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  1. Latest Guest Announcement - CHAD COLEMAN

    Don’t forget he was in arrow as well
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    Thank you
  3. General Chat

    I’m from Scotland as well, and when you have a limit to how much money you can lift daily, then it becomes a bit of a problem when trying to get autographs and so forth
  4. General Chat

    That’s a completely different scenario to the one here, and also I checked and Scottish bank notes are legal tender and should be accepted in England without question
  5. General Chat

    I’ve quite literally got one of those notes in my wallet right now
  6. General Chat

    Money is money, and it Should be accepted
  7. General Chat

    My point being is English bank notes are happily accepted in Scotland but why are people in England so weird about Scottish bank notes
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    will scottish money be accepted happily this year
  9. Latest Guest Announcement - JASON MOMOA

    Wrong, you mean his photo shoots for Saturday have sold out, you might have just struck the fear into some people saying that Momoa was sold out
  10. Latest Guest Announcement - MARK STRONG

    Yassssss awesome guest love him in kingsman
  11. Just curious, if a guests diamond passes don’t sell out prior to the event, is it possible to buy one at the sales desk during the weekend, thanks