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  1. andrewrolar

    2019 Anniversaries

    home improvement 20 years since it ended Friends 25 years since it debuted
  2. andrewrolar

    Jacqueline Pearce

    So sad. On a selfish note it's made me realise that you should never put guests off until next time because there might not be a next time RIP
  3. andrewrolar

    Guest suggestions.

    Michelle Forbes Roxanne Dawson Robert Duncan McNeill Donna Murphy
  4. andrewrolar

    New Photo Shoots Available!

    whatever the reason , they've lost 60 quid of my money because of it
  5. andrewrolar

    Guest Suggestions

    Anyone from White Collar , especially Matt Bomer , Bridgette Regan or Hilarie Burton :)
  6. andrewrolar

    Latest Guest Announcement - Terry Farrell

    sometime last week I noticed a Dax duo shoot with Nicole Now it seems to have disappeared.
  7. andrewrolar

    Guest Suggestions

    Emily Bett Rickards Melissa Benoist Chyler Leigh Paige (wwe) Natalia (wwe) Bayley (wwe) Anyone from Orphan Black, Killjoys or Scorpion.
  8. andrewrolar

    Saturday queue feedback

    Ok. Scrap that then
  9. andrewrolar


    yes , I heard she was ill hope she gets better , or is already better .
  10. andrewrolar

    Saturday queue feedback

    Seeing as they pretty much do the same thing, would replacing "extra help" wristbands with complimentary Gold wristbands maybe help? That way , every extra help person would appear to be a gold member , so hopefully no arguments or incidents would occur. Then everyone can be less stressed and enjoy the show more.
  11. andrewrolar

    Edward James Olmos - refunds?

    i got my Megan refund the day after my email arrived , and as my Edward email arrived yesterday , I'm hopeful of receiving it today or tomorrow Just my Sam Neil green screen and Paige Turco (sun) to go , after that
  12. andrewrolar

    Peter Weller Auto Problem

    Rose Mciver and all 3 Dukes guests ,put their character names on mine
  13. andrewrolar

    Peter Weller Auto Problem

    Brother says that a personalisation was not extra, but quotes were
  14. andrewrolar

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    A few more
  15. andrewrolar


    Stuck in his normal shoot due to bad organisation, apparently. I can't see any more autos getting done at this rate, and that's going to leave a lot of diamond customers with half a product