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  1. Was lucky enough to attend a gig + signing with one of my favourite musicians. I've wanted to meet Aurora for years, and she was so lovely. She said I'm the first person to ever ask her to sign a Frozen 2 item, she loved it and actually thanked me for being the first, so that was incredible. Got a signed cd and vinyl of her new album, and my Frozen 2 steelbook. CD Vinyl
  2. I saw 27 films in cinemas in 2021. From favourite to least favourite: 1) Halloween Kills (bare in mind I am incredibly biased towards this franchise ) 2) Spider-Man: NWH 3) Zack Snyder's Justice League 4) Last Night in Soho 5) The Suicide Squad 6) Godzilla vs Kong 7) Malignant 8) Ghostbusters: Afterlife 9) No Time To Die 10) Candyman 11) Dune 12) Nobody 13) West Side Story 14) Spiral 15) Free Guy 16) Shang-Chi 17) Old 18) A Quiet Place 2 19) The Conjuring 3 20) Cruella 21) Black Widow 22) Eternals 23) In The Heights 24) Jungle Cruise 25) Fast and Furious 9 26) The Forever Purge 27) Space Jam 2
  3. Peter Davison Colin Baker Sylvester McCoy Paul McGann Mark Williams John DiMaggio Billie Piper
  4. Yes you can do that. I've done it myself, you can use a voucher on something and pay cash to cover the rest.
  5. David Gooderson Nick Evans Ian Briggs Waris Hussein
  6. Sarah Sutton and Eric Saward Eric Saward Michael Jayston Simon Williams Jackie Lane Tony Selby James Goss Joy Wilkinson
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