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  1. General Chat

    @Chris1970 @Kurdamoni I don’t work Fridays or weekends so in theory I could quite easily attend the whole of LFCC this year but unfortunately because another family member is taking me and they can only go the Sunday that’s the day I’ve ended up going but I don’t mind because it just happens to be one of the days Peter is there! Also I thought because it’s my first LFCC one day might be plenty anyway!
  2. General Chat

    @Chris1970 That sounds great! The flexibility allows you to plan for events such as conventions in London perhaps!?
  3. General Chat

    @Chris1970 I’m sure you know what you are doing, I know I wouldn’t!
  4. Guest Suggestions

    @EllaBlair Me too! I am now dreaming of a mega photo shoot with the Doctor, Bill, Nardole, the Master and Missy
  5. General Chat

    @Chris1970 Sounds like you’re a pro since you’ve been doing it for 22 years though!
  6. General Chat

    @Chris1970 I do indeed and I get to give the kids stickers for being good in the dentists chair which is a bonus Ok I’m going to pretend I know what that means!
  7. Thoughts for next year

    @Chris1970 I’ll think about it haha
  8. Guest Suggestions

    @**Kelsey** Michelle Gomez should come as well so that fans can have a joint Missy/Master photo shoot!
  9. New Attendees advice thread

    @tenaciouspirit Yeah high five *virtually high fives*!
  10. New Attendees advice thread

    Anyone from the UK on here?
  11. General Chat

    @Chris1970 Sounds great what sort of chemical engineering do you do? I’m a dental nurse
  12. Thoughts for next year

    @Nerd Who I am definitely considering it
  13. General Chat

    @Chris1970 Sorry bit confused do you mean what do I work with or what my job is?
  14. Thoughts for next year

    @Nerd Who Now I’m thinking I should get a joint photo op with Peter and Pearl!
  15. General Chat

    @Chris1970 I’m always intrigued to find out what people have been talking about whilst I’ve been working