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  1. GreenArrow2046

    Guest Suggestions

    Peter Capaldi, Nuff said
  2. GreenArrow2046

    Custom controller

    Sounds like the stall I seen last time I was there in 2017, they were called “undead gaming” hope that helps
  3. GreenArrow2046

    Jeremy Bulloch announces retirement from conventions

    A very deserved retirement, always a gentlemen whenever he attended the events which was very often, so glad I met him at Glasgow a couple of years ago
  4. GreenArrow2046

    Christopher Eccleston Appreciation

    Please get Christopher back
  5. GreenArrow2046

    General Chat

    Or 7, imagine a Monday to Sunday Event, that would be awesome
  6. GreenArrow2046

    Guest Suggestions

    PETER CAPALDI for either this event or London in the summer again, heard how great he was and so gutted I could make it this year as he’s my favourite doctor
  7. for anyone that has met Christopher, just wondering what he is like?
  8. GreenArrow2046

    General Chat

    watched all the gameplay for that, was awesome!!!
  9. GreenArrow2046

    Latest Guest Announcement - ZACHARY LEVI

    The trailer for Shazam looks great, gutted I can’t meet him but oh well
  10. GreenArrow2046

    Diamond Pass Questions

    They will be a sign that states which diamond pass numbers can go for their autograph, it will say something like 1-100 or 1-200 and if your diamond is within that number at that time then you can go get your autograph
  11. GreenArrow2046

    Guest Suggestions

    Stephen Amell Colton Haynes John Barrowman Cole Sprouse Lili Reinhart Skeet Ulrich Matthew Lillard Neve Campbell
  12. GreenArrow2046

    Guest Cancellation - Megan Fox

    Yes you are entitled to a refund, but only a refund of what you purchased for that individual guest if they cancel, I’m assuming here that you bought Megan Fox’s diamond pass. But like Chris1970 has said this is a multi genre comic con and not a Megan Fox only comic con, showmasters do state that entry tickets and such are non refundable and non transferable, so basically I suggest you just go to the event and enjoy it, feel happy you can actually attend this year because the line up is amazing, I wish I could be there because there are so many people I want to meet but oh well, and also it’s a very sad day when geeks start complaining about having to attend a comic con, maybe the world really is ending haha
  13. GreenArrow2046

    Guest Suggestions

    Anyone from the arrowverse.
  14. GreenArrow2046

    Guest Suggestions

    I second this
  15. GreenArrow2046

    Guest Suggestions

    Please get Peter Capaldi back, I can’t make London this year