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  1. It's kind of pointless specifying Newcastle in all of your threads. There are sooooo many factors involved in which event guests do.
  2. I'm hesitant - the gold has no benefit for Diamond guests, and there were few, if any non diamond guests last year that warranted queue jumping abilities.
  3. I think it's privately owned now. Suppose it depends whether the owner can/will make it avaliable.
  4. Is there a list of previous DST guests and /or autograph prices anywhere ? I'm not a Star Trek fan but want to meet several guests for their other work. I'm just curious on the number and quality of guests to expect. I assume I can buy a plain admission ticket and pay per auto like most other SM events?
  5. Nothing strange about it. He was obviously announced in the wrong section and consequently deleted from here. Threads like this just create confusion and uncertainty.
  6. Nobody. I'd like all guests to be £15 with free photo at the desk.
  7. IMDb once claimed that Norman Lovett was to play Davros in Doctor Who. Take all future projects with a pinch of salt.
  8. Well by that logic the Perlman print works out at £20. There has to be a value to the front row talk seat and the guaranteed autos and photo.
  9. Is it necessary for the same person to use all parts of the diamond pass ? For example can I have the photo shoot and talk, and my sister gets the autos ?
  10. Also in Kingdom of Heaven, Dark Shadows and The Golden Compass.
  11. Would definitely go to an event with Coronation Street cast.
  12. Can I be clear ? A gold pass will not apply to diamond guest?
  13. For future reference, it would have been helpful to have known before now that PayPal was being accepted.
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