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  1. While I confess I had already found out about the event on the website, I am very excited about this. Hopefully, the idea will be to have as many of the Voyager cast as possible, similar to what was done for DS9's 25th in 2018. The only reason I haven't booked tickets yet is that the more of the cast are coming, the better package I will be buying. A good start here, I'm pleased for another chance to meet Kate Mulgrew after missing out in 2018 and Roxann Dawson is a "new" guest for me. Certainly going to get my picture taken on the Voyager set, a nice touch. If avaliable, maybe with Kate Mulgrew, that would be awesome! BTW, in case you hadn't realised it by now, I'm something of a Voyager fan.
  2. Captain Lucas

    New 2020 Dates London Destination Star Trek.

    Tim Russ and Robert Beltran would be awesome additions.
  3. Captain Lucas

    Fave Person you have meet

    Met Alexis Denisof. I was impressed by humble he was, like he was genuinely pleased to be invited to meet his fans. Have also met Juliet Landau, Charisma Carpenter, Amy Acker, Mercades McNab and James Masters amoungst a few others. While I'm here, I'll just say wouldn't it be nice to see more Buffy/Angel guests at Showmasters events?
  4. Captain Lucas

    New 2020 Dates London Destination Star Trek.

    Thanks for the tips. It seems there are a few apartments and rooms avaliable to hire by the night nearby, which might be a good option for me. Probably will spend less on food that way as well. Also, certainly agree with apollofan London is not a place to take your car. Aside from anything else, there is the congestion charge and the Ultra Low Emissions Zone to contend with. Train is going to be the most convenient option for most people for this one.
  5. Captain Lucas

    New 2020 Dates London Destination Star Trek.

    Looking at past locations, it seems to me there might be an intention to alternate between London and Birmingham. From the looks of it, a Voyager theme for the 25th anniversary. Voyager is one of my two favourites so very excited about this. I heard Kate's talk last year but wasn't able to get her autograph, so I'm grateful for another oppertunity. Roxann and Jeri as well, three Voyager stars right off the bat. I'll start saving up now... Incidentially, for those who have gone to an event at the Edexcel before, any suggestions for an affordable place to stay, as this is a new location for me.
  6. Captain Lucas

    Huge guest announcement, 11 October, 7pm

    "Huge" means I would think almost certainly a captain. Personally hoping for Avery Brooks, especially as there are not a whole lot of DS9 guests announced so far. (Yeah okay I know we were spoilt last year, but I'd still be thrilled to meet "Captain Sisko" himself!) The return of Kate Mulgrew would also be great news.
  7. Captain Lucas

    RIP Aron Eisenberg

    Very sad to hear this. May he rest in peace.
  8. Captain Lucas

    Celebrities Name A to Z

    Bruce Boxleitner
  9. Captain Lucas

    This or That

    By a hair's width Deep Space Nine, but I love both! Regular bread or sourdough?
  10. Captain Lucas

    Guest suggestions.

    Avery Brooks, Marc Alaimo, Michael Dorn, Jeffrey Coombs, Salome Jens, Casey Biggs (very entertaining last year), James Darren, Kate Mulgrew, Robert Beltran, Tim Russ, Roxann Dawson, Susanna Thompson, John DeLancie, Dwight Schultz, Jolene Blalock
  11. Captain Lucas

    First time attendee

    This is what I did last year. There is a Premier Inn just south of the Cathedral Square, 5 mins walk to New Street Station from where its a 10 min train ride. Should be no more than £50-60 a night.
  12. Captain Lucas

    Guest Experiences From The Weekend

    Meeting Robert Pircardo was a highlight for me. We had a moment talking about his excellent Opera singing abilities.
  13. Captain Lucas

    First time attendee

    Having been to both, the biggest difference is probably that DST is not as big as LFCC. Certainly in my experience, most of the queues are not as long, but my advice would be if you are going for all three days to get most of your autographs either Friday or Sunday and stick mainly to talks and other activities on Saturday, which is the busiest day. Personally I would say the NEC is a better venue, as the halls are just basically large hangers, there are not all these seperate spaces like at Olympia so its much easier to get around. Unlike LFCC, you need to buy 8 x 10s from a seperate table, though they are not expensive. Clearly best to work out what you want and go get them all when its not busy, maybe Friday. Packages wise, it depends what you want to do really. I brought Commander last year and had no regrets. It is reasonably affordable and affords quite good priority - no VQs, decent seating for the talks. Certainly I did very little queueing. Downside is 2 autographs and which talks you get are random, and that's especially a consideration with autos if you already have a number of Trek guests. Just a weekend pass gives you more flexibility in a sense, but you will queue for longer and be right at the back for talks on the main stage.
  14. Captain Lucas

    Answers to FAQ

    [pedantic]Of course, Deanna Troi was only half Betazoid and could only sense emotions rather than being telepathic per se.[/pedantic].
  15. Captain Lucas

    Temperature/Air Con

    Latest from the BBC site is today to Thursday are the hottest days in London, at 33, 32 and 37 degrees, while tempratures drop to 27 on Friday, 23 on Saturdday and 25 on Sunday. So we are all reasonably lucky really.