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  1. he cancelled an appearance in london. Never said anything other than that. And didn´t even thought of saying anything more than that. He cancelled London and why would he not want to go to THIS LFCC THIS year? I don´t understand why this is important I am not breaking any rules on here The main thing is, he do cons in europe, so why not LFCC this year? There is at least the chance!
  2. Dave Bautista should come to LFCC since he cancelled last year
  3. Evanna Lynch Matthew Lewis Clark Gregg Chris Pratt Dave Bautista Zoe Saldana Jeff Ward Iain deCaestecker Ming-Na Wen Patrick Steward Matt Smith Peter Capaldi James Gunn Michael Sheen Mark Rylance Simon Pegg Tye Sheridan Lena Waithe Olivia Cooke Steven Spielberg
  4. if it is Chris Pratt I will freak out and cry of luck. He and James Gunn are my HEROES. That would be the BEST announcement of ALL TIME for me.
  5. Still hoping for Chris Pratt or any of the guardians.. maybe Zoe Saldana or Dave Bautista
  6. Third! Matthew Lewis and Evanna Lynch PLEASE!!
  7. still no guest for me beside Philip Zhao ^^' hoping for a guardians of the galaxy guest, agents of shield or/and more ready player one. Matthew Lewis and Evanna Lynch would be sooo awesome!! and Matt Smith
  8. CHRIS PRATT Tye Sherdian Patrick Steward Olivia Cooke Mark Rylance Simon Pegg James Gunn DAVE BAUTISTA ZOE SALDANA Mathew Lewis Evanna Lynch Matt Smith David Tennant Peter Capaldi Lena Waithe Jeff Ward Iain de Caesteckar Ming-Na Wen Clark Gregg Elisabeth Henstridge Win Morisaki Chackie Chan Rowan Atkinson Bradley Cooper Mark Hamill Chris Evans Robert Downey Jr. James Gunn JAMES GUNN Karen Gillan Pom Klementieff Bryce Dallas Howard CHRIS
  9. Legendary (LEGENDARY GUEST) Outlaw .. called STARLORD man. Chris Pratt please
  10. please please please please CHRIS PRATT please please please
  11. still hoping on anyone from the guardians of the galaxy maincast.. and agents of shield.. but loosing hope
  12. agents of shield cast ready player one cast Dave Bautista Zoe Saldana Matt Smith Clark Gregg
  13. Dave Bautista Zoe Saldana Mark Rylance Olivia Cooke Tye Sheridan Simon Pegg Lena Waithe Clark Gregg Ming-Na Wen Iain de Carstecker Jeff Ward Patrick Stewart Chris Pratt Bryce Dallas Howard Matt Smith Peter Capaldi Win Morisaki Evanna Lynch Matthew Lewis
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