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  1. Dr.1963

    Guest Days & Prices LFCC 2019

    I am guessing that the comic guests will be signing for free, yes?
  2. Dr.1963

    Answers to FAQ

    Ok thanks.
  3. Dr.1963

    Answers to FAQ

    Does anyone know if Malorie Blackman will be charging for her autographs, thanks.
  4. Dr.1963

    Statement From Jason

    These pills?
  5. Dr.1963

    Statement From Jason

    This sounds very interesting, now...it said over the next few weeks...
  6. Dr.1963

    New Prop shoot

    Ha! That's rather clever, might need to have a photo there.
  7. Now past batch 3 of her diamond pass, whoa!
  8. Dr.1963

    Answers to FAQ

    Ah thanks, that is cutting it close!
  9. Dr.1963

    Answers to FAQ

    I hope i'm not mistaken that you can purchase tickets up to 1 day before the event, thanks.
  10. Dr.1963

    Answers to FAQ

    Ok thanks for the answers, as last year, the 6×9 sleeves were 50p and were hoping they were going to be the same price, thanks.
  11. Dr.1963

    Answers to FAQ

    Does anyone know how much the 6×9" plastic sleeves will cost at the convention, thanks.
  12. Dr.1963


    I know right.
  13. I've just got to keep coll and...