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  1. Bingo Boy

    Big guest announcement wednesday @7pm

    Emilia Clarke
  2. Bingo Boy

    Guest Cancellation - Charles Dance

    This is now the 4th time in a row he has cancelled the event.
  3. Bingo Boy

    RIP Stan Lee

    OH MY GOD ..... I am totally gutted and feel sick ...... what a legend and a honour to have met this amazing man R.I.P Stan.
  4. So looking forward to a chat with this legend of a man over the weekend. Were the lines busy to get his autograph ? Cheers
  5. Bingo Boy

    Edward James Olmos - refunds?

    Thank you QS for your help I have the emailed the store with screen grabs and authorisation numbers as requested. I wish you a speedy recovery and you feel better soon.
  6. Bingo Boy

    Edward James Olmos - refunds?

    The little white sheet that comes out of the printer on the sales desk failed to pop out of the machine hence why they put it through a second time. Don't know if I have the one copy that did come out on the second attempt still QS.
  7. Bingo Boy

    Edward James Olmos - refunds?

    Hi QS ..... I have rang the CC company this morning and they have given me the authorisation codes for both transactions and they are only 1 minute apart. Have you any idea why no one is picking up the phone in the office ? Will take a screen grab and email it to them later this morning with the times and codes .... can you advise this needs addressing ASAP please.
  8. Bingo Boy

    Edward James Olmos - refunds?

    Think of me pal £500 out of pocket due to Olympia not allowing Showmasters to use the in house wifi on Friday. The card machine kept swirling away for ages and the sales person gave up after it never issued a ticket from the printer , put it through again which then went through only to find 1K debited from my account when checked ! Need serious help with this one QS because it is a very large sum of money.
  9. Bingo Boy

    Edward James Olmos - refunds?

    I did QS , thanks for the reply. Hoping it can be resolved easy without opening a case with CC company cheers.
  10. Bingo Boy

    Edward James Olmos - refunds?

    QS would you kindly contact the office and ask Stuart to pick up my email sent earlier regarding £500 taken from my credit card twice for £500 of autograph vouchers on Friday. tried to call office but rings once then disconnects my call all the time. Thank you
  11. Any body had these refunds yet for the cancellation ?
  12. Bingo Boy

    IT'S THURSDAY who is Hyped for LFCC 2018

    On my way to London in 30 minutes , collect the diamonds tonight and have a cold beer.
  13. Bingo Boy

    Guest Cancellation - Megan Fox

    On my Diamond pass refund email it shows £211 and then in brackets (PARTIAL REFUND) .... better get the right cash back as it is spends.
  14. Bingo Boy

    Latest Guest Announcement - SAM NEILL

    As it been confirmed yet what backdrop they are going to use for the green screen ? ...... could do with knowing before lashing out 75 smackers.
  15. Bingo Boy

    Guest Cancellation - Megan Fox

    I really need my refunds through showmasters , I have £400 due for a diamond and 2 bumblebee shoots ..... this is stopping me purchasing a diamond for Sam Neill.