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  1. He is a nice person. I went to Glasgow in June and bought a jumper with the city name for me and my goddaughter who wore it the Friday at LFCC. When we greeted him at the table, I made him notice her jumper, he smiled and said "oh great" (@ChloeLou Out of subject but I love your profil pic with Natalie )
  2. Guest Suggestions

    David Bradley and Harry Melling would be cool as they cancel both C24. I'd love to see Finn back, had a great memory of this convention with him in 2015. Would be nice to see him with Jessica after "The defenders" release.
  3. I follow for Peter Dinklage. I missed him at LFCC 2013.
  4. Finn Jones Appreciation! :)

    I've met Finn years ago and always been lovely to see him. My 1st convention with him was at LFCC in 2013 and he recognized me after seeing me only once. After he came to an event to my country where I was with my goddaughter (she was 7) who literrally flashed on him. She wanted to see him again for her 1st trip in London but he canceled last year. So that year, she was looking forward to see him again and I was like "he will remember me?" because he sees an amount people (he has really a good memory) and I did not meet him since more one year but when he saw me the Friday, he greeted me by my name. He did not made the link with my goddaughter in seeing the child near to me until I told him her name and he smiled in saying "Oh, how you grew up!" (now she is 11). The Saturday morning, I went to see him, he asked me where was my goddaughter calling her by name (she was just going the afternoon) and when he saw my diamond pass, he said "Yes!" looking happy. He is a nice and friendly guy and when he has not queue, he is really talkative too. He also has been a sweetheart with the child. I wish next time he is at a convention with Natalie Dormer, there will be a duo shoot with both of them. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But honestly, I think the whole "Iron Fist" cast was great. I did not meet Wai Ching Ho opposite to her castmates who are nice all of them but she looks lovely at the talk and a friend who took a photoshoot with her told me it worths to meet her, it will be for the next time
  5. I kept a rough Diary at LFCC

    Nice to read :) I agree about the Diamond pass, went on Thursday where I just get my badge for Finn Jones and I've been a bit surprised to have to queue on Saturday for getting the rest. (It was my first time as a diamond pass, maybe I missed an information about to queue twice though) I did not attend the GoT talk and screening so don't know why you have this opinion about Daniel but he is a nice guy. I'd advice you to pay a hello at his table once, maybe at a convention less busy than LFCC because he is popular and do not have the time really to chat, after we cannot please to everyone Otherwise, I'm a bit surprised for the "no personnalisation" for Natalie Dormer. Met her before leaving the show on Saturday and a girl who was at the autograph table asked me my name.
  6. Jessica Henwick Appreciation Thread

    Already met Jessica at LFCC before and she is so lovely. And she has a good memory, she remembered me after seeing me only once

    Sad news, RIP
  8. Who did everyone meet?

    I went to the show with my goddaughter (child) and we met: Christien Anholt: autograph for me (Saturday) Danielle Tabor: autograph for me (Saturday) Daniel Portman: photoshoot for both of us (Friday), autograph for me (Saturday) Finn Jones: photoshoot for both of us (Friday), autograph for her (Friday + Saturday). Diamond Pass for me (Saturday) Gemma Whelan: photoshoot for her (Saturday) James & Oliver Phelps: photoshoot for her (Saturday) Jessica Henwick: photoshoot for both of us (Friday), autograph for her (Friday), autograph for me (Saturday) Kristian Nairn: autograph for her (Friday) Natalie Dormer: autograph + photoshoot (Saturday) Pamela Anderson: photoshoot (Saturday) Sacha Dhawan: autograph for her (Friday), autograph for me (Saturday) Zoe Wanaker: autograph for her (Saturday) We also been lucky to have a VQ ticket with a number enough low for getting an autograph of Richard Dean Anderson on Saturday
  9. How much have people spent this year?

    I think only at LFCC, the total is: Friday entry: 18£ Friday child entry: 13£ Saturday entry: 21£ Saturday child entry afternoon: 11£ Diamond pass Finn Jones: 76£ Autographs: 320£ Photoshoots: 280£ Photo props: 5£ I spent more money that the past years
  10. Still to be the same lovely person that I met at the past LFCC, always nice to see him
  11. Who are you seeing?

    Okay and thanks.
  12. Who are you seeing?

    I plan this for autographs: Friday: Christopher Llyod (x2) Pamela Anderson Saturday: Natalie Dormer Richard Dean Anderson Zoe Wanaker Knowing I've not a gold/diamond pass and they shall be really busy guests, have I a chance to get them?
  13. Answers to FAQ

    It seemed you were right because 1 ticket was available few minutes after and I managed to get it and now it's written "sold out". Thanks for the help.
  14. Answers to FAQ

    (Hope it's the good topic to ask) I went to the store and saw that for Daniel Portman the Friday, it's written "unavailable" (a bit surprised while yesterday the Batch 1 and 2 were available). What's the difference between unavailable and sold out?
  15. Too bad, they were on my guestlist