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  1. Really nice guy. He took a while trying to find a pen that worked as they kept running out.
  2. She was lovely. We chatted about her movies and she said she enjoyed making horror movies the best.
  3. He was really friendly. We spoke a bit about The Monkee's. Nice guy.
  4. He was really chatty and nice. He brought a Gizmo in to his photo shoot too.
  5. A great guest. He was really chatty in autographs and great in his panel.
  6. I didn't get an autograph but got a photo. He was really lovely.
  7. I attempted to get a virtual queue ticket but i couldn't get to anyone in charge of his queue to get one. That and i got shoved out of the way by two girls telling me to move as they tried to push in so i gave up. Luckily i had a photo op anyway. I have been to the cons with Tennant and Cumberbatch but i have never seen anything like yesterday. Anyway in the photo op Joseph was lovely.
  8. I originally brought the Alice Cooper diamond pass in February 2020. When i went to the winter con in November i asked and they said they was trying to get him for Summer so hold onto the ticket. I know there maybe still hope but now time is getting on i would rather the voucher so i have emailed them and waiting for a response.
  9. This is a fantastic announcement. I was only going on the Saturday but i think i will have to go the Sunday as well now.
  10. Jodie was fantastic yesterday. She was warm and friendly with everyone. She seemed to be really enjoying herself and grateful to the fans. He panel with Mandip was a lot of fun.
  11. Richard was lovely at the autograph session and in photo ops. He seemed genuinely happy that people came out to see him.
  12. His talk yesterday was very good. He spoke about Holby ending, his theatre work and his film work. He was so lovely at the autograph table. We spoke about Holby and Dr Terror's Vault of Horror. He had a wooden carving of himself on the table and i asked him about it. He said it was given to him by someone and joked that it he didn't bring it. He said that would be weird if he carried with him all the time. He was lovely in his phot, messing around. A really lovely man.
  13. I met him yesterday and we spoke about Rocky Horror. I said i woke up with the song Dammit Janet in my head and he said he gets that song stuck in his head sometimes. He was really lovely. Later i had a phot op with him he's so tall!
  14. I met him yesterday. He was very chatty and funny. I also had a nice chat with his dad. I highly recommend meeting him if you get the chance.
  15. He was very chatty and kind yesterday. He took a lot of time with everyone. We spoke about The Flash and then talked a lot about Dawson's Creek and he said he loved the fact that it was being repeated again in the US.
  16. I had a photo with Nick and he was really lovely. I couldn't get anywhere near his autograph line though which was a shame but he seemed to be taking his time and engaging lots with people which was nice to see.
  17. Good announcement. He is lovely to meet. Really kind and fun.
  18. I met Robert at the Spring event last year . He was so lovely and chatty. I had an autograph and my picture with him then but I am so tempted by the in make up photo shoot.
  19. Good news. I had a diamond pass for Ernie for this year does is it valid for next year?
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