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  1. Already have an EMH pic signed.... tempted by Dr Zimmerman now.... they are 2 separate characters right?
  2. You and me both. Would love to meet him but can't attend Friday. Hopefully he'll be back soon.
  3. Matty-lad

    Big guest announcement wednesday @7pm

    Patrick Stewart......... Pretty please.
  4. Matty-lad

    To Diamond Pass or not to Diamond Pass

    If it helps I was in the same boat. A few years ago I wanted to meet Christopher Lloyd so got a VQ ticket. It was quite a low number from what I remember but between him taking his time signing and the amount of Diamonds / VQ tickets I missed out. Luckily he was announced for the following year so didn't hesitate in getting his Diamond pass this time. Like you I hate photos but I just think of these as added time with the guest and they're just filed away behind the autographs never to be seen again.
  5. Matty-lad

    Latest Guest Announcement - ALAN VAN SPRANG

    Lovely guy. I highly recommend meeting him.
  6. Sorry not to gloat but glad I met him in London. Good luck to the rest of you with tracking him down.
  7. Matty-lad

    Guest suggestions.

    Ethan Peck & Michelle Yeoh are near the top of my list. Met the others. Alan Van Sprang was so delightful.
  8. Matty-lad


    5.22am train Saturday morning....
  9. Matty-lad

    Latest Guest Announcement - SHARON D CLARKE

    I was so looking forward to meeting her then realised she's Sunday only. Oh well, she'll be back..... hopefully
  10. Matty-lad

    Latest Guest Announcement - MICHELLE FORBES

    Had the pleasure of meeting her a few years ago. Very nice lady.
  11. Matty-lad

    Latest Guest Announcement - Sandra Gimpel

    Yeah I met her today and got her autograph. Was very lovely to talk to as well.
  12. Matty-lad

    First Time DST FAQ?

    It would appear according to the DST website, registration times are as follows :- Event Open Times Friday 19th October 14:00 - 20:00 (Registration Opens: 10:00) Saturday 20th October 09:00 - 18:00 (Registration Opens: 08:00) Sunday 21st October 09:00 - 18:00 (Registration Opens: 08:00) This is on the tickets page.... http://www.destinationstartrek.com/tickets
  13. Matty-lad

    Admiral Package information

    Thanks both..... really looking forward to this.... plus it's local so that's a bonus. See you all there.... LLAP
  14. So I know this is going to make me sound stupid so I apologise.... My nan recently passed away and I thought in tribute to her I would use some of my forthcoming inheritance on an admiral pass. She has always supported my Star Trek love andshe would be happy I was using it like this. So now the questions.. 1) Are there any guest autographs that are exempt from this? I'm a little worried certain big names won't be available. 2) Am I able to purchase further autographs from guests while getting the ones in the package? Sorry for the questions. Been to many Showmaster events but this'll be the first dedicated show. Thanks.
  15. Matty-lad

    Step counts?

    25,000 Friday 20,000 Saturday 17,000 Sunday Don't know if it was because we were getting more tired during the weekend or all the queuing for Doctors on Sunday.