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  1. Having done a show without a gold pass - I'll only ever go back to standard if the number of guests I want to see is under 10.
  2. A good visually stunning movie. Nice way to introduce Dr. S to the MCU and seeing as Feige says he's going to play a major role in phase 4, glad they started on the right foot.
  3. Agreed! Loving it and there's so many directions they could go in. Casting is spot on so far.
  4. On the flip side our ATM at work started dispensing them but the car park machines don't and won't be taking them so it's caused a bit of a kerfuffle!!
  5. Kinda lost interest through season 3 - When I started watching season 4 I had forgotten most of what came before and well, never really felt the need to continue past 2 episodes... Just didn't grab me really but I hung in there for 3 seasons.
  6. I'll just get the digital version and be content in my fence sitting.
  7. "Your post is important to us, as soon as a moderator becomes available (or catches that Charzard) they will reply to you and the other 17 people who asked the same thing but haven't taken the time to read the previous 7 pages. Have a nice day and thank you for choosing Showmasters." Auto reply for most threads come June and July.
  8. Yes. I will take pretatos for next year. Fixed it for you...
  9. This time last week I was getting ready for bed as I had an early start on the Saturday for the con'. Tonight it's an early night as I have an 0500 start for work in the morning... Same old, same old!
  10. I miss it for sure, my feet on the other hand don't...
  11. Make it a prop shoot and I think you're on the money!
  12. Pretty sure I saw her dragging Tobin Bell away with a huge grin on her faceHe will be missed. I think she said something about wanting to play a game! Didn't catch all of it due to the background noise, sorry!!
  13. Updated my flickr - link in my sig. Great photos everyone - looks like a lot of happy faces to me!!
  14. Wow - one of the photos already has 540 votes!!
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