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  1. No they forget some of our order! Rang up and it turns out they’d took it off the menu, not told anyone but charged us for it anyway!
  2. I am sat waiting for 2 hours for a Domino’s pizza delivery what has happened to the world, it used to be a 20 minute wait
  3. I can’t remember who it was now but thank you to everyone on here who agreed to email Rubbertoe replicas and add their name to the waiting list for the 12th sonic, I have had an email saying they are making some more and I was able to order one last night!
  4. If you live on your own it’s 7 days, if you live with other people it’s 14 days so he can’t make you come in
  5. Go watch it, it’s brilliant!
  6. I don’t think so because I’m a trainee, I think they are only redeploying dentists
  7. Social distancing high five!
  8. I have no idea if I’ve got any work to go back to when I come out of isolation, the government has said yesterday no dental practices are allowed to do procedures which create dust or water vapours which is basically all treatments, apart from some emergencies (we’re not an emergency practice anyway) I don’t know what else we will be able to do
  9. So sorry to hear you are both leaving, it is not an easy job and you have been great moderators and will be missed a lot Thank you for making the forum the amazing community that it is and for putting up with me and my endless Peter Capaldi gifs! Hopefully I will see you both at events in the future. R4
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