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  1. R4wly97

    General Chat

    I’m looking at sportagraphs they’ve got three Daniel Craig autographs on their website and they look really nice has anyone by any chance used them before? https://www.sportagraphs.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=Daniel craig
  2. R4wly97

    General Chat

    I know everyone on here is really good with getting autographs so does anyone want to help me find a Daniel Craig autograph, I’ve always wanted one and my life will be complete if I get one! @Kurdamoni You are a massive James Bond fan are you up for the challenge?
  3. R4wly97

    General Chat

    @Peter Capaldi Fan Thank you!!!!
  4. R4wly97

    General Chat

    @Chris1970 No not sad Peter anything but sad Peter!! That is a beautiful gif though
  5. R4wly97


    I’ll do it only if you get Peter to come so I can meet him again!
  6. R4wly97

    General Chat

    @Broo @Peter Capaldi Fan @Kurdamoni It’s not that I don’t want to but LCCS I’m working that weekend and I’m sort of meeting John Barrowman somewhere around the time of LFCC but I can’t say anymore so I can’t do both! It’s annoying because I had planned to both this year but it looks like I won’t be doing either of them and that makes me very sad because I loved it last year!
  7. R4wly97

    General Chat

    I’m don’t think I’m going this year though
  8. R4wly97

    General Chat

    Thanks for this and this guy has done Daniel Craig as well!
  9. R4wly97

    General Chat

    Omg why does everyone think Peter is so old he’s not 80! And neither is Chris!
  10. R4wly97

    General Chat

    Yeah that’s right
  11. R4wly97

    General Chat

    Don't know who you could possibly be thinking of Do you have any idea @R4wly97? Question - is he taking his shirt off or putting it on? Either way @Peter Capaldi Fan @Raylenth Nope not a clue wish I could help you there, but no one springs to mind, guess someone on here really likes Peter Capaldi, I’m sure you’ll find out who it is one day... But maybe this person whoever it is would quite like you to steal that portrait @Raylenth
  12. R4wly97

    General Chat

    Yes it is! Did you know they are distantly related!?
  13. R4wly97

    General Chat

    Omg yes isn’t it amazing!!!!