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  1. So glad I wasn't there on Sunday, otherwise I'd have wasted my money on this too. Lucky escape.
  2. It baffles me why anyone would still use the sales desk. I decided last minute to buy 2 photoshoots. Found an area with good signal and bought online and had the tickets within minutes.
  3. I met all 4 on Friday and have no complaints at all. I met David first who seemed cool enough. Then I met Kristen who was really nice. Next was Tommy who was probably the best guest of the weekend. He was chatting with everyone and taking selfies. I spoke to him about Sons and he actually asked me if I wanted a pic. Finally I met Mark, he was really cool too. As I met him, Tommy looked over and asked him about the pic i was getting signed. Mark then told me about how it was from a scene where Tommy had accidentally crashed his bike lol. I can't fault any of them.
  4. Can you please make everyone virtual queue from the start. Some guests who weren't on VT were really busy and lots of time lost waiting on them. Also some guests didn't start VT, but then switched to them. This means you potentially miss out getting a VT. The VT system works pretty well and the cost of doing it for everyone is pretty minimal.
  5. Photos and autos are what they are. But I do agree they should have had more things to do other than that. I went to one free talk, was a complete waste of time as I could hear very little of it. You couldn't even kill time going round the dealers, as there were only about 10 of them! My 2 biggest gripes with the event were, not enough guests (Particularly big name guests). And that packages got priority before they even allowed VT's to be used. I have No 12 for George on Sunday, but no VT's were allowed to join the queue until after 2pm. The crew member was almost apologetic when handing them out past 200, as they he saying George only got to 170 on Saturday.
  6. Next you'll be saying Santa, Easter bunny, tooth fairy etc don't exist.....
  7. If we're getting Vampires, can we have Kate Beckinsale.
  8. I'd always advise buying beforehand. Queues have been smaller than they were at events since emailed tickets, but you can still waste a lot of time buying on the day.
  9. I was gonna go to the last meet up, but got a bad headache so stayed in my hotel. Maybe next year :)
  10. I've still not booked any tickets for this yet. Decided I'm not committing 100% until I know the full details.
  11. I guess it would depend if you want to meet the people you could get auto's from.
  12. Have got to say, the line up is looking disappointing for a 50th anniversary
  13. I've booked mine, but cancel anytime before (just in case).
  14. Anyone from the X-Files or Marvel world. But mostly Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny (including a joint photoshoot!)
  15. My real name is a mystery lol.Is it.... Murphy? It's probably Gillian (Most likely we're actually talking to the real Gillian Anderson! ) Having met Murph, I can promise you he looks nothing like Gillian Anderson! Does anyone look THAT good though lol.
  16. In my experience, the phrase "The customer is always a F**ktard" is usually the way to go.
  17. If you're making potato merch, surely it should be a jacket.....
  18. No one should ever be queue jumping. Even if you have a diamond pass or gold pass, it doesn't give you the chance to jump a queue that's already in place. Just illustrates more wrong doings by auto crew
  19. Maybe the way forward is to have a list for each guest. Add which pass gets you what and if VQT's are needed for any passes. Then laminate and give to each crew running the VQ's. If they have a query they can look at the list and know they're getting it right :) A full proof way for crew and attendees to know there can be no complaints. And just to add, I have seen people take advantage of crew not 100% sure of procedures.
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