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  1. Captain Lucas

    Celebrities Name A to Z

    Bruce Boxleitner
  2. Captain Lucas

    This or That

    By a hair's width Deep Space Nine, but I love both! Regular bread or sourdough?
  3. Captain Lucas

    Guest suggestions.

    Avery Brooks, Marc Alaimo, Michael Dorn, Jeffrey Coombs, Salome Jens, Casey Biggs (very entertaining last year), James Darren, Kate Mulgrew, Robert Beltran, Tim Russ, Roxann Dawson, Susanna Thompson, John DeLancie, Dwight Schultz, Jolene Blalock
  4. Captain Lucas

    First time attendee

    This is what I did last year. There is a Premier Inn just south of the Cathedral Square, 5 mins walk to New Street Station from where its a 10 min train ride. Should be no more than £50-60 a night.
  5. Captain Lucas

    Guest Experiences From The Weekend

    Meeting Robert Pircardo was a highlight for me. We had a moment talking about his excellent Opera singing abilities.
  6. Captain Lucas

    First time attendee

    Having been to both, the biggest difference is probably that DST is not as big as LFCC. Certainly in my experience, most of the queues are not as long, but my advice would be if you are going for all three days to get most of your autographs either Friday or Sunday and stick mainly to talks and other activities on Saturday, which is the busiest day. Personally I would say the NEC is a better venue, as the halls are just basically large hangers, there are not all these seperate spaces like at Olympia so its much easier to get around. Unlike LFCC, you need to buy 8 x 10s from a seperate table, though they are not expensive. Clearly best to work out what you want and go get them all when its not busy, maybe Friday. Packages wise, it depends what you want to do really. I brought Commander last year and had no regrets. It is reasonably affordable and affords quite good priority - no VQs, decent seating for the talks. Certainly I did very little queueing. Downside is 2 autographs and which talks you get are random, and that's especially a consideration with autos if you already have a number of Trek guests. Just a weekend pass gives you more flexibility in a sense, but you will queue for longer and be right at the back for talks on the main stage.
  7. Captain Lucas

    Answers to FAQ

    [pedantic]Of course, Deanna Troi was only half Betazoid and could only sense emotions rather than being telepathic per se.[/pedantic].
  8. Captain Lucas

    Temperature/Air Con

    Latest from the BBC site is today to Thursday are the hottest days in London, at 33, 32 and 37 degrees, while tempratures drop to 27 on Friday, 23 on Saturdday and 25 on Sunday. So we are all reasonably lucky really.
  9. Captain Lucas


    Not quite what was asked, but probably useful to know that there's a Tesco Express just across the road.
  10. Captain Lucas

    Movie Title Game

  11. Captain Lucas

    Guest Cancellation - Martin Kove

    In a non-critical and understanding way, I have to say I'm a little disappointed about this and hope Martin will be able to attend a future event.
  12. Captain Lucas

    Floor plan

    Useful, thanks for posting this.
  13. Captain Lucas

    What are you getting/what did you get signed?

    Well I have two quite rare ones: Fall of Rome Prequel Platinum Foil Edition (Limited to 850 copies) Fall of Rome #1 Gold Foil Edition (Limited to 500 copies) Then I have a couple of the more recent BOOM mini-series, Daniel Jackson and Vala Maldoran. Obvious question that raises is, do I get an issue of the series named after Daniel Jackson signed or one of the more rare comics which do have his face on the cover, but only as one of the team and not the main player?
  14. Captain Lucas

    What are you getting/what did you get signed?

    That Voyager poster is gorgeous. I first watched that show in something like 1998 and I still love it! I can't honestly think of many specific items I own that I could get autographed so I'll probably just go with the prints avaliable at the show. Michael Shanks is the one possible exception as I do have one or two fairly rare Stargate comics buried somewhere. Half tempted to get Martin Kove to sign my Karate Kid DVD though.
  15. Captain Lucas

    Guest Suggestions

    Eliza Dushku would be fantastic, although she has done one or two things other than Bring it On that might have a few fans.