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  1. Still no email with DP barcodes Hopefully they'll arrive in time OR, they're doing it like before as its the quieter Winter show
  2. Are the DP being printed the same way as in july ie. An email will be sent with a barcode to be scanned at the show, one per DP? If so, they're running a bit late with the emails being sent
  3. I always get off at Barons Court and walk up ( 10 to 15 mins) Good day today. Only my trains in and out of London have me issues
  4. Will they have Saturday's DPs ready when i leave on Friday, or will i have to get them on Saturday morning ?
  5. Since my post , Robbie and Robert have cancelled and Janet and Doug's photoshoots are too early for me to get to Will try a desk one for both
  6. I hope this doesn't mean i cant use it at the show for 195 worth of autograph vouchers all in one go, seeing as they only do 5 , 10 , 15 etc vouchers
  7. Definitely going to put some of my Robbie vouchers towards Michael
  8. Bought so far DP - Robbie Coltrane , Katee Sachoff, Stephen Ammel Photos (plan to add autos on day(s) ) Henry Thomas (ET bike), Mickey Dolenz , Claudia Wells Still to buy DP - Martin Shaw , Alex Kingston Autos and photos - Misty Rosas, David Ramsey, Philip Glenister, Doug Naylor, Daniele Nicolet, Robert Davi Possible Clarence Gilyard Jr, Grand L Bush, Janet Fielding
  9. Oh I'm getting a diamond pass When she was mainly known for Battlestar, I wasn't bothered, but being in Star Wars Rebels, Mandalorian and Flash, means she's a definite And if I get any cancellations from my other guests, I'm getting 2 autos
  10. Yikes. That's almost a 300% price increase from 2019 ( £30)
  11. When did eventbrite separate the ticket purchasing section as three separate events? Friday , Saturday and Sunday are now showing as three different events It's not very user friendly
  12. That link has all the sports guests on its page still It also has no or little posts from this year and has mixed photos showing guests for 3\4 sept 2022 and others for 4\5 sept 2021 I've always used this site as it's always been spot on accurate , obviously until now It seems every other sub forum for a convention on here is accurate....bar this one
  13. So they are showing in the 2022 forum but aren't actually going, but the others listed are going ? How would I know which were and weren't going if everyone , attending or not, are still showing in this 2022 forum? The non attendees should have been removed from this section then. I booked a hotel based on this forums list for the Sunday What's the groovy end ?
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