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  1. The films you've seen, in 2017

    Spider-Man 3
  2. Do toploaders damage autographs

    What I do is scan the auto in, get it printed and frame that. Then I store away the originals :)
  3. Missi Pyle Appeciation Thread

    Such a lovely lady! She took an interest in my tattoos asking about each of them, wrote some lovely stuff on my auto that I've got as a surprise for a family members birthday, and even asked if I wanted a posed photo! She needs to come back to every LFCC! I still have so much to talk to her about!
  4. Who did everyone meet?

    Dean Cain (GA for him on Saturday) Missi Pyle Alyson Hannigan Natalie Dormer Pamela Anderson Tom Wilson Richard Dean Anderson
  5. Missing Comicon

    Post con blues have kicked in big time!
  6. Natalie Dormer Appreciation :)

    She is sooo lovely
  7. Post your lfcc pics here!

    Flickr and Tinypic
  8. Jennifer Connelly and Toby Froud.

    Would love to meet Jennifer for Requiem for a Dream!
  9. Who are you seeing?

    Unless anyone else is announced, Photoshoots with: Alyson Hannigan Missi Pyle Natalie Dormer Pamela Anderson
  10. The films you've seen, in 2017

  11. Calling all funko collectors

    Another Funko to add to the list: John Carroll Lynch - Twisty The Clown (American Horror Story Freakshow) I'll be getting this signed
  12. Such an awesome guest!!
  13. Big Guest Announcement- Friday 7pm

    RIP me if it's Krysten Ritter
  14. The films you've seen, in 2017

    Spider-Man: Homecoming - Soooo good!
  15. Big Guest Announcement- Friday 7pm

    Benedict Wong? :)