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  1. if Karen Gillan is there I'm knocking half my list off to pay for it
  2. Katharine McPhee finishes her run in the west end in June
  3. andrewrolar

    Who are you meeting!?

    i have just 6 this year and so for first time since the year before the Stan Lee year, im only there for 1 day Christina Ricci, Brendan Fraser, Martin Kove, Leslie Easterbrook, David Naughton and Walter Koenig
  4. the station is as good as part of the NEC. Once you leave the platform and go upstairs, you get to a main hall, turn right and walk about 5/10 mins until an escalator takes you downstairs from there it's sign posted and has helpers telling you where to go
  5. andrewrolar

    General Chat

    ok, I can understand that in some ways only issue for me would be if I have loads to do, and I usually have 10-15 guests to meet , so that's 20 to 30 queues. in the past , as DP was guaranteed photo and auto, I've made the non DP guests the priority, knowing I can get DP at any time. that will have to change now then luckily , I have just 6/7 guests so far this year , and there may even be a chance I only need 1 day anyway, so its a moot point I'm making lol
  6. andrewrolar

    General Chat

    polite query :) in the past , I've bought DPs and used them on any day , depending on how busy it is. Regarding 2019, using Brendan Fraser as an e.g. his DP are 190 or 210, with the extra 20 being for the Sunday talk. But , if you can't get his auto or photo on the Sat, could you still get either on the Sunday, as long as you didn't try to get into his talk. ie photo and auto are same price all weekend, seeing as the Sunday DP is only extra for the talk. Same for guests whose DP is same price for both days. if I buy a Christina Ricci DP for Sat at £160, it seems to suggest that I HAVE to get both auto and photo on Saturday, when in the past I've used it on either day (or any of the 3 days) I can understand if a DP for one day is more because it has more e.g. Brendan, but if a DP is the same for both days, e.g. Christina, why make them day specific still? Why not just a generic DP for the weekend as a whole? and even with Brendan's DP, the auto and photo cost the same all weekend, so why not let a Sat DP be used for auto /photo if needed on a Sunday, just not for his talk, which is 20 extra.
  7. there's a triple shoot up with Helen and Mehcad.
  8. event brite has his photo at £10 ( £11)
  9. andrewrolar

    Boxing Legends Photoshoot

    I noticed this a while ago, which is why im no longer getting the shoot
  10. Dwight would be cool So would Lursa coming to join her sister !! :)
  11. andrewrolar


    Even though Bernhard is 12-4 only , will his VQ tickets be available from 9am? last time he was at a show , he wasn't on VQ to start with. As he hadn't arrived , I went away for an hour (max) and when I came back he was VQ and the number I got never got close to being called.
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    OMFG !!!! Diamond pass here I come!!
  13. andrewrolar

    General Chat

    I'm happy , but for a different reason Having plenty of guests for LFCC spring, CM 26 and DST to find money for , I'm currently relieved that LFCC summer is currently looking like being a cheap convention for me, as all the current guests have either been met already, or hold no interest for me. I know this will change by July, though
  14. andrewrolar

    Guest Suggestions

    Tatiana Maslany Sarah Power Hanna New Clara Paget Melissa Benoist Candice Patton Danielle Panabaker Emily Bett Rickards Still waiting on a guest for LFCC, to make it worth me attending. there's plenty for Spring , CM 26 and DST so far, but nothing for LFCC yet. I'm sure that'll change.
  15. andrewrolar

    Latest Guest Announcement - MICHELLE FORBES

    look at my username and add en !! I may even buy 2 autos and photos, to make sure I stay longer with her !!! lol im hoping SM can get Michelle for one of the earlier shows as well, as 10 months seems too long to wait !!!
  16. andrewrolar

    Latest Guest Announcement - MICHELLE FORBES

    OMG, OMG, OMG !!!! *faints*
  17. andrewrolar

    Latest Guest Announcement - WILLIAM SHATNER

    great guest, and thankfully for my bank account, someone I've met before at DST
  18. andrewrolar

    Photo Shoot Schedule

    Annette Andre is not listed above but is still on the site as having a shoot and attending.
  19. andrewrolar

    Photo shoots 18/11/18

    Not done one of these shows yet. Do we get a Photo shoot schedule in advance? Also , as its a quieter show than most other SM events, is there more scope for selfies instead of Shoots? Not really worried overall though , as im travelling for 2-3 people only , so PS and autos are planned thanks
  20. andrewrolar

    Photo shoots 18/11/18

  21. andrewrolar

    Photo shoots 18/11/18

    another query, rather than opening another thread can I buy entry on day , subject to availability of course? does it sell out often , meaning advance entry is essential, or will on day be ok?