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  1. Latest Guest Announcement - CERINA VINCENT

    I met her at my very first Showmasters Comic Con. She is one of the nicest guests I have ever met.
  2. Big Guest Announcement - Wednesday 7pm

    My rule is that if Showmasters have 3 guests or more that I have to meet, then that's when I start buying tickets. If this is one of those guests then I'll have reached my quota!
  3. Big Guest Announcement - Wednesday 7pm

    Ewan McGregor
  4. Big Guest Announcement - Wednesday 7pm

    Liam Neeson?
  5. Big Guest Announcement - Wednesday 7pm

    I get my work bonus on Wednesday so if it's a guest that I absolutely cannot miss then the timing could not be more perfect.
  6. Big Guest Announcement - Wednesday 7pm

    Wow! My work bonus could not come sooner! Well here are a few hopeful guesses: Harrison Ford (seeing how everybody's guessing him, I'll join in) Tim Curry (if he's well enough to travel) Daisy Ridley Bryan Cranston Amy Jo Johnson Jim Carrey
  7. Latest Guest Announcement - MEGAN FOX

    Wow. I'm broke at the moment so come payday, "Shut up and take my money!"
  8. Guest Suggestions

    Felicity Jones
  9. Guest Suggestions

    Now that it's come to a close: STAR WARS: REBELS Freddie Prince Jr - Kanan Jarrus Vanessa Marshall - Hera Syndulla Taylor Gray - Ezra Bridger Tiya Sircar - Sabine Wren Steven Blum - Garazeb Orrelios Dave Filoni - C1-10P (Chopper) David Oyelowo - Agent Alexsandr Kallus Jason Issacs - The Grand Inquisitor Dee Bradley Baker - Captain Rex Stephen Stanton - AP-5 Jim Cummings - Hondo Ohnaka Maul - Sam Witwer Tom Kenny - The Bendu Lars Mikkelsen - Grand Admiral Thrawn Ashley Eckstein - Ahsoka Tano
  10. Guest Suggestions

    Ellen Page
  11. Guest Suggestions

  12. "Devil in Disguise" Hmmmmm.... That's also a line from the song "Beautiful Stranger" which was written for Austin Powers 2. So, maybe Mike Myers? Or who else is known for playing the Devil and is also "delicious"? Tim Curry perhaps?
  13. 2018 Anniversaries

    Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers - 25th Anniversary Star Wars: The Clone Wars - 10th Anniversary
  14. Tim Curry is one of my most hopefuls. But I do understand that his health has to come first.