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  1. Delicious = Emilia Fox , Dawn French, Iain Glen , Sheila Hancock
  2. Latest Guest Annoucement - TOM WOPAT

    Will the General Lee be a full on replica? The reason I'm asking is the fact the the confederate flag which is obviously a big part of the car, has become a target of todays PC brigade. I hope its not removed from the car for this shoot.
  3. Latest Guest Announcement - MATT ZIMMERMAN

    thank you , I want to get it at cm25 , so as to save money for LFCC :)
  4. Latest Guest Announcement - MATT ZIMMERMAN

    Can I double check something please. In this thread , the double shoot is mentioned (with Shane) In Shane's thread, it isn't listed, and in the guest days and prices thread, it isn't mentioned. So, Is the double shoot happening at CM25, or just LFCC ? Thanks
  5. Latest Guest Announcement - TOBY STEPHENS

    Great guest. More black sails would be even better :)
  6. Latest Guest Announcement - LUCY DAVIS

    Yay !!! someone I've heard of and and non expensive one too That's 4 new guests so far for me for July (Lucy, Matt Zimmerman, Paul Kaye and Edward James Olmos)
  7. Guest Suggestions

    Michelle Forbes(please , please , please , please !!!!!! ) Norman Lovett Craig Charles Luci Christian (voice actress) Bridget Regan Hilarie Burton Titus Welliver Any cast member from Killjoys (especially Hannah John-Kamen or Sarah Power)
  8. Post your lfcc pics here!

    Mine seem to have shown up, despite being photobucket. I used the app. Maybe that makes a difference ???
  9. Terence Stamp queue

    We also had a dealer in front of us in the john cleese diamond pass queue
  10. I have bought 5 diamond passes , all on my card however... 3 are for my brother in his name (but my card details) (John Cleese , Alan Tudyk , Benedict Cumberbatch) 2 are for me in my name (card details also mine) (John Cleese , Alyson Hannigan) Can I collect all 5 with my ID , because I paid for them , or does my brother need to collect his 3 with his ID ? :)
  11. Answers to FAQ

    So , theoretically, if a diamond guest is Saturday only, I could still pick up my diamond pass on the Friday, to avoid the bigger Saturday queues ?
  12. Answers to FAQ

    I have a diamond pass for Alyson Hannigan, and chose Sunday (I'm guessing this is for photoshoot) can I pick the diamond pass up on any of the 3 days, or only on the 2 days she's there ?. I'm guessing that the pass can be used on the Saturday for an auto, or does that have to be Sunday too ?
  13. Latest Guest Announcement - MICHAEL MADSEN

    I'm confused. This apparently was a 7pm announcement and in the earlier announcement thread, people were guessing right up to 7pm Yet, this thread shows as being started 6 hours ago ?!?!