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  1. General Chat

    @Chris1970 Was it good!?
  2. General Chat

    @VikingGrrrl Yeah I got an email about it sounds great!
  3. Who are you meeting!?

    Go on treat yourself
  4. General Chat

    Theme of the day in general chat spiders, cheese and Benedict Cumberbatch
  5. Who are you meeting!?

    @Nerd Who I’m liking your lineup so far! Definitely a year for the Whovians
  6. Guest Suggestions

    3rd all of these!! How about a multi-Timelord photo, Michelle, John and Peter
  7. General Chat

    @Chris1970 Yeah it’s nice to be surrounded by nature
  8. General Chat

    I have a family of pigeons and robins in my garden
  9. General Chat

    That looks beautiful
  10. General Chat

    Eek that must have been scary!
  11. General Chat

    OMG was that in your garden!?
  12. General Chat

    *Cough* Scottish actor *cough*
  13. General Chat

    I wouldn’t mind meeting him but nope