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  1. Matt Thornton

    Latest Guest Announcement - SAMANTHA BOND

    Loved her on Outnumbered. Fingers crossed the rest of the Brockman family can make an appearance too
  2. Matt Thornton

    Guest Suggestions

    Jennifer Beals Leisha Hailey Katherine Moenning Arienne Mandi Sepideh Moafi Leo Sheng Jacqueline Toboni Rosanny Zayas
  3. Matt Thornton

    Guest Suggestions

    Just putting this out there. My friend's dad is the one who designed IG-88 (Star Wars). I could ask if he'd be interested?
  4. Matt Thornton

    Guest announcement Friday 27th

    Kayley Cuoco
  5. Matt Thornton

    Guest Suggestions

    Hugh Dennis Claire Skinner Tyger Drew-Honey Daniel Roche Ramona Marquez
  6. Matt Thornton

    Guest Suggestions

    Karyn Parsons Tatyana Ali Joseph Marcell Daphne Maxwell Reid Alfonso Ribiero
  7. Matt Thornton

    What are you getting/what did you get signed?

    My Two and Half Men Complete Collection signed by Charlie Sheen My Once Upon A Time Complete Collection signed by Robert Carlyle, Lana Parrilla and Emile De Ravin
  8. Matt Thornton

    Photos! Let’s see them!!

    Bob Gale was my last guest of the weekend. Such a great guy and I'm so happy I had the chance to thank him for helping make some of the greatest movies of all time!
  9. Matt Thornton

    Photos! Let’s see them!!

    A personal favourite of my Photo Shoots from LFCC Summer 2019. Aimee Garcia was such a sweet and lovely person to meet. She was very chatty and a real pleasure to talk to. She complimented my cosplay and wrote the sweetest comment when I went to get my autograph. Thank you, Aimee!
  10. Matt Thornton

    Photos! Let’s see them!!

    I know! I'm a Bad ass! LOL!
  11. Matt Thornton

    Photos! Let’s see them!!

    I didn't know what pose to do when my turn came. Lana pulled me in close and said, "Let's make it like a Prom Picture!" BEST PHOTO OP OF THE CON! Thank you, Lana!
  12. Matt Thornton

    Lana Parrilla Appreciation Post

    Met her on Saturday. I remember going for the Photo Shoot and kept thinking, "What should I do and how should pose?" When my turn came, I thought it'd be best just to put my arm around her shoulder for a normal, simple pose. Lana then brought me in close and said, "We can make it like a Prom Picture" All I can say is BEST PHOTO OP OF THE WHOLE CON! Lana is simply wonderful and was such a pleasure to meet.
  13. Matt Thornton


    Just booked my Diamond Pass. Hoping to get my DVD copy of "Penelope" signed
  14. Matt Thornton

    Entry points and pass collection

    Okay. So I have several Diamond Passes for Saturday and Sunday and unfortunately I am unable to get them earlier as I have work commitments. Am I correct that I can pick up my Diamond Passes from the Grand Hall Foyer on Saturday morning then I proceed to Gate H for Normal Entry?
  15. Matt Thornton

    Guest Suggestions

    Billy West. My life long ambition to meet my favourite voice actor!