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  1. andyfilm_1


    One of the kindest gentlemen I have ever met! Really recommend meeting him for an auto
  2. He’s awesome in The Boys! Hope more from that show come! :)
  3. andyfilm_1

    Val Kilmer Photo Shoot

    Watching Top Gun and I’m still pinching myself that I met this legend!
  4. andyfilm_1

    Val Kilmer Photo Shoot

    He was great! A real pro! :)
  5. andyfilm_1

    Showing friends and family

    I think the same of my colleagues who have lunch at Pret A Manger everyday!
  6. andyfilm_1

    Photo shoot digital copy

    Will be available here when they’re ready: https://showmasters.photoshelter.com/index
  7. andyfilm_1

    Showing friends and family

    I don’t even tell my wife how much I actually spent!
  8. andyfilm_1

    Showing friends and family

    I share my photos to my friends on FB but don’t show them to family much unless it is someone they know. I have quite a few framed in our downstairs loo!
  9. andyfilm_1

    Guests you missed this year

    Good subject! I regrettably missed the following guests as I had run out of time and cash: Vladimír Furdík Walter Koenig Alan Harris Hopefully next time
  10. andyfilm_1

    Photos! Let’s see them!!

    Thank you! I don’t know the make of Peter’s t-shirt but it just said, “You Died”
  11. andyfilm_1

    Photos! Let’s see them!!

    My pics for Saturday! Such a great day!!
  12. andyfilm_1

    Val Kilmer Appreciation Thread

    He was such a pleasant surprise! He was so nice and really happy to meet everyone. Absolute honour meeting him! :)
  13. andyfilm_1

    Crew Appreciation

    Late afternoon, near 5pm
  14. andyfilm_1

    Crew Appreciation

    The crew were great for my photoshoots but will need to look into getting microphones or something so they don’t have to shout. However, the red shirt guy managing Jason Momoa’s photo queue on Sat was great entertainment: ”BATCHES 1 to 8! COME ON DOWWWN!!”