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  1. The opposite of a butterfly by Evanna Lynch. I just got sign it by her In audio book, I'm listening 13 reasons why
  2. Great, I'll complete my Walker, Texas Ranger collection!
  3. Gonna miss the HP actresses (can't be there before 11am ), Tom hopper and Jamie Campbell bower (too late) but it's okay. Hope I could make it for Bella Ramsey
  4. Georgina Leonidas and Alfie Enoch from HP Some cast from the witcher and strangers things
  5. Alfie Allen : VQ's number to high Tara Fitzgerald : Went to see her but she was off to lunch and then had some stuff to do and forgot to be back Tom Felton : Too much people (managed to get an auto from Jason Isaacs instead) Also Ian Whyte and Vladimir Furdik. I'd have liked to get an autograph from Jenna Coleman but lack of time on Sunday, just had her photo.
  6. She is so lovely. Always make an effort to speak a bit French with my goddaughter
  7. Download too, "my agenda" is great to save our own schedule
  8. Anyone can see Daniel Portman on the drafts ? he was on the previous Saturday draft but cant' find him anymore Is it normal that the "Iron Fist" talk with Finn Jones, Jessica Henwick and Sacha Dhawan (second stage) is on the Saturday draft and not on the Sunday one while Sacha is coming only the Sunday according his guest announcement?
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