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  1. andrewrolar

    New Guest Announcements- Friday 7pm

    i had a dream where I was standing next to Lee Majors , Douglas Barr and Heather Thomas
  2. andrewrolar

    LFCC 2019 Schedule LIVE

    I'm not even beginning to make a schedule, until 7.01pm on Friday !!!!
  3. andrewrolar

    Answers to FAQ

    meeting BC is more important than getting his actual auto. I would actually be fine with being able to say hello for 10 to 20 seconds. I'm sure the last time I had a chance to meet him, I arrived at his area before he was scheduled, asked for a VQ ticket, and was told that BC wasn't having VQ tickets. I went away, only to find out on my return that VQ was being used. He wasn't a DP then either.
  4. andrewrolar

    Answers to FAQ

    query regarding Bernhard Cribbens if he's only attending 12 to 4 on Sunday, with the photo shoot first until 1240ish , will his VQ ticket be available from only 12 or straight away at 9am? I expect though that on 3 hours of signing, he won't get past his DP autos though, and I can't justify 100 for a DP as i already havea photo with him from a few years ago. -- query 2 also, if a £10 , Sunday only guest has no photo shoot at all, is it likely he'll be ok with photos at desk? that's if he turns up this year of course
  5. andrewrolar

    Who are you meeting!?

    paid for so far... Christina Ricci Diamond Pass Martin Sheen oval office shoot Chavo / Vicki Guerrero shoot Robert Patrick shoot Leslie Eastbrrook shoot Melina Perez shoot Sylvester McCoy / Sophie Aldred shoot plans for few others nearer time. none that I'd be upset if sold out though
  6. andrewrolar

    Answers to FAQ

    cheers, I've done that too. posted here in case the email takes a few days to get a reply
  7. andrewrolar

    Answers to FAQ

    just noticed that my DP has got DOSD instead of DODD , as my surname I'll take my passport as ID , but should I expect any problems getting it?
  8. andrewrolar

    Next Big Announcement - Friday 7pm

    at this late stage, I'm actually glad that a guest isn't for me, as my budget is already set. everytime a new guest is announced over the months leading up to it, I have to weigh up wether I can afford them, and if not, can I bump someone from my list etc so by now, with quite a few amendments made, I'd quite like not to have to change it much more. I've already had to bump 4 or 5 guests and change 2 from DPs to Photos only, in order to get a better balance of what I consider value for money.
  9. andrewrolar


    I don't mean multiple DP , just one for the green screen that is already arranged, at say 10 extra, and if you don't want a oval shoot, then you get a normal DP e.g. Sigourney had an Alien shoot. I wouldn't expect SM to offer an Alien , Ghostbusters, Avatar or a normal shoot DP , because they'd obviously only arranged the Alien set for the show. so, you'd just have the two DPs available. X amount for a normal DP X + 10/15 for whichever green screen / set that has been arranged for the weekend ( e.g. west wing for MS, Alien for SW) sorry about spamming Martin's thread
  10. andrewrolar


    I do wish they'd do DP for a guest who has a special shoot. e.g. 255 for normal DP , 265 for Oval office DP. ideas for another show maybe.
  11. andrewrolar


    Major League , all the time
  12. andrewrolar


    a few years ago, it'd have been a terminator signed photo I'd be after. now, it's Cabe Gallo all the way
  13. andrewrolar

    Guest Suggestions

    Rusev & Lana Bayley Katie McGrath
  14. andrewrolar

    Photo Shoot Props

    I was going to bring a black snooker ball for the Dennis Taylor and Steve Davis shoot however, have SM thought of this as an optional idea for the shoot in general? ie have one there, and ask each person if they want it or not.
  15. if Karen Gillan is there I'm knocking half my list off to pay for it