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Latest Guest Announcement: Bernard Cribbins

Attending: Saturday 12pm - 4pm ONLY

Autograph Price: £35

Photo Shoot Price: £35

Joint Photo Shoot with Jacqueline King Price: £45

Diamond Pass Price: £100

1x Guaranteed in person Autograph from Bernard

1x Guaranteed standard Photo Shoot with Bernard

1x Exclusive Gift

*Dr Who - Wilfred Mott
*The Wobbles - Narrator 
*Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D - Tom Campbell 
*Carry on Spying - Harold Crump

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Pretty cool actually.  He is in "Sagan om Karl-Bertil Jonssons julafton" (Narrator English version) which is a tradition on TV here each Christmas for the passed +40 years, the film was made 1975, though I have never heard him in it as the film is swedish. I have met both the director and the writer of the film and both are legendary here. AND he is the hotel inspector in Fawlty Towers so I  hope there will be a photo from that show he can sign, so an auto is a possibility. :D


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I'm not at this event, but if you're going, Bernard is a really fantastic chap to meet, and one of my most memorable. I had a photo session with him at LFCC a few years ago, and as I walked away, a crewmember came after me, Bernard had requested I go back for another picture as he wanted to do something with my hair... and this was it...


One of the nicest guests you could want to meet, without a doubt!

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