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  1. 1 week on - still buzzing

    Agreed! I'm still buzzing because it was the best organised LFCC to date! Can't stop looking through my pics! :)
  2. What guests do you want to see next year?

    Gary Oldman would be an instant Diamond purchase! Love his work!
  3. What did you get signed?

    Wow, you all got some great stuff signed! :)
  4. Demolition appreciation thread

    Likewise, I would've met them if I had more time and money as they were some of my favourite wrestlers when growing up.
  5. Post Con Blues

    That article did touch a nerve here! There was a thread about it but got understandably locked as it got quite "violent". Glad you had a good time! :)
  6. Steven Yeun collectors book?

    I thought they were quite useful in protecting my photo quickly when I was in a rush inbetween overlaps in photo sessions :)
  7. Showmasters Appreciation

    Without Showmasters, I would not have met over half of my heroes! Fact! Thank you! :)
  8. Latest Guest Announcement - TOM WILSON

    Wish I took the chance to meet him now! He seemed to be a great guest over the weekend
  9. Guest Suggestions

    I'm tempted to go to this next year as was impressed with their Sports line up. Will they likely be doing that again? Cheers
  10. What guests do you want to see next year?

    The cast from The Handmaids Tale would be cool
  11. VT TICKETS, Fairness needed

    Some good points here and this is why I just don't do autos anymore at LFCC. Photoshoots just seem to be the only guaranteed way of meeting your favourite guests without a diamond pass!
  12. What guests do you want to see next year?

    Jeremy Renner last year was pretty big! Adam West was a guest at one of the earlier cons.
  13. 2018 anniversary movies

    Blade will be 20! "What the f***!"
  14. Michael Rosenbaum appreciation thread

    He seemed really nice when I saw him leaving his photoshoot on Sat. Will def try to meet him next time! :)
  15. What guests do you want to see next year?

    Kevin Smith every year!