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  1. pretenama2012

    The “Thank You” Thread

    Unfortunately I do not have everyone's name that I'd like to thank. The photoshoot areas were generally managed well by hardworking blue and red shirts. I had many shoots over the weekend with a lot to juggle. Ben & Kiel (I hope I spelt that right) were particularly helpful and managed the photoshoots incredibly well. Ben helped me manage my clashes on Sunday, Thanks for the advice - I followed it and got everything done. Hope to see you again next time.
  2. pretenama2012

    Pass Pickup Times

    Absolutely, Thanks. I'll have cards on me.
  3. pretenama2012

    Pass Pickup Times

    Thanks, usually they just scan your printed ticket and that is it. No ID is needed.
  4. pretenama2012

    Pass Pickup Times

    There is some talk on here regarding photo ID needed to pick up Diamond Passes on Thursday. What about 3 Day passes? Surely the ticket print out is enough. It usually is. Can someone please confirm?
  5. pretenama2012


    Why does my photoshoot ticket say Motorpoint Arena? I thought the event was at Olympia. Hoping this is a print error! Slight panic
  6. pretenama2012

    No Batch Number on my Photoshoot ticket

    Thank you very much for.
  7. pretenama2012


    I hope they'll be Twin Peaks photos available.
  8. Hi, I bought a Paige Turco Photoshoot the night she was announced. There is no Batch Number on my ticket. Can I take it as being Batch 1? I assume she will have more than one batch. Thanks.
  9. pretenama2012

    Is there still a September event?

    Hi, is there still a September event at Westminster? Thanks
  10. pretenama2012

    Digital Photos

    When do digital Photoshoots go on sale? Thanks
  11. pretenama2012

    Guest Suggestions

    It's been a bit quiet around here lately. Time for a new guest or two. A big Star Wars guest would be good!
  12. pretenama2012

    Latest Guest Announcement - MILTON JOHNS

    I have seen Milton a few times over the years, he is a great guy. However I have struggled to find a non-blurry, clear photo of him from The Empire Strikes Back. The best I've come across are ok screen grabs but these tend to be on the dark side. No pun intended! If anyone can point me in the right direction of where I can get one I would much appreciate it.
  13. pretenama2012

    Big Guest Announcement - Wednesday 7pm

    What about David McCallum or Ian Holm?
  14. pretenama2012

    Latest Guest Announcement - VALENE KANE

    Thanks! I'll check again next week.
  15. pretenama2012

    Guest Suggestions

    Star Wars Prequels UK First Timer/ Main Cast Member Star Wars TFA/TLJ UK First Timer/ Main Cast Member Star Wars Rogue One UK First Timer/ Main Cast Member Smallville Cast Original 'V' Cast Arrow/ The Flash/ Legends/ Supergirl Cast Lost Cast