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  1. Forgive me for suggesting a guest who is famous for more mainstream rather than genre shows, but I would love to see Martin Shaw at a con sometime in the future, he has had an interesting and varied career and I'm sure would be a fascinating speaker.
  2. Currently working through a stack of films on DVD that have been sitting at the back of a cupboard for years. I can recommend The Skeleton Key for those who enjoy psychological thrillers. Hummingbird, a thriller starring Jasn Stretham, is also worth a watch.
  3. Just finished watching Dark Matter. Watched the whole thing in less than two weeks. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys sci-fi. Its sort of like Firefly meets Farscape, but with more hand to hand combat. I also watched the first season of a show called Alphas recently. Only lasted two seasons and not awfully well known I think, but quite watchable. Ira Steven Behr of Deep Space Nine fame was involved in it.
  4. Yes, Ioan would be great! Love Hornblower.
  5. I notice DST isn't on the schedule, is that still happening?
  6. Yes please, Sarah and David would be especially awesome! And Eliza Dushku for that matter.
  7. Wow! As a Voyager fan I certainly feel spoiled this year.
  8. Just watched Ad Astra this morning. Its alright, but not massively impressed. Quite decent special effects and a lot of stars, but a fairly slow plot. If you get on with slow plodding sort of films you might like it. Conceptually not a million lightyears from Interstellar but nowhere near as good. I'll admit it would probably have been better at the cinema. Verdict: 3/5
  9. As many of the Voyager cast as possible. Tim Russ, Robert Beltran and Robert Picardo would be particularly welcome additions. Scarlett Pomers would be quite a fun addition, looking back on childhood experiences on the show.
  10. While I confess I had already found out about the event on the website, I am very excited about this. Hopefully, the idea will be to have as many of the Voyager cast as possible, similar to what was done for DS9's 25th in 2018. The only reason I haven't booked tickets yet is that the more of the cast are coming, the better package I will be buying. A good start here, I'm pleased for another chance to meet Kate Mulgrew after missing out in 2018 and Roxann Dawson is a "new" guest for me. Certainly going to get my picture taken on the Voyager set, a nice touch. If avaliable, maybe with Kate Mulgrew, that would be awesome! BTW, in case you hadn't realised it by now, I'm something of a Voyager fan.
  11. Met Alexis Denisof. I was impressed by humble he was, like he was genuinely pleased to be invited to meet his fans. Have also met Juliet Landau, Charisma Carpenter, Amy Acker, Mercades McNab and James Masters amoungst a few others. While I'm here, I'll just say wouldn't it be nice to see more Buffy/Angel guests at Showmasters events?
  12. Thanks for the tips. It seems there are a few apartments and rooms avaliable to hire by the night nearby, which might be a good option for me. Probably will spend less on food that way as well. Also, certainly agree with apollofan London is not a place to take your car. Aside from anything else, there is the congestion charge and the Ultra Low Emissions Zone to contend with. Train is going to be the most convenient option for most people for this one.
  13. Looking at past locations, it seems to me there might be an intention to alternate between London and Birmingham. From the looks of it, a Voyager theme for the 25th anniversary. Voyager is one of my two favourites so very excited about this. I heard Kate's talk last year but wasn't able to get her autograph, so I'm grateful for another oppertunity. Roxann and Jeri as well, three Voyager stars right off the bat. I'll start saving up now... Incidentially, for those who have gone to an event at the Edexcel before, any suggestions for an affordable place to stay, as this is a new location for me.
  14. "Huge" means I would think almost certainly a captain. Personally hoping for Avery Brooks, especially as there are not a whole lot of DS9 guests announced so far. (Yeah okay I know we were spoilt last year, but I'd still be thrilled to meet "Captain Sisko" himself!) The return of Kate Mulgrew would also be great news.
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