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  1. I’ll have a photo up for you tomorrow
  2. @Peter Capaldi Fan Any requests for Peter photos for my page?
  3. I’ll let them know in advance for next time
  4. Yeah he was on his bike waiting to start riding but he couldn’t go because of the traffic
  5. @RaylenthOne of my Instagram friends saw Mads filming a new carlsburg advert in Copenhagen a couple of days ago
  6. I’m not jealous at all Where do you get your autos from by the way?
  7. I store mine as I get them
  8. Good luck with everything, hope it goes okay and wishing you a speedy recovery
  9. Second Zoom Quiz of lockdown
  10. It was 30 c where I live
  11. Oh it’s from the 1980’s that’s why
  12. I’ve never seen the Cadbury bunny on tv
  13. I could listen to these all day
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