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  1. I am getting auto's from all 10 of these.Big Leeds fan.
  2. A Welsh legend,it's really tempting.im going to have to think whether to go for a photo shoot or the diamond.Giggs and Hartson brillant.i can dream for Rush,Saunders,southall,Bellamy well u never know.
  3. Good guest,a Welsh legend.really forward to this one.
  4. Brillant guest,photo booked.
  5. Jambay

    Latest Guest Announcement - LUCY DAVIS

    I've been watching her in her new show on Netflix,it's such a good role and show,everyone go watch it .
  6. Jambay

    Big guest announcement at 8pm tonight

    I did exactly that,all booked cheers .
  7. Jambay

    Big guest announcement at 8pm tonight

    Is anyone having problems with ordering photos,because I've been trying for ages and it's keeps timing out.
  8. Jambay


    That's a real shame.
  9. Now Big Bang has finished what about getting more from the franchise.
  10. Jambay

    LFCC 2018: Highs and Lows

    I have to thank Showmasters in making a dream come true in meeting meat loaf and he exceeded my expectations he's just a fantastic guy.The guest that I meet that I caught on an off day was James caan,the complete opposite experience he was not interested at all ,didn't even look up ,not a word.this was on fi day and I was about 5 in line so it's not like he had been signing for ages,and this past one so he was running very late.overall a fantastic weekend and what a cherry on the cake in meeting David tenant.i can now say that I have a photo with all the living doctors except the latest one.roll on March.
  11. I missed my bus,as couldn't get to Victoria in time,I was so pleased though with the photo and I was so pleased that I booked to buses just in case I'd much missed the bus,I had to wait 4 hours in Victoria but it was worth it.
  12. Jambay

    The “Thank You” Thread

    First time I bought a gold pass,it had been put off by previous comments I'd seen but I went with it ,and apart from the confusion with the goody bag,and some confusion at the photo shoots I have to say my weekend was great.getting in slightly early was a great help.i will be going gold next year.my highlight meeting an musical icon in meat loaf.ive already booked my hotel for next year,can't wait.
  13. Jambay

    Guest Cancellation - Val Kilmer

    That's a shame,let's hope he'll be back for an event soon.
  14. I being debating to get a photo or risk that they have a photo from a film that isn't out till next year,I think I'll risk it and get an autograph,or if they don't I'll just get a photo with him on the sat or Sunday.good guest though.
  15. wow,photo booked.