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  1. Captain Lucas

    First Guest Announcement - KATE MULGREW

    As I said on the other forum, a very good start.
  2. Captain Lucas

    Destination Star Trek 2019

    For the benefit of anyone who didn't get the email, it seems there will also be a DST in Germany next year. Personally, I'd consider making the trip if the line-up is sufficiently compelling. Kate Mulgrew has been announced at the first guest, which is a good start. https://www.destinationstartrekgermany.com/
  3. Captain Lucas

    Latest Guest Announcement - CONNOR TRINNEER

    Yay! Trip was one of the few good things about Enterprise.
  4. Captain Lucas

    Latest Guest Announcement - PENNY JOHNSON JERALD

    Great guest! Good to see another DS9 guest announced, and of course she was great in 24 as well.
  5. Captain Lucas

    Latest Guest Announcement - GINA TORRES

    Cool! Two Firefly guests this summer.
  6. Captain Lucas

    Happy to see this

    Incidentally, as a Bournemouth resident, its good to see some local publicity for the event. There was a full page ad in the local paper earlier in the week, where the convention also made the paper's number 1 thing to do in the area this weekend. I then saw it advertised again in Bournemouth Council's what's on email today. Should round up a few newbies.
  7. Captain Lucas

    General chat

    Train fares can be a lot cheaper when booked a fair way in advance. Railcards can also be worthwhile for some if you make a few long trips per year (especially if you are under 25, 60+, disabled or a full time student). After all, less money spent on travel and hotels is more we can all spend at the convention itself!
  8. Captain Lucas

    General chat

    I was looking at hotels for Birmingham the other day, so I may as well share this. If you don't mind a quick 10 minute train ride from the center of Birmingham each morning, Travellodge have some good deals at present not far from New Street Station.
  9. Captain Lucas


    Could try Queen Mary's University, I've stayed there before. Bit of a trip on the underground, but much cheaper. Some unis also use bookings.com, so that may be worth a try. Sometimes you can get good deals on Premier Inns or Travellodges if you are a bit flexible on location and book a fair way in advance. Sunday nights can be very cheap if you have a fair way to travel home, but Saturdays are expensive. For those of us who don't consider £150 a night to be a bargain, its good to have some alternatives.
  10. Captain Lucas

    Destination Star Trek 2019

    I brought the Commander Package last year and spent very little time queuing, though I did mainly get them on Sunday which is quieter than Saturday. I got 12 autographs including some of the more well known guests, but I also went to a lot of talks.
  11. Captain Lucas


    If you don't want to pay £150 a night, some of the universities in London turn the student accommodation into a hotel in the summer.
  12. Captain Lucas

    Who are you meeting!?

    Since my earlier post, I'm pleased to see a talk listed for Billy Dee Williams, that will be a must for me.
  13. Captain Lucas

    Guest Suggestions

    FAO: Queen_Sindel Didn't want to start a new thread for this, but there seems to be a problem with the ticket page - under the talks page it just says " Photo Session with collectors book - Sunday 2nd June 2019" (no guest named) over and over again. I'm imagining this is an error so might want to get that fixed when someone has a moment.
  14. Captain Lucas

    Track Closures TFL 2-3 March

    When I put my journey from Bournemouth into the train company website, it automatically suggested changing at Clapham Junction rather than getting the tube from Waterloo. Might be good advice for others traveling from Dorset/Hampshire way.
  15. Captain Lucas

    Who are you meeting!?

    Me too, love those films. A group photo would be a tempting prospect if available. May get a DP for William Shatner, or perhaps just an autograph depending on my bank balance nearer the time. Quite possibly a photoshoot with Walter Keonig. Then probably as many of the Star Wars guests as I have time to meet.