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  1. That's a shame,take care jack and get well soon and come and see us soon.
  2. That's a shame he can't make collectormania.
  3. Cool,I look forward to this one.
  4. Jambay

    Guest Cancellation - Sharon D Clarke

    That's a shame,was really hoping in getting an autograph,let's hope she can can along to the summer event or collectormania.
  5. Jambay

    Guest Change - Katee Sackhoff

    That's a shame,3 times lucky though and look forward to July.
  6. Brilliant guest,I've only just started watching legends and I'm really enjoying it .photo booked and a superman too.looking forward in meeting him.
  7. Jambay

    Guest Cancellation - Charles Dance

    With Showmasters you never have problem with refunds so don't worry guys,it's such a shame,hopfullly catch him at an another event soon,hint Showmasters please.
  8. Jambay


    Brilliant ,more from the Orville please.looking forward in meeting Isaac.
  9. Brillant guest,really forward to this one,photo booked.
  10. Jambay

    Gold Pass wishes

    I had my first gold pass for last years event,i had been to London for a few years,and thought why not I'll give the gold pass a go,and I yes tend to buy photos and I ended up with about 20 and I fond the pass absolutely brillant and very helpful.i will defiantly be getting another when they go on sale.
  11. Brillant guest,trying to buy a photo shoot,I can't find Him.