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    It’s your own fault if you get dissapointed I find, just hope for a guest of your liking and if it’s not, be happy for the other people
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    Big guest announcement headed in your direction this coming Wednesday at 7pm! Who are you still hoping for? Let us know below for internet bragging rights if you are right.
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    It's a lot better since they stopped the hints, as much fun as that was, it did cause no end of grief with those that couldn't be sensible, at least this way it's a simple 'take note and check back then'. Yes, a week might be excessive, but I for one haven't seen many negative reactions to it all recently, so if that's the lead time they want to give, it's what it is.
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    ...days left!
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    Bryce Dallas Howard
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    As always, i'm gonna ask for Karen Gillan
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    Doctor Who, Torchwood or Jurassic park, then I'll sleep happy.
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    The excitement and joy of my fellow forum members makes up for any dissapointment the build up is just part of the Con going hobby
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    Lucifer Season 4 released that day... A Lucifer guest????... Lauren German please...
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    Then you will be gross and smelly and covered in bird poop by the time you are let in and none of the guests will want to see you
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    Already waiting in line outside Olympia?
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    I do wonder if what caused him to miss the first day of Star Wars Celebration last month contributed sadly... he will be sadly missed, I am glad I made the time in March to queue and meet him again at LFCC Spring
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    True. We have to consider that his health has to come first. But how about this amazing villain actor:
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    I know this is extremely unlikely but I’m just going to say Daniel Craig because I really want to meet him!
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    Or to be more realistic Anyone from Doctor Who
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    Jeff Goldblum Tom Hanks Tom Hiddleston
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    Patrick Stewart......... Pretty please.
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    I would love to meet Jodie Comer
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    Ooh exciting! I think I've been a broken record enough to not need to say who I'd love but regardless of who, it's nice to have this to look forward to :)
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    I myself hope for Some Bond guests, attending Sunday
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    Awesome! Anyone from Marvel or GoT would be fantastic! :)
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    Anyone from GoT, Harry Potter or Vikings.
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    International Harry Potter Day today so why not crown it with some guests from that franchise.
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    I’m really hoping for Elizabeth Olsen or any of the main characters from the MCU even though it’s unlikely, but you have had Jeremy Renner and Benedict Cumberbatch so I am hopeful
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    Joe Dempsie Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Maisie Williams Gwendoline Christie
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    Outnumbered Hugh Dennis - Pete Brockman Claire Skinner - Sue Brockman Tyger Drew-Honey - Jake Brockman Daniel Roche - Ben Brockman Ramona Marquez - Karen Brockman
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    Yay! Trip was one of the few good things about Enterprise.
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