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  1. GreenArrow2046

    New Event Announced

    You’re spoiling us these past couple of days, but very glad this event location is back
  2. GreenArrow2046

    Latest Guest Announcement - CLARK GREGG

    Holy moly, if I go I think it will be a diamond
  3. GreenArrow2046

    Guest Suggestions

    Ernie Hudson
  4. GreenArrow2046

    Guest announcement Friday 27th

    Peter Capaldi
  5. GreenArrow2046


    Love umbrella academy, if I do this trip he will be a definite one to get
  6. GreenArrow2046

    Tuesday 7pm Announcements inc headliner

    Hoping for nobody I want, still skint after London haha
  7. GreenArrow2046

    General Chat

    Loved the first film anyway, but now the sequel has my full attention
  8. GreenArrow2046


    I guess we will see how the money situ is at that time, maybe make it a one day trip
  9. GreenArrow2046

    General Chat

    Shut up and take my money already
  10. GreenArrow2046

    Glasgow 2019 Schedule

    Looking forward to meeting the highlander
  11. GreenArrow2046

    Films watched in 2019

    caught World war Z the other night on film 4, mainly stuck around because I knew peter capaldi appeared in this movie playing a WHO Doctor, Total Easter egg right there, but ended up really enjoying it, shame the sequel has been cancelled
  12. GreenArrow2046

    General Chat

    i dare you to come to the shoot in a bear costume
  13. GreenArrow2046

    Robin Lord Taylor Winter LFCC 2019

    Get him there Showmasters
  14. No clue, won’t know until the event gene you collect it, I tried to predict my diamond gifts for London and was wrong on them all but still happy with them all
  15. A week to go, very much looking forward to meeting the Highlander