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Latest Guest Announcement - NICK FROST


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Latest Guest Announcement - Nick Frost

Appearing: Saturday

Autograph: £25

Photo Shoot: £25

Buy Tickets Now


Shaun of the Dead - Ed
Hot Fuzz - PC Danny Butterman
Doctor Who - Santa Claus
Spaced - Mike Watt
Paul - Clive Gollings
The Words End - Andy Knightley
Into the Badlands - Bajie
Tomb Raider - Pawnbroker Alan
Fighting with My Family - Ricky Knight
Ice Age: Continental Drift - Flynn
Snow White and the Huntsman - Nion
The Huntsman: Winters War - Nion 






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19 hours ago, Starbug said:

We just need Simon pegg come on showmasters you can get him 

We can dream. Fingers crossed. Met him a while back, but he said he was jet lagged and not looking good haha So wouldnt do photos,  still signed gladly.

So I need a photo with Nick and Simon still (or any other cast members from their films/TV stuff).


Nick is going to be insanely busy being there one day and so cheap in price. I may need to camp out at 3am this year to be first haha

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On 1/25/2020 at 1:05 PM, Mayhem said:

Recall when Nick was at LFCC before, I almost want to say his price is lower this time! But he was mad busy previously...


Yeah I do think his line will be insanity. I really am not sure if I can be bothered to stand hours in a line to get something signed, it ruins my day standing around wasting my day like that. Either I get a low line ticket and be one of the first in line, or I am stuffed sadly.

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OMG, so cool, just need Simon Pegg to complete the set.  Come on Showmasters, you know you want to. And if you do, a feel a diamond pass option would be in order.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.

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