump that day. Hahahahaha.
  14. I’m going to be about 26 weeks pregnant at lfcc this year. Ive been to a million conventions but never been to one pregnant. PLEASE mamas. Send me some survival tips?
  15. touchthesky

    Guest Announcement - Friday 7pm

    I think you should just do it today instead.