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  1. Captain Lucas

    What are you getting/what did you get signed?

    Well I have two quite rare ones: Fall of Rome Prequel Platinum Foil Edition (Limited to 850 copies) Fall of Rome #1 Gold Foil Edition (Limited to 500 copies) Then I have a couple of the more recent BOOM mini-series, Daniel Jackson and Vala Maldoran. Obvious question that raises is, do I get an issue of the series named after Daniel Jackson signed or one of the more rare comics which do have his face on the cover, but only as one of the team and not the main player?
  2. Captain Lucas

    What are you getting/what did you get signed?

    That Voyager poster is gorgeous. I first watched that show in something like 1998 and I still love it! I can't honestly think of many specific items I own that I could get autographed so I'll probably just go with the prints avaliable at the show. Michael Shanks is the one possible exception as I do have one or two fairly rare Stargate comics buried somewhere. Half tempted to get Martin Kove to sign my Karate Kid DVD though.
  3. Captain Lucas

    Guest Suggestions

    Eliza Dushku would be fantastic, although she has done one or two things other than Bring it On that might have a few fans.
  4. Captain Lucas

    Expecting Anymore Guess Announcements?

    How it a guest announced during the con? Over the PA system?
  5. Captain Lucas

    I'm bored game

    I've always prefered the "old school" name of smilie
  6. Captain Lucas

    General Chat

    I might do a "me in the Oval Office" shoot. I'm not really into the West Wing, I just want a pic of me in the Oval!
  7. Captain Lucas

    TV shows watched in 2019

    Finally got round to starting Marvel's Agents of Shield this week which I'm enjoying. Well I shouldn't be suprised, I've never seen a Joss Whedon show yet I didn't enjoy.
  8. Captain Lucas

    New Attendees Advice Thread

    You don't need to book a journey on the Tube, just tap in and out with your credit/debit card.
  9. Captain Lucas

    Preliminary Schedule UPDATED 10/07

    Wow, loving that talks schedule for Saturday. Adam Baldwin, Michael Shanks, the Cobra Kai, even a Star Trek talk all free and with no conflicts. Add the paid talk with Billy Dee Williams and almost every guest I'd be hoping to hear from has a talk. Nice job!
  10. Captain Lucas

    General Chat

    Unbeliveable how organised some people are. I'm doing well just to have a list of who I really want to get and who I might get if there's time.
  11. Captain Lucas

    Who are you meeting!?

    Since my earlier list, I will be adding an autograph from Robert Picardo as a definite (possibly also a photoshoot), probably get Michael Shanks autograph and quite possibly Ian McDiarmid.
  12. Captain Lucas


    The Doctor himself! Wow. Its funny, I was thinking the other night (instead if sleeping) which Star Trek guests I would most like to meet, and Robert was one of the first names I thought of. A really nice suprise!
  13. Captain Lucas


    I can not believe I didn't see this announcement before. Very excited.
  14. Captain Lucas


    One for my list I think, quite fond of SG1.
  15. Captain Lucas


    As a few other people have said, great announcement but maybe a little out of my price league.