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  1. Thank you. This is the only thing affecting my decision to go or not. Cheers
  2. Thanks for the update. Sorry if I missed it, but does anyone know if they’ll be using the whole building as last year or only part of it as mentioned if it was going ahead in July? Thanks
  3. Can’t believe that Northern Ireland are thinking of closing schools for 16 weeks!!
  4. Just added Karen Allen to my list! Raiders is one of my favourite all time movies, so had to meet her!
  5. I’m happy for the Spring people that they can use their tickets for the Summer event. I’m just concerned about any confusion that may come up on the day. Whether those with Spring tickets would go first before Summer tickets, or just stick with the Batch number order as usual (I’m Batch 1 Summer). I think more guidance will be needed here.
  6. Yes, you need to contact the shop: shop@showmastersevents.com You tell them the situation and they’ll advise in buying the duo shoot and then telling them the order ref for Ming-Na’s photo to get the refund. I did this last year at LFCC for Alfie Allen.
  7. My meet list has now grown again! So excited! Clark Gregg - Batch 1 Meat Loaf - Batch 1 Ernie Hudson - Batch 1 Henry Thomas with ET bike - Batch 1 Nick Frost - Batch 1 Ming-Na Wen - Batch 1 John Wesley Shipp - Batch 1 - and auto
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