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  1. Will this be ONE of the legendary big guest announcements this time , any update as to if these 3 big guests have fell through or still in the pipeline.
  2. If The ROCK is announced the show will go into meltdown ! and bring Mr Statham with you.
  3. My Opinion ..... The year to beat was when Sigourney Weaver , MJF were over that was a superb event. Wonder if this 15yr one can top it with these 3 legendary guests , come on Jason pull the rabbit from the hat me old mucka.
  4. Bring on Clint Eastwood , Tom Hanks , Michael Caine , Ian McKellan or Robert De Niro and I will give you my credit card to cut up after.
  5. Hope we get some warning because it sounds like my credit card will go into meltdown quicker than Chernobyl !
  6. Would love it to be Linda Hamilton what with the new Terminator movie coming out very soon. It's been yrs since she did an event.
  7. A mobile GREGGS would be awesome , loads and loads of sausage rolls please Jason.
  8. Awesome guest will be getting my uncut Blu ray of Holocaust signed by the main man for sure.
  9. This is now the 4th time in a row he has cancelled the event.
  10. OH MY GOD ..... I am totally gutted and feel sick ...... what a legend and a honour to have met this amazing man R.I.P Stan.
  11. So looking forward to a chat with this legend of a man over the weekend. Were the lines busy to get his autograph ? Cheers
  12. Thank you QS for your help I have the emailed the store with screen grabs and authorisation numbers as requested. I wish you a speedy recovery and you feel better soon.
  13. The little white sheet that comes out of the printer on the sales desk failed to pop out of the machine hence why they put it through a second time. Don't know if I have the one copy that did come out on the second attempt still QS.
  14. Hi QS ..... I have rang the CC company this morning and they have given me the authorisation codes for both transactions and they are only 1 minute apart. Have you any idea why no one is picking up the phone in the office ? Will take a screen grab and email it to them later this morning with the times and codes .... can you advise this needs addressing ASAP please.
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