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  1. andrewrolar

    Guest Suggestions

    Katharine McPhee Michelle Forbes Tatiana Maslany Kelli Williams Clara Paget
  2. andrewrolar

    New 2020 Dates London Destination Star Trek.

    Kate and Roxanne are amongst just a small group of ST main character actors i've yet to meet , so fingers crossed for next year Others are.. Tim Russ (had group photo) Ethan Phillips (had group photo) Robert Mcneill Jennifer Lien. Levar Burton. Michael Dorn. George Takei.
  3. andrewrolar

    Guest Suggestions

    anyone from Scorpion Killjoys White Collar Orphan Black Bosch
  4. andrewrolar

    Guest Cancellation - Michelle Forbes

    not out of pocket. no entry or train tickets bought yet
  5. andrewrolar

    Guest Cancellation - Michelle Forbes

    well that's me done for the show. only reason I was going , although i would have added a couple more if Michelle was there, to justify the cost of travel and entry. but with no Michelle, then I'm saving my money for other things
  6. andrewrolar

    Some announcements and cancellations

    I think we can all understand and accept why Gwyneth has cancelled
  7. andrewrolar


    first guest of interest for me
  8. andrewrolar

    Jonathan Frakes?

    never going to expect his appearance , whenever he is announced , to the day itself. Jonathan Dance or Charles Frakes
  9. andrewrolar

    Guests you missed this year

    I had a mid 600 number for Carrie Fisher, when they were up to max 400s by 5pm I got in at about 530pm, thanks to it being a bit quiet, so blue shirt took my ticket and let me in the queue so glad we hung around now, for obvious reasons
  10. andrewrolar

    Guest Suggestions London Film Fair.

    stacy dorning Rebecca lacey Celia imrie Hannah Gordon
  11. andrewrolar

    Showing friends and family

    My brother usually attends too, so enjoys seeing my stuff if he's not gone (like this year) I have friends and family that also enjoy to see them , but I also have many people who think I'm mad for paying what I do and that it's terrible that "celeb a.b.c ", would charge their fans so much for a photo / auto. My reply is made up of... 1....Most (not all) of these Celebs would pretty much be ok giving you an auto and / or a photo if you met them in the street . But then , how likely are you to meet Martin or Charlie Sheen etc in the street ? 2...I'm not paying just for the auto / photo , I'm paying a premium to SM for the fact that they've arranged for all these people to travel over to one place, and all I have to do to meet them, is go there too. 3...some of our money doesn't just go to the Celebs, but ( I expect) it also covers things like air fares , hotels etc , as well as the staff costs and rental of the Halls etc.
  12. andrewrolar

    Splitting the Photo

    i was in a shoot with a family of 4 , who had 4 photos taken. All 4 of them were in all 4 photos
  13. andrewrolar

    Guests you missed this year

    got everyone's auto and photo that , going into Friday , i had planned to meet, as well an auto I'd decided I wouldn't probably get ( Bernhard Cribbens) Because money was down for me this year, in as much as my overtime wasn't covering it all this year, my photos to autos ratio was not the normal 1:1 I had only 8 autos to 14 photos , plus i knocked a few off my initial list over the months, in order to get 3 DPs. also, I had a double photo ok where I didn't need their auto ( Sylvester and Sophie) Walter Koenig ...photo, no auto Kelly Kelly ...photo, no auto Tara Fitzgerald...photo , no auto Martin Sheen ... oval office photo, no auto Guests that I bumped completely ... David Naughton Ethan Phillips Matthew Lilliard (regret this now) Zachary Quinto ( i wanted both but couldn't afford/justify a 4th DP, so knocked completely so as to get DP in future) I also had to figure in that i need money for DST , in October.