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  1. My meet list has now grown by one! So excited! Meat Loaf - Batch 1 Ernie Hudson - Batch 1 Henry Thomas with ET bike - Batch 1 Nick Frost - Batch 1 Ming-Na Wen - Batch 1 John Wesley Shipp - Batch 1 - and auto
  2. Bought my photo!!! I was a massive fan of the 90s show as a kid and his appearance in the latest Flash series was truly special! So excited in meeting him!! Thank you SM!!!!!!
  3. So sad to hear of the passing of Alan Harris. https://www.fanthatracks.com/news/film-music-tv/alan-harris-the-man-behind-bossk-has-passed-away/ I’m gutted that I missed meeting him last year at LFCC. However, I heard from others who have had the pleasure state how nice he was. RIP
  4. Anyone from Netflix’s Sex Education! Love that show!
  5. After last night’s announcements, my photo list on Sat has increased by two! Ernie Hudson Henry Thomas (with ET bike) Meat Loaf Nick Frost Ming-Na Wen
  6. Awesome!!!! Can’t see her in the shop yet but can’t wait to meet her! :)
  7. Hello! As I am definitely going to LFCC this year, I wondered who everyone is planning on meeting? I’ve booked my photos with the following: Ernie Hudson Henry Thomas (with ET bike) Meat Loaf I’m sure my list is going to grow the closer we get to the event! Can’t wait!
  8. Awesome! Hope this is the start for more Mandalorian guests!
  9. Yes! Missed him last time he did LFCC, not making that mistake again! Thanks SM!! :)
  10. My wish list for next year is: Michael Keaton James Marsters Lena Heady Keanu Reeves :)
  11. One of the kindest gentlemen I have ever met! Really recommend meeting him for an auto
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