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  1. I met him yesterday and we spoke about Rocky Horror. I said i woke up with the song Dammit Janet in my head and he said he gets that song stuck in his head sometimes. He was really lovely. Later i had a phot op with him he's so tall!
  2. I met him yesterday. He was very chatty and funny. I also had a nice chat with his dad. I highly recommend meeting him if you get the chance.
  3. He was very chatty and kind yesterday. He took a lot of time with everyone. We spoke about The Flash and then talked a lot about Dawson's Creek and he said he loved the fact that it was being repeated again in the US.
  4. I had a photo with Nick and he was really lovely. I couldn't get anywhere near his autograph line though which was a shame but he seemed to be taking his time and engaging lots with people which was nice to see.
  5. Has he cancelled? He is not on the schedule posted today but there has been no official announcement.
  6. Good announcement. He is lovely to meet. Really kind and fun.
  7. I met Robert at the Spring event last year . He was so lovely and chatty. I had an autograph and my picture with him then but I am so tempted by the in make up photo shoot.
  8. Good news. I had a diamond pass for Ernie for this year does is it valid for next year?
  9. Great announcement. I have met him before and he I lovely. He takes his time with fans and is a lot of fun.
  10. I missed Brendan Fraser, Kane Hodder and William Zabka. Also would have liked to have met Guy Henry and Nicola Bryant.
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