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  1. I think 2025/2026 is a bit extreme, 2021 is definitely not going to have a normal event if any at all. I think by summer 2022 we will see events back to normal
  2. With how things are still, I would personally advise not booking anything until the last possible moment, we still don’t know what the situation at the event will be like for photo shoots and autographs and things, while July is quite a while away we still can’t predict the future, it’s an expensive thing to put money into and you want to have a good memory of it
  3. Perfect idea, I still need a photo shoot with Capaldi
  4. Glasgow was the first event I ever attended, nearby to where I live so it’s an easy event to get to. The arena is small compared to the likes of London but I was still overwhelmed with it all, it confirmed I was definitely a comic con geek disappointed Glasgow isn’t happening this year as it’s a nice event to help with the post con blues just after London. Onwards to 2021 and many more comic cons in the future, I’ve got a long list of guests that I look forward to meeting
  5. That is one solution to it, but I still think I’ll just wait until things go back to normal. it’s a fair solution and if people would be happy with that then I hope they enjoy the event but I don’t see myself attending an event for quite a while. which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I guess I will just have a lot of money saved up for a future event
  6. Sadly it was inevitable. I don’t think I will be attending a comic con for quite a while to be honest, although we don’t know what procedures will be put in place yet I don’t really want to pay a fortune just to keep a massive gap between me and the guest, that wouldn’t make for a great memory. It’s understandable but I think I will probably wait until things go back to normal
  7. Well we’ve all been in lockdown, I haven’t been active on here for a while, so I hope everyone is getting on as best as possible, I’m sure we will all be back to fast walking (maybe running) for VQ tickets when it’s safe to do so
  8. Blue bears are given different government advice
  9. i think I recognise the model maker you are talking about and I’ve bought quite a few from him in the past, I don’t believe he does online stock but I have his email address here to contact him before future shows. buydezignmodels@aol.com I don’t believe I’ve broken any forum rules but if I have I’m sure the mods will let me know hope you get the model you’re looking for
  10. It’ll be great, I hope, the rest of the season has been really good so far
  11. It’s a lovely item, but I prefer to get my autographs in person
  12. Avoid social media until the end of the episode, hope you enjoy it
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