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  1. I've applied for an Extra help pass and a Carers pass. My carer also has tickets to the event. I've paid for some talks and it says on the FAQ that the carer csn accompany me to all talks I have access too. Do I need to tell someone about the talks so they can save her a seat or will her carers pass be enough when I show them the paid talk ticket.
  2. I'm really sorry if this has been asked, I have autism and get easily confused. I would like to know as mich information as possible so I don't go into a meltdown on the day. I've applied for Extra help but Im not YALC, I've got a Saturday and Sunday day pass. Do I go to Gate H, this is only my second time doing Extra help. At LFCC Spring, they checked our names off in the queue. I'm hoping to collect my Diamond passes on the Friday (whens the deadline time for that) If they don't check you in the queue, where do you go?
  3. I’ve already got Saturday and Sunday entry. If I bought Friday entry as well and presented all 3 on Friday, can I get a 3 day wristband.
  4. Ive got a Lourdes photo shoot on the Saturday but its in the middle of the Emilie talk. I really dont want to have to have to leave the Emilie talk. Will it be possible to go to Sundays Lourdes photoshoot. Or any suggestions
  5. Sam Heughan Michael Sheen Caitriona Balfe David Tennant Jennifer Morrison
  6. Jennifer Morrison Michael Sheen David Tennant Jodie Comer Sandra Oh Fiona Shaw
  7. Thank you so much that answers my question I’m a Diamond pass Batch 6.
  8. Oh sorry I meant I’m Diamond pass Batch no 6. This is my first time using a Diamond pass so I wasn’t sure how it worked.
  9. Do you know what batch number the John Simm morning shoot will go up too. I'm Batch no 6. Also I've applied for a Carers pass, do I pick that up the same time as the Diamond pass.
  10. They said they're not adding more because he's only there four hours.
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