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  1. With only a week to go till the Glasgow Con, I am really starting to get excited! Looking forward to seeing everyone's amazing cosplays! I've always wanted to do it but haven't yet and won't be able to this year. However, I love getting photos with y'all so hope you don't mind me asking over the weekend There has always been some amazing costumes, what cosplays will we see this year? The line up for guests and talks is amazing this year, thank you Showmasters! What is everyone most excited about? For me, it's probably the Sean Astin and James Marsters Talks, I love these and heari
  2. My favourite guest going is Sean Astin, met him YEARS ago at collectormania in MK and he was so so lovely. Can't wait to meet him again and get a proper photo shoot this time. Also looking forward to meeting Ke Huy Quan, Peter Mayhew and Ray Park for my Goonies and Star Wars fixes And also the lovely James Marsters, met him last year in Brighton but one of my teenage crushes so can't not meet him again. Going to be an amazing and fun weekend! BRING. IT. ON!!
  3. Hope you have a great time in Glasgow! If you have a cosplay bring it, you'll have an amazing time!
  4. Got my tickets booked for both James Marsters and Sean Astin talks...BUZZING! Always far too shy to ask any questions though
  5. I can't wait for this time next week, to meet Peter Mayhew. This is a Star Wars fans dream come true. A hug from Chewbacca himself
  6. I met him in Glasgow and he was lovely. Might be tempted to meet him again!
  7. Hey everyone! Getting very excited for next weekend! I'm wanting to go to the Robert Englund and Doctor Who talks but noticed you can't purchase tickets on eventbrite like you could for LFCC & I was wondering how it worked for Glasgow? Does anybody know? Thanks :)
  8. This is the only guest so far I want to meet at the winter con but he is worth travelling from Glasgow for!
  9. I had reserved Russell Court Hotel for 4 nights but just looked at Hotel 65 & its half the price at £220. For anybody who stayed there this year was it ok?
  10. Billy Dee Williams & Robert Englund (He was amazing at LFCC, can't miss meeting him again!)
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