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  1. Mods/Showmasters people :) Could you help please? Would love to meet Sam Neill on Saturday but his photo shoot is late & I've got an early train that's already booked. There's only high batch numbers left...is it worth me buying one & speaking to the pit boss or is it better not to risk it? His photo shoot is the last one of the day. Thanks for any help :)
  2. Poppy

    How did you all find today?

    So very happy to have Collectormania back. Very well set out and lots of space which was ace. Photo shoots really well organised. Staff great - The lovely man who helped me at the end of Carlos Valdes queue deserves a special mention. Thrilled with my photos. Fantastic guests. Loved it being in Birmingham :)
  3. Poppy

    Security Update

    Absolutely loved the event. Cannot say enough good things at all... But in regards to security it was very lax. I got there early to join the queue for standard entry on Saturday and was probably about 100/150 in the queue. When the doors opened at 11am we went straight in. I had 2 bags. ..both small but still neither was checked and I didn't see a single person in front of me stopped. Someone in front of me had a huge suitcase. As I said event was amazing and had a great day. ..but in this climate everyone was expecting to be searched and I would have been happier if I had been!
  4. Absolutely gutted. I won't be able to ever go to events in Brighton. Much too far. Much too expensive (being the main thing). Only been to Brighton once in my adult life and although I loved it, the train journey and the cost of the train journey was just too much (talking not far from £100!). If the events are moving away from London to Manchester and Brighton, this pretty much cancels them out for me. Shows are only going to get bigger and bigger, and that sounds like they may eventually move away from London altogether. Unless they move to the Midlands (which is very unlikely) - this will cancel out these type of events for me altogether. See it as only a negative pathway. Also splitting guests over three events may work in regards to capacity but it also means chances are the guests you want could be at another event - whereas before we knew London was a good bet. Also concerned about Collectormania - hope this won't stop altogether.
  5. Poppy

    Harry Potter: The End of Days

    Think it would be amazing....would definitely go. The cast list is endless and could imagine that say Evanna Lynch would be a possibility of someone who would like to get involved etc! Imagine there would have to be approval from both WB and the incredible JK Rowling though, which makes it tricky and I guessing why there has never been one before? There must be a reason why as its one of the most popular and enduring franchises. A fantastic idea, would love to see this happen.... :)
  6. Poppy

    Winter Collectormania?

    Anyone know when dates for Collectormania next year will be confirmed? There is already a forum for LFACC Summer up but no mention of Collectormania 2016 at all?
  7. This is in no way different to how guests are booked now so will make no difference. All guests who are booked to appear can and do cancel when work arises, irrespective of what it is. It's partially irrelevant if they have to go to SDCC because it could be anything they need to go and do if the situation calls for it, a big press interview, a film festival, reshoots ect. Even if SDCC was on the weekend before or after the guest may still have to cancel as it's possible the schedule would require them to be there a few days before or after and they might not be able to make it back/over in time. It's SM's decision when to run the event and who to get. If they have shot themselves in the foot having it on the same weekend and can't get many guests/or people don't go it's their issue and they will learn from it. It's fine to express concern but why don't we all wait to see what happens. They aren't stupid and have been doing this for a long time. ************************************************************************************************************************* Agree completely that SM know what they are doing - but if they can't get many people/guests they may learn from it - but as we know tickets sell out quickly and are likely to sell out before guests are confirmed this year (as everyone is aware of how quickly they suddenly went for 2015), so if they cannot get guests then it will directly affect us the consumer as we would have already brought tickets. I am certainly planning to buy my tickets the minute they go on sale - there is no refunds, so if they cannot get major guests or guests we are interested in due to the clash - there is no returns on tickets, so it is very much the fans issue too..... Personally, I am not sure what I 100% think about this clash, but my gut feeling is it's only negative results not positive.....
  8. 1) Daniel Radcliffe OR Friends cast reunion 2) Other 80s stars - Winona Ryder, Eric Stoltz, Andrew McCarthy, Ally Sheedy, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald etc etc etc 3) Hayden Christensen (can't see this happening) 4) oscar Isaac - before he becomes too famous! 5) Kit Harrington - just becausep I can't see anything beating MJF.....but JK Rowling (not v likely I know) may be a consideration to do it all for her chatity/foundation! Personally I would love a Roswell cast reunion!
  9. Camped out for Pirates of the Carribean premiere and Potter....Pirates was worth it, got everyone but Potter was always so hard and never did well. I've waited quite a few times (more than I could count) for premieres...normally from 10.30am-till it starts at 7.30pm. I couldn't do it now! I am glad I stopped before it got impossible. I was in London before the last Hunger Games premiere to watch a show and there were people camping Sat afternoon for the Hunger Games premiere on the Monday!
  10. Poppy

    Winter Collectormania?

    Only just realised this....missed last CM as couldn't make the date. ..this will be the first year since CM4 that I haven't attended a Collectormania! Im actually really sad about that!! Always done 1 a year, both if possible...Hopefully I can make the next CM kn 2016!
  11. I second this. I would especially like to meet Courtney Cox and Skeet Ulrich. Yes yes yes, this would be amazing...imagine that group shot! Ive seen photoshoot with Neve and Skeet before! This is a great idea!
  12. I got Michael Gambon without a diamond pass, thanks to help from my lovely friends :)
  13. I get 2 (if I can) sometimes there are 2 films or tv shows I like, sometimes I get one as a gift/surprise for a friend and the main reason is sometimes I want one to frame and one to put away safe! (I know I know but I worry about them on the wall, even with borders and out of direct sunlight....the only one I have on my wall which is a single one is Leonardo DiCaprio and thats coz I tried so many times, so one is fine!) For Noah Wyle I was definitely going to get 2! Is the limit 5 now? Maybe it could be reduced to 3? Def not 1 though as others have said that is too restrictive
  14. Poppy

    Random Acts of kindness...

    Thank you to the very kind lady in MJF photo queue who gave me some of her water! I was absolutely gutted I had left my water on the table in MG photoshoot and that was a long wait without water! It was do hot! That was really kind of you, hope your photo came out well (you went in long before me as you were GP) :)
  15. its so not a class thing many people that have diamond passes have put everything they can into the ticket and the weekend i know this for shore , Dimond passes are people that want to be guaranteed to get what they have wanted for a very long time and are happy to help make it posable for it to happen for the show and for themselves , it is totally nothing to do with class or money , gold also are big collectors and some spend there money on these passes and autographs instead of a holiday as thats what they prefer , again is not a class thing or a money thing , we look out for all fans out there and that goes to the hart of what we are here at showmasters and is our ethos not everyone here is well off or has always had money so we look out and do the best we can for the masses not the few , but it has to be fare for everyone and diamonds and golds to help us give things away to everyone to enjoy jason I understand completely the need for different passes. My post was in no way a swipe at Showmasters (as I said in the above quotet) but just a general feeling I had got from some posts on here. We are all fans, all in it together. The amount of money a standard ticket holder spends is still alot and they still deserve to have as good a time as everyone else . I think that was being missed in some cases/opinions thats all. :)