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  1. Guest Suggestions

    Stephen Amell Colton Haynes John Barrowman Cole Sprouse Lili Reinhart Skeet Ulrich Matthew Lillard Neve Campbell
  2. Guest Cancellation - Megan Fox

    Yes you are entitled to a refund, but only a refund of what you purchased for that individual guest if they cancel, I’m assuming here that you bought Megan Fox’s diamond pass. But like Chris1970 has said this is a multi genre comic con and not a Megan Fox only comic con, showmasters do state that entry tickets and such are non refundable and non transferable, so basically I suggest you just go to the event and enjoy it, feel happy you can actually attend this year because the line up is amazing, I wish I could be there because there are so many people I want to meet but oh well, and also it’s a very sad day when geeks start complaining about having to attend a comic con, maybe the world really is ending haha
  3. Guest Suggestions

    Anyone from the arrowverse.
  4. Guest Suggestions

    I second this
  5. Guest Suggestions

    Please get Peter Capaldi back, I can’t make London this year
  6. London Comic Con Spring for 2019!

    New website design looks well awesome, also is anyone else being sad like me and already planning out how much this event is gonna cost so far, such as travel and accommodation haha

    You’re paying for the guarantee, Matt is only there for one day and will be a very popular guest so the extra money on the diamond pass is for the guarantee of getting an autograph
  8. Diamond Pass Guests autograph limits

    50!!! That’s absolutely ridiculous, dealers really annoy me for the fact that they are just there to get as many autographs as possible to then sell on at a crazy price, me personally I go to these events and meet these people because I genuinely want to meet these people, possibly talk to them for a bit, get a personalised autograph and create a lasting memory for myself, I like to think many people join me in this way of thinking because tbh the dealers are there just to get loads of items and sell them on at as high a price a possible, and I truly wonder what a guest think when they see someone getting all these items signed
  9. Have I bought too many photoshoots?

    Sorry weren’t you the one that said you’re gonna meet Peter Capaldi even though you don’t like Scottish people, because last time I checked he is Scottish
  10. Have I bought too many photoshoots?

    I know you’re agreeing with me I meant to quote your post and hawkmans post about nobody thinking England would lose, no offence to England but everyone here in Scotland was hoping you’d lose
  11. Have I bought too many photoshoots?

    oh don't be so sure, i knew croatia would win
  12. Have I bought too many photoshoots?

    8 photo shoots is entirely possible, most of the time the crew is extremely helpful, I had a clash at Birmingham this year and I told a crew member and he got me basically just a few spaces from the front of the queue so that I didn’t miss my other photo shoot, but like Raylenth says just wait for the schedule and floor plan and then you can plan your day out to the minute, yes okay I’m that sad that when the schedule comes out I sit plan everything out, but just don’t panic, just be organised

    Just think of it this way, it’s sunday and the event has closed and you didnt get Val Kilmer because you only went with trying to get his VQ, how does it make you feel if you didn’t get it, and if it makes you feel sad then just buy the Diamond Pass, because it is well worth it
  14. Gif Free Soccerball World Cup Serious Talk Thread

    Also I’m sooooo glad I don’t have to hear “It’s Coming Home” anymore, the only thing that’s coming home is the England squad haha
  15. Gif Free Soccerball World Cup Serious Talk Thread

    YASS CROATIA, I’m not from Croatia btw, I just didn’t want England to win