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  1. Latest Guest Announcement - KATE DICKIE

    she's only there on the sunday. i just asked her via Twitter.
  2. Latest Guest Announcement - KATE DICKIE

    love Kate. nobody friendlier in showbiz. an absolute delight to meet.
  3. Latest Guest Announcement - Terry Farrell

    never tire of meeting her. lovely lady, obviously enjoys meeting the fans as much as we love meeting her. genuine sweet and super friendly.
  4. Latest Guest Announcement - VLADIMIR FURDIK

    good one . love GOT guests. more please
  5. Guest Suggestions

    George Foreman Oscar De la Hoya any guest from 'Happy Days' or 'The sopranos'
  6. as its sunday only i can't do it. LFCC please if he can get there ( or Birmingham)
  7. Guest Suggestions

    Keanu Reeves Felicity Jones Sam Neill Kate Beckinsale
  8. Guest suggestions.

    Ashley Judd
  9. Guest Suggestions

    Billy Connolly
  10. Guest cancellation - Charlotte Hope

    my only reason for attending. glad i waited until todays pay day to see if it was worth traveling. its not worth planning ahead with these smaller shows because of the line ups and cancelations. at least i didn't fork out for a train ticket.
  11. any guests?

    Good luck with the new event. Nice to see showmasters going into new areas.I travel to london but i know many people who just won't or can't go to london for many reasons.Not tempted to come to Doncaster ae the moment if theres no guests for autographs. obviously you can't mention any individual names you might be talking too but with the event just a couple of weeks away will there be anybody there? some of us have to book time off work or its better on trains to book in advance. same too for Cheshunt event. I know its only a small event but its needs somebody of interest as the stall holders are usually the same people again and again.
  12. General impression on Saturday.

    It was o.k but not really enough to do. Took 40 minutes to do the one guest i needed and then browse a couple of stalls i was interested in. And that was it. I should have known better but never been to Sheffield before and thought it would be a little busier.I also had food and drink they tried to take off me. Absolutely nothing to do with security despite their daft claims. Its simply to force people to buy their overpriced food within the venue. Nobody is fooled by these sort of claims any more.Most venues don't enforce these rules even if they have it in black and white on their website , as they know it causes ill will .Normally i don't take food to venues as i use local shops like the ones outside the Olympia but i didn't know the sheffield area so took my own to save time.None of these security people ( if you can even call them that) have the knowledge on how to spot something thats possibly dangerous due to a lack of proper training and half hearted bag searches. On my way home i realised in the smaller bag i still had some of my work stuff in the bag from the previous day including a knife i use for cutting cardboard.I came out in a rush as i got up late.The woman who checked my bags didn't bother with the smaller one ( missing the knife) and the larger bag has a false bottom and some side pockets none of which were checked ( because she wanted to make a big thing about no food which was placed on top of my big bag) making the whole thing completely pointless and just a gesture.They missed the knife but got the sausage roll! obviously the food and drink thing not an issue for showmasters ( or the venues poor token security) as you just hire the venue and no control over the local staff but showmasters could pass on peoples complaints. If the venue risk losing a booking over bad feedback they might change their greed. If other venues like Olympia and the NEC can do it when they are so much busier then they can too.These venues have no outside food and drink on their website too but they seem to accept its not really enforceable so they ignore it and use a bit of common sense.Anyway i just stepped aside in Sheffield and ate my food in front of them.