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    Bex Taylor Klaus
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    David Jason
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    Voice Actors Billy West Tara Strong Tress MacNeille Ashly Burch Nolan North Troy Baker John DiMaggio Maurice LaMarche Ashley Johnson E.G Daily Lauren Tom Phil LaMarr Melissa Hutchison Dan Castellaneta Nancy Cartwright Yardley Smith Hank Azaria Harry Shearer Eddie Deezen Tom Kenny Carlos Alazraqui Julie Kavner Alan Tudyk Kevin Conroy Dominic Armato Kath Soucie Cheryl Chase Cree Summer MARK HAMILL
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    I believe there was a Sabrina the Teenage Witch reunion a couple of months ago. How epic would it be to have one at LFCC 2018?
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    I liked him in Evita. It's also one of my mum's favourite musicals. I'd make a great gift if I could get an autograph from him.
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