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  1. And they're often announced for multiple events at the same time if it's happening.
  2. Very unlikely a fly-over guest would come back so quickly unfortunately.
  3. Please don't spam the topic with the same suggestions.
  4. He's actually been announced and attended previously :)
  5. I don't think there's anything to explain. Lineup is down to personal taste as always.
  6. It's all down to personal opinion. Clearly you wanted to meet him for it. Many wouldn't have. It's not like Shawshank has a huge following of collectors etc. Makes sense to me to advertise as Aliens and Star Trek to a convention audience.
  7. 3rd - 5th October 2003 I believe for that one.
  8. Mostly cost - there's no chance in hell of Benedict Cumberbatch coming to Glasgow or Bournemouth or anywhere like that because it's just not financially viable. The attendance just isn't anywhere close to make it a good idea unfortunately. As for what's 'impressive' it's all down to personal taste. Some people prefer the smaller events where you get to talk to the guests more etc. All depends on what you're into as well.
  9. Ah the pleasure is all mine. It needed to be said :) thanks.
  10. I had my bags checked both days. I don't think I looked that suspicious.
  11. I must admit he was on my list pre-event but wasn't up there with the ones I was most excited to meet, yet I was completely blown away by how down to earth he is, friendly and interacting with everyone, and so open and honest about everything. Quite possibly my favourite guest of the entire event.
  12. I once got my foot stuck in railings.
  13. Cups of tea and the occasional biscuit.
  14. Great write up :) glad you had a good time.
  15. Plus they're pretty upfront about it. And photo webhosting and upkeep etc isn't free.
  16. Personally I love the big Summer show and don't necessarily want them wasting money on a Spring/Winter show that doesn't do half as well.
  17. But where does that stop? Are all crew meant to remind everyone of every rule and situation in all areas? We make the information clear and available online and I think it's fair to expect people to plan a little bit beforehand, or if they're not sure then to ask crew. I wouldn't expect crew to be reminding people of rules all the time etc. The card machines are quite slow and would be a logistical nightmare to be running over in the autograph areas I'd suggest.
  18. I saw various people over the weekend and actually thought they all did a great job of holding conversation, not letting it get too awkward etc. Mistakes happen especially when you're up on stage in front of that many people and working with some of the names we had there, but on the whole I thought it was a solid effort from everyone involved.
  19. I'm always advising people to bring cash with them rather than rely on the cashpoints there. Obviously not always possible and people do have last minute spending plans, but I've always tried to suggest that anyone needs to be a bit organised pre-event if they can.
  20. Plus, unfortunately, as much as we try and put the information out there before the event for people to read.. there will always be people who think they can just turn up to a first event and wing it! :\
  21. There may have been gift vouchers on sale at some point, but 'autograph vouchers' have technically never been on sale online as far as I'm aware?
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