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  1. Margot Kidder has passed away

    Met her briefly when my brother got her auto (MK i think) but never got one or photo myself. Last year would have been the chance, bar the cancellations , so this year was planned to correct that RIP
  2. Latest Guest Announcement - KRISTANNA LOKEN

    Maybe we can have some Mortal Kombat pics on her desk this time, please
  3. Guest Suggestions

    Sadly , Madeline passed away in 2014 --- Marla Heasley Melinda Culea Connie Sellecca Stefanie Kramer
  4. Just need Road Dogg to be added and I'm sold
  5. Awesome. Cough Tony double cough lol
  6. Latest Guest Announcement - MEGAN FOX

    Same here. Thank god for overtime ! Couldn't justify the diamond pass though at 210 .
  7. Guest Suggestions

    It can get a bit confusing at first when they talk about resleeving and stacks, but I just went back a few times to get the jist.
  8. Guest Suggestions

    Very good, albeit very graphic in places, both nudity and blood wise.
  9. Guest Suggestions

    Thanks to Altered Carbon, I'm starting to fall a little in love with Martha Higareda
  10. (Just for fun) Dream guest that has passed away

    Gene Roddenberry
  11. Charlie Cox (Cox is an apple, as is a golden DELICIOUS)
  12. Delicious = Emilia Fox , Dawn French, Iain Glen , Sheila Hancock
  13. Latest Guest Annoucement - TOM WOPAT

    Will the General Lee be a full on replica? The reason I'm asking is the fact the the confederate flag which is obviously a big part of the car, has become a target of todays PC brigade. I hope its not removed from the car for this shoot.
  14. Latest Guest Announcement - MATT ZIMMERMAN

    thank you , I want to get it at cm25 , so as to save money for LFCC :)