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  1. R4wly97

    General Chat

    I really need to get my boss to go to this one she loves Star Trek haven’t been able to tempt her yet though
  2. R4wly97

    General Chat

    Only after me and @Peter Capaldi Fan have had our screaming match there first
  3. R4wly97

    General Chat

    My poor Daniel
  4. R4wly97

    General Chat

    I love his new look!!!!
  5. R4wly97

    General Chat

    Come on Daniel Craig
  6. R4wly97

    General Chat

    I’m heading off on holiday for the next ten days so it’s all good
  7. R4wly97

    Who are you meeting?

    Me and you having a scream off in the Main Hall at Olympia next year
  8. R4wly97

    Who are you meeting?

    Then I’ll be the first, science I defy you!
  9. R4wly97

    Guest Suggestions

  10. R4wly97

    Who are you meeting?

    My scream will be so loud for Peter the ISS will be able to hear me
  11. R4wly97

    Who are you meeting?

    That might change in about 15 minutes!
  12. Who are you meeting at London Comic Con Winter!?