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  1. GreenArrow2046

    General Chat

    Maybe I’ll be eating my hat then, but I hope not because I love that hat
  2. GreenArrow2046

    General Chat

    It was like a mad max stage play so I highly doubt it, I’ll eat my hat if they do win though
  3. GreenArrow2046

    General Chat

    its safe to say Iceland won't win
  4. GreenArrow2046


    Ah Turk, you gotta admit a smile appeared on your face every time he appeared across the marvel Netflix shows, a guest I will look forward to meet
  5. GreenArrow2046

    Big guest announcement wednesday @7pm

    Marvel Movies or Arrowverse
  6. GreenArrow2046

    Guest Suggestions

    Ernie Hudson
  7. GreenArrow2046

    Gotham Cast for LFCC 2019

    I second this!!!! Make it happen Showmasters
  8. GreenArrow2046

    Guest Suggestions

    Donal Logue sean pertwee Ben McKenzie Cameron Monaghan Cory Michael Smith David Mazouz
  9. GreenArrow2046

    Film Con Help

    I got to Rutger very early at LFCC and got a decent VQ and still didn’t get in to see him, Just gotta try your best as when guests aren’t diamonds then there is no guarantee
  10. GreenArrow2046

    Who are you meeting!?

    Hopefully my friend, fingers crossed!
  11. GreenArrow2046

    Who are you meeting!?

    I need autograph and photoshoot, it will be a diamond for me when he gets announced
  12. GreenArrow2046

    Who are you meeting!?

    Matt Smith when he is announced again
  13. GreenArrow2046

    General chat

    I don’t use either, was told by a friend about the response from the twitter page, still hoping for more Collectormania guests either way to even up to last years numbers