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  1. GreenArrow2046

    Guest announcement at 7pm tomorrow

    There isn’t one, tonight was just for collectormania
  2. GreenArrow2046

    Guest Suggestions

    Peter Capaldi !!!!!!
  3. GreenArrow2046

    Guest Suggestions

    Some Rogue One guests for my Rogue One poster would be great!
  4. Yasss!!! Massive Man Utd fan so this will go well next to my framed football top signed by Sir Alex
  5. GreenArrow2046

    Guest Suggestions

    That would be awesome!!!
  6. GreenArrow2046

    Guest Suggestions

    ken kirzinger kane hodder
  7. GreenArrow2046

    Latest Guest Announcement - IAN SOMERHALDER

    The print is 12x16 as opposed to the standard 8x10 ones that you can get, and the diamond pass is for the guarantee and the priority, no one is forcing you to buy it but personally it is worth it, from my own experiences
  8. GreenArrow2046

    Guest Suggestions

    Matthew Lillard would be great since he cancelled London a couple of years ago
  9. GreenArrow2046

    Guest Suggestions

    any of the cast of scream would be great
  10. loved musketeers, great guest, i look forward to meeting him
  11. GreenArrow2046

    Guest Suggestions

    Peter Capaldi, Nuff said
  12. GreenArrow2046

    Custom controller

    Sounds like the stall I seen last time I was there in 2017, they were called “undead gaming” hope that helps
  13. GreenArrow2046

    Jeremy Bulloch announces retirement from conventions

    A very deserved retirement, always a gentlemen whenever he attended the events which was very often, so glad I met him at Glasgow a couple of years ago
  14. GreenArrow2046

    Christopher Eccleston Appreciation

    Please get Christopher back
  15. GreenArrow2046

    General Chat

    Or 7, imagine a Monday to Sunday Event, that would be awesome