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  1. Weekend Highlights!

    Tom Wilson was probably the highlight for me. Great guy with a lot of energy and he was so pleasant. I also loved Dean Cain and Michael Rosenbaum. They were just great!
  2. I had a great time at LFCC this weekend, and I was there from pretty much start to finish all three days. Great event and top notch guests. My feedback: Pros/highlights ⁃ Good service from blue and red shirts overall ⁃ Great guests and solid line-up this year. My favs were Dean Cain, Tom Wilson and Michael Rosenbaum. Also good to see rare signers such as Terence Stamp and John Cleese, and an A-lister like Benedict ⁃ It was easy to get a vq slip, and I managed autos even with some high numbers ⁃ Good layout - with guests and photo shoots mostly away & separate from the stalls and other activities ⁃ Good signage and nice to see schedules, maps etc posted a lot of places ⁃ Nice of SM to allow Kevin Smith to have his family over - his smodcast was great (good concept with evening activities) ⁃ So nice that Alexis and Alyson gave away free, signed dvds at their talk! ⁃ Lots of space at the venue, even with massive crowds Sat and Sun ⁃ Thank you for inviting Christopher Lloyd back! He's a legend, and it was awesome to have both him and Tom there from BTTF Cons/mishaps: ⁃ The Big Bang Theory set was a nice idea, but not that well executed in terms of size, and having it match the real set somewhat accurately. At least for £10 per person! ⁃ The area surrounding the big stage was noisy, making it difficult to hear the guest(s) speaking at times ⁃ Second stage had no AC; it was hot in there! Even some of the guests commented on it ⁃ I liked having an exclusive photo op with the Tom Wilson diamond pass, but having him stood next to a 'here lies Emmett Brown' tombstone didn't make much sense.. ⁃ The Superman group photo thing was not handled well by SM tbh. When Jack cancelled, there was no official word on whether the group op could be refunded or rebated. Only when Margot cancelled did they cancel this photo op too. A duo op with Terence and Sarah was only announced about 30 minutes before it happened (Saturday around noon). I think this should have been communicated already when Margot cancelled Friday. Very late cancellation btw! ⁃ More talks (maybe on a third stage) would have been cool. People like Tobe Hooper, Mads Mikkelsen, and John Cleese didn't get a talk ⁃ And lastly a small oddity: if you tried opening this very forum on Olympia's Wi-fi, it said I was banned? Suggestions ⁃ Have screens around the venue, and/or a website or app, that displays real-time updates on popular guest queues, i.e. what VQ numbers they are doing, what time they will be back from breaks etc. Same for photo shoots - e.g. info about what batch is currently queing. This guy describes it better than me: http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?/topic/94898-saturday-experience-and-advice-for-sm/ ⁃ Make it free to get a digital file of your photo op. We're already shelling out a lot of money for admission, talks, photos and autos, etc. Then charging another £5 per photo for a jpg of a photo of myself is just.. naughty ⁃ When a guest is at a talk, provide water for them! Christopher Lloyd clearly needed it at his solo talk, and eventually the moderator/interviewer himself had to leave the stage to get a bottle for mr. Lloyd ⁃ Put up signs by the main stage, indicating where to queue for gold, diamond and standard tickets ⁃ At the entrance, have a separate entry/queue for wristband holders instead of mixing them with folks getting tickets scanned ⁃ Maybe have the busiest photo shoots in a separate room/location with plenty of space for the hundreds of people to queue. The main photo area adjacent to the main stage was very congested at times.. I hope Showmasters will read this feedback :)
  3. I had a great LFCC! Is there a consolidated thread for posting feedback and suggestions to Showmasters about the whole weekend? :)
  4. Pamela Anderson

    Anyone know if her talk is delayed or still at 2.10pm?
  5. Thank you. Such a shame that Jack and Margot cancelled at the last minute though..
  6. Surely the group photo is cancelled now?? Or at least we can get a refund now that it's gone from 4 to 2 people?
  7. Quick question: I have a diamond pass for Tom. When I get my autograph included with the pass, is it possible to purchase a second autograph at the same time, or do I need to re-queue (most likely with a VQ ticket?) Thanks!
  8. Michael has a talk on both Friday and Sunday. I think he's the only one with two solo talks (which is odd when a lot of guests don't have any talks).
  9. Even if he does another event, it's unlikely that Terence and Sarah will be there too..
  10. Agreed.. those of us that booked the Superman group photo should get some sort of rebate at the very least. Really sad to hear that Jack cancelled :/
  11. Ugh..Kevin Smith and Pamela Anderson talks are clashing now. By the way, how come Dave Prowse isn't in the free Star Wars talk?
  12. A shame there isn't a free talk for Tobe Hooper..
  13. Great schedule. One question - when is the paid Pamela Anderson talk? Can't find it on the Sunday schedule..
  14. Guest Suggestions

    Crispin Glover Elisabeth Shue Keri Russell Alexandra Daddario Olivia Munn Sylvester Stallone Alicia Silverstone
  15. Nice guest. I hope there will be a Marvel panel with him and Benedict..