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  1. What I've got so far: Rupert Grint (Diamond Pass) Denise Richards (Diamond Pass) Ralph Brown (Photoshoot, hopefully auto) Matthew Needham (Photoshoot, hopefully auto)
  2. What's everyone's cosplans for this year? I'll get us started off https://mediaprocessor.websimages.com//https://marksscripts.webs.com/photos/Cosplay-2023/84-1.jpg https://mediaprocessor.websimages.com//https://marksscripts.webs.com/photos/Cosplay-2023/85-1.jpg https://mediaprocessor.websimages.com//https://marksscripts.webs.com/photos/Cosplay-2023/83-1.jpg Being Scottish, I thought it would be fun to do an Irn-Bru based Mandalorian. Gonna be wearing this on the Saturday
  3. Just had a birthday Cameo from Emily Swallow, can we have her please? Any other Mandalorian cast member would be awesome as well
  4. I'd be 100% down for a duo photoshoot with Gwyneth and Tessa.
  5. Always a pleasure to meet Jess. May have to swing by and congratulate her on her BAFTA nomination for Bus Girl.
  6. With the upcoming 30th anniversary of Power Rangers, can we please get: Walter Jones David Yost Amy Jo Johnson Johnny Yong Bosch Catherine Sutherland Karan Ashley Steve Cardenas Charlie Kersh David Fielding Jason Narvy Paul Schrier and, if he's allowed to leave the US by that point, Austin St John
  7. Photoshoot tickets for the other days are valid for the Saturday.
  8. Shot them an email. I think what usually happens is that all tickets for other days are accepted for the Saturday, but I didn't want to assume anything
  9. Simon says on his Instagram that he's only appearing Saturday. Can we clarify on this?
  10. A lot of the Star Trek guests have no images up for pre-order either. Been asking about Jeri Ryan for weeks and basically got nowhere.
  11. Alyson's a bit of a cosplay hero of mine. Photoshoot booked. Will definitely be popping in to say hello
  12. That's a shame. Wishing him a speedy recovery. Hopefully he can attend a future event.
  13. So what's everyone's cosplay plans for this year? I'll get the ball rolling: this is my own original character, a Mandalorian Inquisitor
  14. Russell Curry Kai Moya Hunter Deno Chance Perez Tessa Rao Jordon Fite Kira Josephson Victoria Abbott Jared Turner
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