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  1. Sooo I was about to order the Natalie Dormer Diamond Pass... now I have to wait a bit... just in case
  2. I think she failed the heart on mine... Unless she thought I should be the only one who got a "circle" 😉
  3. I met him first in front of Hilton, saturday morning, on my way to the Con. I'm quite shy normally, but wasn't sure to get a chance like this again. So I asked for a picture, and he was like "of course". Happy me! 😂 Then I met him later saturday, at the Con. I wasn't planning meeting him as he was an (almost sold out) Diamond Pass guest, and I didn't had a Diamond Pass for him. But there was no queue, so I took my chance. He was sooo down to earth, a real pleasure for a fan! We had a little talk (in Danish) about some of the Danish movies he's in, and about that I not have watched Hannibal yet (shame on me 😉). Then we exchanged our experience from the Con. and he (like myself) thought it was fantastic. And he loved to meet so many great fans! Fantastic guest!!!
  4. I think she was really kind. When I had my photoshoot with her, she smiled, said "hi... How are you?" So I answered, and asked her the same while the photo was taken, so I was a bit afraid for the result. I smile, while talking at the photo (looks a little bit awkward), but hey, now I have a picture of me talking to one of the most beautiful women in this World. And after that, at the autograph table, she was really kind too, and said "thank you" and smiled again. So I really appriciate meeting her!
  5. Photoshoot Batch 1 Saturday!!!! Christmas comes early this year!!!!
  6. Due to the clue, I'll say it's a Star from Hunger Games 😉
  7. Oh my...... Amazing guest SM!!! I need that Diamond Pass!!!! Whom am I kidding? I've booked my Diamond Pass!!!
  8. Can you get a discount if you're from Denmark, and your last name is Mikkelsen? 😉😝
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