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  1. Officially getting my first photo shoot of LFCC 2020! I'm such a fan of his! Thank you, SM!
  2. Absolutely lovely to read your wround up! I did see you in cosplay on Sunday but didn't recognize you (I lurk mostly on here so I usually know ppls faces). Your cosplay was quite excellent!
  3. I wholeheartedly agree with this! The gals handing out passes today were utterly funny and lovely. Thank you for everything you do!
  4. Wohooooo! Perfectly timed with season 4 of Lucifer.
  5. Ooooh, I'm excited! Marvel actor would be incredible. But I'm thrilled no matter what because it means it's closer to LFCC! \o/
  6. I'm considering cosplaying as Amy Pond (from "The time of the Angels") but I don't have red hair (or want to re-dye it, am v. fond of my current colour). Nor do I want to wear a wig (much too hot). So I'm unsure. I may be an Amy Pond with purple hair?
  7. I've been to four LFCC's and in general all guests have been amazing. But to name a few that I think back to with extra-fondness: TJ Thyne - remembered me throughout the weekend, gave presents to the fans! Sweet, funny and very grateful for us fans. Zach Levi - genuine, funny, sweet and very thankful for the fans Jeremy Renner - I was worried he'd be too busy and jet-lagged but he took his time, chatted with me and made me feel at ease. He did poses and seemed to genuinely enjoy being there. Laurie Holden - she was thrilled when I talked about how much I loved her on M7 and was so happy to chat. But as I said, in general all guests have been amazing! I would be happy to mention pretty much every single one I've met at LFCC but those above stand out a little extra. :)
  8. I hope everyone's enjoying the meet. I've come down with a splitting headache (stupid heat) so I will remain in my hotel room and rest so I'll be better tomorrow. And, tomorrow, if you see someone with purple hair (dark with some lighter bits), a black and white stripey dress and a bag with a Star Trek badge on it, say hi if you want!
  9. I'm usually super-awkward with stuff like this but I'd like to meet some new peeps as I'm on my own. I'll be coming to London on Thursday so unless I'm dead from traveling I'll come by. :)
  10. Michaela Conlin (from Bones) TJ Thyne (from Bones) Anthony Starke (Magnificent Seven, Prison Break, Seinfeld etc.) Eric Close (Magnificent Seven, Nashville, Suits, Without a Trace etc.) Dale Midkiff (Magnificent Seven, Time Trax, CSI, Castle etc.)
  11. Adam Savage (from Mythbusters and Tested) Jeff Goldblum Sandra Bullock (hey, a girl can dream)
  12. I saw amazing cosplayer throughout the weekend. The above mentioned of course. But I also saw several SG-1 cosplayers who were just spot on! Also Castiel and Crowley that I chatted to in one of the photo queues. The guys cosplaying as Nedry and Dodgson from Jurassic Park were so awesome! Of course all of the Marvel related ones were terrific! Thank you to EVERYONE who cosplays. I love seeing you and marveling at your costumes and just grinning like a fool because I love seeing people being so enthusiastic about their fandom(s)!
  13. I've got the blues and the flu. Both are totally worth it though! But the flu-thing could go away right now.
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