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  1. It would be great if you could get Matthew Modine to come on the Sunday. He wouldn't be able to do Saturday (unless it was morning only) due to performing in To Kill A Mockingbird in the West End. He was supposed to come in Summer 2018 and I bought a Cutthroat Island 10x8 for him to sign specially but then he cancelled.
  2. Presumably by having everything on one .... thing (?) it saves the waste of having numerous plastic Diamond tags and envelopes that they usually have to prepare. I would argue that the Exclusive DP Tag is listed as something you're supposed to get, as listed in the small print for the passes in the shop so they shouldn't be short changing people on that all of a sudden, admirable as the intention may be. I guess we won't find out until we are actually collecting them.
  3. No, he cancelled a while ago. I would hope most people are aware, as they sent emails out to people with vouchers etc and announced it on social media. It's just that the posts are old, from before he cancelled.
  4. It's not usually allowed, despite the fact it would alleviate pressure from Saturday. The photo shoots come up on the scanner as specific shoots on specific days so the scanner needs to recognise your ticket as for that specific shoot.
  5. I have just downloaded the app and yes, I have already spotted some differences. Chiefly that Joseph Quinn Upside Down set is now in the afternoon instead of the morning, I bought the ticket on the basis it was at its original time and NOW I CAN'T DO IT! This is mainly because of Chief Hopper's car taking up room on the Props stage in the morning so the Upside Down one doesn't start until after that. Some changes to Friday as well because of David Harbour now going then too. Also Sean Maguire seems to be missing from Friday. They need to have properly updated schedules on social media tomorrow otherwise people will be caught out if they don't download the app. I wasn't going to until I saw your post.
  6. Joseph Quinn has sold out of Diamond Passes for Saturday and I'm sure there were at least 9 batches of those, on top of the large number of batches for both of his shoots on Saturday. By contrast, I was able to get Batch 1 of the ST set shoot for Sunday so you may be better off on Sunday on VQs. I will try but being only there in the morning on Sunday will reduce the likelihood of getting him. I may get a VQ on Saturday but I won't hold my breath.
  7. I haven't seen anything to specify that contactless is now available so I'm assuming it will still be cash only at the desks. Begin, my frequent trips to ATMs this week....
  8. At one point, they seemed to say his only planned UK appearance, which I interpreted as this year, but I'm sure a more recent email or post said it was his last planned UK appearance and it didn't say 'this year' so I interpreted that as...full stop. He is 83 so he may find that travelling abroad is becoming too much and limit himself to US cons only.
  9. If you look at the small print when you buy Diamond Passes, it says there how many you are allowed to get but usually it is 3 autos (your DP one plus 2 more) and if you want any more, you have to get a VQ ticket to join the queue again later, which may or may not be possible depending on who it is. For example, David Harbour's signing time is a bit limited due to only doing mornings so he may not get onto VQs at all depending on how many Diamonds were sold for him.
  10. I also think I saw somewhere on a Showmasters advert or email for LFCC that is Chris's last planned UK appearance????
  11. On Chris's Instagram, his story today shared the original announcement post for him attending so hopefully this is a sign that he is coming. I would hope if he definitely wasn't able to come then he would have let SM know for them to then let us know, especially as there are so many things with him at this event with the various shoots and talks.
  12. Showmasters posted the other day about this. Because some people bought tickets for LFCC on the original system, where all 3 days were listed together in the Eventbrite shop, they had to send out new tickets on the new system, where the 3 days are now separate shops on Eventbrite. You should use the new tickets they have sent you. The only issue with photo tickets is that some of these new ones have been missing batch numbers so if that is the case, you can always bring the old one as evidence of which batch you are. They did say the new tickets should have the batches on, however so it may have been corrected by now.
  13. There is a page for it. The schedules are updated from the ones posted earlier in the week. It's the website page marked Timetables and they posted on social media that there is a filter thing you can use to focus on particular photo areas, talks, guests. I looked at it, couldn't see the option to filter for guests unless you just type their name in the search box but may be useful for people.
  14. Christopher Lloyd posted a video on his Insta account the other day apologisng he wouldn't be attending a con in Colombia this weekend (24th - 26th June) because he was 'advised not to travel', not specifying a reason beyond that. I hope he's OK and I hope that he will be able to make it over here in 2 weeks.
  15. It's a bit confusing. The Freddy Make-Up shoots are on Saturday and are included in the £525 Elm Street Pass, which is listed in the shop for Friday but not Saturday, which has the normal Diamond including the standard Make-Up Shoot. The Talk is on Friday, included in the Elm Street Pass but not the other one. It may be best to email Showmasters and get them to clarify exactly what's what or look on the social media post announcements for Robert and see if people have commented and if there are any official responses on there.
  16. I find it weird that it's a month before the show and as it stands, there are seemingly no paid talks happening on the Saturday whereas there are a good few on Sunday and a couple on Friday (Christopher Lloyd is doing one Friday AND Sunday). It's already annoying that, being only able to go on Sunday morning this year, I'm unlikely to be able to go to any of those Sunday talks.
  17. Robbie suffered from osteoarthritis before a knee operation a few years ago and is apparently now confined to a wheelchair. He may have other problems aside from that. He seemed a bit unwell during the Harry Potter reunion, although at least he was a part of it. It would be great to meet him but I'm not necessarily holding my breath that he will be able to get to a con.
  18. It allows you to select one in the tickets list but when you get onto details and batch selection, you can't select any batches, as Batches 1-5 are all sold. Considering he is one day only, that may be it, bearing in mind there will be Diamond Pass photos before the standard batches. A bit surprising, normally even big one-day guests have a few more batches available. Jason Momoa had Diamonds and also had about 10 batches in 2019, if I remember right and he'd been to 2018. He was also there for at leats Saturday and Sunday in 2019 whereas Andy is only Saturday. Andy's first con in ages was a few months ago so I would expect him to be insanely popular at this one. Surprised more Diamonds haven't gone, I pounced immediately during a West End show interval via my phone to ensure I got it, thinking they would fly out.
  19. There is a limit according to the small print when you buy his DP, as there usually is with DP guests. You have 1 included with the pass and you can buy a max of 2 extra at that time. If you want more, you have to get a VQ and re-join the queue later.
  20. I've just bought my final tickets for the weekend and discovered Milton wasn't in the shop. I assume he's cancelled, especially in light of the previous post.
  21. Apologies if this has been asked already but is there a specific deadline for requesting a voucher? It is very unlikely I will be able to attend the Sunday of this event, as I am currently supposed to be at another one that weekend (like many others, I suspect). I suppose I could come back for the Sunday of LFCC but bit of a rush to do so on Sat night. I am thinking of coming on the Friday though before heading off to the other event for the weekend. The only LFCC ticket I have (transferred from Spring 2020) is Clark Gregg DP but if he is announced say for Birmingham in September, I could actually go to that so I don't want to request a voucher in exchange for his DP until I know for a fact whether he is moved to another event or just cancelled until next summer. They haven't currently said about transferring guests to next summer's LFCC, which is also a possibility for me assuming we are in much better shape next summer.
  22. I must say I'm surprised that Saturday has sold out this early, considering that the June 21st date for relaxing restrictions is still not absolutely certain, especially with the new Indian variant. Will the guests based overseas be willing to come over here if the Indian variant continues to be a problem? Should any event of this magnitude be going ahead in that instance? Will the event run as normal or will there be restrictions in place? Nobody knows the answer to that last question in particular and what that answer is may put some people off going who have already bought tickets. I suppose part of the reason for Sat selling out may be all the carry-overs from last year but still. Maybe they are offering reduced capacity but in that case, they should have said that and made it clear that Saturday's tickets were close to selling out. There was another con that did just that in the last few weeks and that one is later in the year. The only ticket I have is a transferred Sunday Clark Gregg DP from Spring 2020 and I'm still hedging my bets about attending, despite the appeal of a number of guests, although that has now dropped slightly as Saturday has sold out so can't meet Robbie Coltrane for example. It would be nice if I could go on the Friday for once but don't know if I will be able to get the day off work (usually I can't because it's our busiest season but this year, that may not be the case).
  23. Ok let's try this https://m.imgur.com/gallery/BvqngUb
  24. You've probably found him by now but he is in the area in front of the main stage. Quite busy, he's very surprised at how long his line is, he wasn't expecting it. He's really nice, taking time with everyone. On VQs so bear that in mind.
  25. The schedule for Sunday has had a bit of a makeover, they are now using A and B for guests so some guests have earlier photos. Tosin Cole for example is now at 10:40 in B. I can't seem to post the picture I took of the Sunday schedule so maybe someone else can post an updated one.
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